10 October 2016 Last updated at: 3:00 AM

2015 Nsanje floods victims still lack land for resettlement

Hundreds of people affected by the January 2015 floods in Nsanje district are still struggling to access permanent land for resettlement.

Chief Nyachikadza whose subjects were seriously hit by the devastating floods told Malawi24 on Sunday that he is yet to get a piece of land where his subjects could permanently relocate.

He said there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for hundreds of people who were affected by the 2015 floods in Nsanje as regards access to permanent land on which they can resettle.

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Floods displaced thousands in Nsanje last year (File)

“Efforts have been made to address the problem for some, but the majority of the people in question especially those from the area of Chief Nyachikadza, are yet to access permanent land for resettlement,” said the concerned Chief.

The traditional leader added that discussions are underway with his counterparts, chiefs Chimombo and Ndamera, whom he banks on to provide him with some land on which his subjects could resettle.

Chief Nyachikadza said some of his subjects are temporarily staying in the areas of traditional authorities Chimombo and Ndamera while others are putting up in the flood prone areas.

Nsanje is one of the districts in Malawi which are prone to natural disasters such as floods.

The floods which occurred in 2015 displaced thousands of people and destroyed property, thus leading to calls for people who were living in flood prone villages to relocate.

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