By October 16, 2016

Police in Bvumbwe have arrested two men for beating a suspected thief who died a day later.

According to Assistant Public Relations Officer Widson Nhlane, the two murder suspects are identified as Emmanuel Foster aged 28 and Issah Kailosi aged 64 who are security guards of Mphedzu estate.

Nhlane said the deceased, 38 year-old Leymon Meja, went to the estate to steal blue gum trees on 25 September this year and was caught by the two guards who assaulted him.

cuffsHe added that when the deceased went home, his relatives took to him to Bvumbwe police where he was issued with a medical report to receive treatment at Thyolo district hospital. Meja was treated as an outpatient but he died the next day.

This provoked the villagers who went to the estate and damaged office windows, burnt a forest, and cut down blue gum trees.

Police rushed to calm the situation and after investigations, on 11 October they arrested the two guards.

The two will appear before court soon to answer murder charges as they are suspected to have acted contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

The deceased hailed from Namaona village T/A Chimaliro in Thyolo district.

In another incident, a 15 year old boy has died after being hit by a falling branch of blue gum tree in Thyolo.

Limbe police deputy spokesperson identified the deceased as Albert Khawaleya who was staying at Kaombe village.

Nhlane said the incident occurred when the deceased went to a maize field for farming activities.

“The deceased Albert Khawaleya went to a maize field for farming activities and while there a branch of a blue gum tree fell on him,” said Nhlane.

His relatives took him to Thyolo hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Postmortem results show that he died due to head injuries.

The deceased hailed from Nkambe village T/A Bvumbwe in Thyolo district.


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