Sex worker jailed for punishing broke client

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The Chisenjere second grade magistrate court in the commercial city of Blantyre has sentenced a 21 year-old sex worker to two years imprisonment with hard labor for destroying the house of a client who failed to settle a bill.

The woman, Ellen James, is reported to have set on fire the house of the married man who slept with her on 27 September at Chileka township in the city. Police refused to identify the client.

sex-workers-newAccording to a statement from the police, state prosecutor Dingi Mbepula told the court that the two had sex after drinking beer at Soul city bar in the township. But the man failed to pay for the good services rendered to him due to financial constraints.

The man is reported to have pleaded with the girl that he will give her the money at a later date.

However, the sex worker opted to set ablaze the house of the man destroying property worth K400,000.00. She was later arrested and charged with arson which is contrary to section 337 of Malawi penal code.

Mbepula pleaded for stiff punishment to the girl arguing that she was not supposed to have taken the law in her hands on the matter.

The girl was then sentenced to two years in jail.

The convict comes from Matola village, Traditional Authority (TA) Sawali in Balaka district while the man hails from Malizani village, Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Balaka.



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