10 October 2016 Last updated at: 2:50 AM

Ntcheu PSCLE record breaking pupil still at home: No fees, pocket money

A 15 year-old boy who made history by being the first pupil in 13 years to be selected to a major secondary school from Bwanje south and other surrounding areas in Ntcheu is failing to go to school due to poverty, Malawi24 can report.

The boy, Masautso Khondowe, was selected to Likuni Boys Secondary School after passing Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSCLE) examinations with flying colours.

examsBut four weeks after schools opened, Masautso is not going to school due to lack of fees.

Cecilia Kambalame who is Deputy Headmistress for Kadambwe Primary school where Masautso wrote his PSLCE exams said it is sad to see the student who had been outstanding since Standard 1 failing to go to one of the country’s best schools because of money.

“Not only that he has done it but you can also imagine this is the second year since the introduction of Standard 8 at our school and he is not making it to secondary school is like purifying misfortune from the fortune,” Kambalame explained.

However, she said the school and the councillor for the area are fighting hard to find a sponsor to help Masautso.

Reports indicate that the mother of the pupil, after receiving the news that her son had been selected to a national secondary school, was just lingering around the whole village like she was mad, not only because of joy but also that their family does not have enough to help their son achieve his goal.

This is not the first time for pupils in the area to fail to reach secondary level due to financial crisis. About 14 years ago Mimu Mdala who got his selection to Robert Blake did not make it because her parents could not afford to support him.

If anyone wants to support Masautso Khondowe they can call his relatives on 0881061455 or 0888012905.

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