Environmental expert calls for climate change ministry


Tipping Malawi government on ending the socioeconomic woes cause by climate change, a local environmental expert has called for need to have a ministry that can deal with the problem.

The call comes at a time when Malawi is to meet another effect of climate change that will hit the already suffering economy.

floods Malawi
floods: one of the effect of climate change

According to World Risk Report of 2016, Malawi will this year be hit by La-Nina weather phenomenon that is associated with heavy flooding.

Reacting on the matter, an expert on environmental sustainability in the country David Mkwambisi has urged authorities to introduce the ministry of climate change as a solution to the effects that have resulted due to the catastrophes.

“Instead of building the resilience we are now bringing the vulnerability, I seriously think that the critical issue is to have a clear ministry and that ministry should guide us what to do,” said Mkwambisi who is also a lecturer at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

He further urged government to take the mandate of implementing programs that are supporting climate change interventions.

The floods and drought that Malawi faced in the past two rainy season have been described by some quarters as a sign that the country has over the years been slow in responding to the long-term effects of climate change.




  1. That’s rubbish chirichonse chibwere chizikhala ndiunduna ?its just a matter of wasting money ,so soon your going to say you want ministry of cashget ministry of abbotion and so forth.

  2. Akunama ngakhale min of agriculture itha kugwira ntchito kuphatikiza ndi ya mines. Mukufuna akaonjezera unduna mawa mupitexo patala muzikamatcha kuti maunduna achuluka?

  3. expert papepala osati zakusintha kwanyengo…munthu ochekela kufumbi sangathese mavuto ata olo pang’ono muzingovutika ndikumawapasa ndalama zoti mukanathandizila kuzinthu monga magesi,admarc ndizina.

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