Malawi Govt. admits failure to construct East Bank road


East ban road still in poor state: (Image credit: friendsofestherdotorg)

The Malawi government says it has failed to construct a tarmac road for the people of Chief Mlolo of Nsanje due to financial constraints.

The development comes after government had earlier promised people in Nsanje of the new road to ease mobility challenges.

Government is on record to have assured people in Nsanje that funding was made available by the World Bank to construct the road under the recovery plan.

Ben Botolo

Botolo: We are hit by low funding.

However, the principal secretary for the Department of Disaster, Risk and Management Ben Botolo has openly confessed that the plans to have a new road are to remain on paper due low funding for the project.

“The money is too little for the road and plans are just to construct bridges in the area, it’s good that I should speak the truth than lying to people,” said Botolo.

On her part, Member of Parliament for the area who is also first deputy speaker Ester Mcheka Chilenje expressed worry over the development saying government should have maintained the road as it helps the people of Nsanje.

Following the 2015 floods, authorities disclosed that the road which passes through Thabwa going to the East Bank was impassable.

The World Bank later responded to Malawi’s call for help with recovery plan projects to the affected areas to ease challenges that came with the catastrophic disaster.



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