Police hunting Rwandan hit and run driver


Police in Mangochi district are hunting for a Rwandan driver who hit a pedestrian to death and injured seven others before fleeing the scene of the accident.

According to Mangochi police deputy spokesperson Amina Daud Tepani, the accident happened on Monday, on Mother’s Day holiday in the district.

crime (2)Tepani said the crash occurred because the Rwandan driver identified as Eric Banyana was overspeeding as he was driving from Monkey Bay and heading to Mangochi boma.

The deputy police publicist said upon reaching Samama area, Banyana hit another vehicle and his car swerved to one side of the road where it struck eight pedestrians.

One of the eight victims died on the spot while the other seven were rushed to Mangochi police where three were treated as outpatients and four are still receiving medical treatment.

The driver escaped from the scene of the accident but not before police had identified him.  The law enforcers have since launched an investigation to arrest the hit and run driver.



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