Chilima cautions on environmental degradation

Saulos Chilima

Malawi’s vice president Saulos Chilima has expressed concern over continued depletion of the country’s flora saying the nation is slowly turning into a desert.

Chilima observed that the country is slowly losing its natural resources due to carelessness of citizens.

Speaking at Golden jubilee celebrations for nuns and Roman Catholic priests in Lilongwe at Maula cathedral on Saturday, Chilima urged Malawians to take responsibility of looking after nature.

Saulos Chilima
Saulos Chilima Talks tough on the environment. .

“In genesis 2:15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to serve it and to guard and protect it. So we should ask yourselves that are we really following what is written in the bible or not,” said Chilima.

Malawi is reported to have had a diversified natural resource base, including some of the most fertile soils for agricultural use in Southern Africa, closed forest resources covering about 30 percent of the land, abundant water resources and remarkably diverse flora and fauna, of which the uniquely rich fish resources stand out.

However due to high population growth, poverty, and a lack of environmental awareness, there has been degradation of the environment with significant loss of soil fertility, soil erosion, serious deforestation, water depletion, pollution and loss of biodiversity.

The fragile state of Malawi’s environment has now posed critical challenges to both human development and economic growth.



  1. Year,we were entrusted to take care of the garden we are stuwards but instead of caring we are destroying.For the prophesy foretold that everything will come to an end but even a single jot will not be removed from the law or to the testimony.This should be a wake up call that He that is coming will not tarry

  2. Inde Mpili kumtunda!Kumangoni wawa kuchikweza Ngwenyama chilima. Kutsitsa Mfundo zachilengedwe Koyamba Asilikali ayambilile ku Mapili Akumangoni Maka kwa Pengapenga.

  3. Not Malawi slowly become a desert but now its a desert check charadzulo hills , dzalanyama mountain range , Mulanje mountain , Dedza mountain , deforestation which took place in Lilongwe in many places just to mention afew bwemba vertnary , Bunda , Ngala ya pakamwa don’t forget viphya up north where the plantation is almost gone

  4. Zinakakhala zandale tikanaona 1000 likes ,100 plus comments koma zachilengedwe ayi. Njala ikagwa muziti dziko siliyendetsedwa bwino. Stupid idiots

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