23 October 2016 Last updated at: 10:35 AM

Ndau refuses to apologise for lying about Mutharika’s health

Government spokesperson Malison Ndau has insisted that he, together with presidential press secretary Mgeme Kalirani, will not apologise to Malawians on behalf of government for misleading the nation on the health status of President Peter Mutharika.

This follows a call made by non-governmental organisations who faulted the way the two handled information about Mutharika’s health.

Ndau and Kalirani told the nation two weeks ago that Mutharika was in robust health in the United States of America but on Saturday the president held a press briefing at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe where he admitted that he was suffering from rheumatism.

Malison Ndau

Malison Ndau says he is not apologising to Malawians.

Reacting to the calls, Ndau told the media through a telephone interview that he cannot apologise because his duty is to speak for government and not to speak on the privacy of the president.

“Let me come clear here to tell the NGOs and the opposition in the country that I cannot apologise because I wronged nobody. Remember the president is also a human being who has his own private life and he is an elder to say whether he is well or not, so I could not be speaking on his privacy because am not entitled to do so,” said Ndau.

He added that Malawians were waiting for the president to speak to the nation and that is what Mutharika did and people saw how he is.

“Everyone has seen his condition so there is no reason for someone to be requesting for me and the presidential press secretary to apologise,” said Ndau.

There had been speculation in the country that the president was sick since he stayed in the USA for additional three weeks after attending the 71st United Nations General Assembly though government dismissed the rumours.

But upon arriving through Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Mutharika surprised Malawians when he used his left hand to wave and greet people who welcomed him at the airport.

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