Commotion at Ndata: APM death speculations rock Malawi

Peter Mutharika

Amid overstaying of President Peter Mutharika in United States of America after attending 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), speculations have spread countrywide that the president had health complications and now he might be dead.

Reports are indicating that Mutharika had health challenges and was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York where he is claimed to be dead.

The speculations are proven to be true since the Malawi government is failing to shed more light about why Mutharika is still in United States of America despite the fact the UNGA Assembly ended two weeks ago.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Speculations about his death go rife.

Malawians are failing to access the truth about where Mutharika is despite that Information Minister Malison Ndau assured Malawians on Friday that the president would have been in the country the just ended weekend.

Failure to clarify why Mutharika is not in the country as the Information Minister assured Malawians has brought in strong speculations that the Malawi leader was sick in the USA and now he might be dead.

A message Malawi24 could not independently verify but is spreading like an inferno claims that there was commotion at Ndata over the weekend.

“Kwavuta Guyz Ku Ndata Kuno. Magalimoto Onse A Dpp Akusekeledwa Ku Mpanda, Ndiyenso Kwadzaza Asilikali Kusonyeza Kuti Chilipo Chachitika Chachikulu. Zikutiophya Chifukwa Mu 2012 Zinalinso Chimozimozi. Komabe Timva. …Ndikumvanso kut mbendera zatsitsdwa m’ma police station mu” (There is a misty cloud hovering over Ndata. DPP senior officials are going in. The place is filled with soldiers. Something is happening. What’s happening is similar to 2012. I also heard flags are at half-mast),” a message speculating on social media read.

A number of people have identified the message as made up. However, they were quick to blame government.

“Government will be quick to blame these messages on social media not being regulated. But this is what happens when government keeps information from the public. Every time Mutharika holds key meetings, those meetings are shared on his Facebook page and broadcasted. It is a sign of show off that the president is doing something. But in this case, there is just no information. So, if there is someone to blame, it should be government,” said a young man who identified himself as Isaac Chembe.

Mai Mbewe, a tomato vendor in Blantyre concurred with Mr. Chembe, saying government’s silence on Mutharika situation is not helping.

“Boma likuti a president ali bwino koma sakuonetsa umboni kuti alidi bwino. Kapena amangidwa pa za green card? Nanga akubisiranji information, nanga matenda ndi ochitisa manyazi? A president athu ndi munthunso atha kudwala koma boma linene zoona (Government claims Mutharika is fine, but they are not bringing in evidence. Is he indeed okay? Why is government keeping Malawians in the dark? Being sick is not embarrassing. The president, just like anyone else, can fall sick and government should not treat it as something that can’t happen).

Meanwhile, Government of Malawi is still assuring Malawians that the president will be in Malawi this week and that he is in United States of America attending government businesses for the benefit of Malawians.

”We would like to remind all Malawians that in response to the so many inquiries as to what the President is doing in the USA, the Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Mgeme Kalirani, has repeatedly stated that the President is continuing to carry out other duties which could not be concluded whilst he was at the United Nations General Assembly.” reads a depict of a statement from the state house.

It adds: ”This information was released by the State House to the public for those who genuinely desired to know the truth. If this information released by the information holders cannot be accepted by those who postulate to disseminate news, then it indicates a very serious appetite for rumour mongering in our society.”




  1. Uchisilu sikuwonesa maliseche kokha,komanso kusafunila zabwino nzako ndimapeto awuchisilu,ndikunena ndi awo akumafalisa zosafunila zabwino tsogoleli wadziko awo

  2. People wish him badluck coz he is not a Malawian president. He works in Malawi but lives in America. He is a part-time President (pulesident waganyu). Why hiding father’s health we want to pray for him after telling us

  3. only God knows de life of our leader plz lets wish him gd health,lets pray 4 our leader,our country,our families,ourselves& our so called enemies.GOD bless de warm heart of Africa.I love Malawi

  4. with me I only think the guy is still alive and health jst he is busy doing his personal stuff that he can’t open to the public since we the malawians we only look mch on the negative side of every story then for he thot of playing it underground/silence as everyone of us can do, remember he spent almost his whale life in America where he got friends and family plz lol engine what you gonna say when he was to tell the nation ‘after the UNGA am visting my old gal friend’?????

  5. Wake up Malawi.It’s useless to spread de unfounded truth news and at the end of the day what do you try to achieve? Please mind your business. And u must always wish well 4 your nation. Be patriotic.

  6. Lets start to make brai for him God i love you for taking him quick we don’t want to see him again.we want him to come here with beautiful cascate for one million dollars. Because he is selfishness

  7. kod tikhulupilira bwanji akunyumba ya boma omwe akunena zimenezi kuzera m’mawailetsi akonkuno pomwe aPETER anatsiya kumvera ma radio athu ati amanena za boza tsono akuluakuluwa akutiuza chani apa?

  8. All we need amalawi is to hold hands and to pray to God for malawi to be transformed or else” we will end up blaming government, angakhale kutabwera tsogoleri wabwino chotani malawi sazasintha ngati mulungu sazatengapo gawo, tisiye kupemphera kuti anthu atione koma tizipempera munzimu ndi m’choonadi. Malawi wazaza ndi anthu okuba ndipo ambiri mwa iwo ndi azisogoleri komanso anthu okhwima/nyanga, zimene zikukwiisa mulungu kuti malawi azipita navutika, koma titapemphera kuti mulungu achotse zimenezi malawi azayenda bwino chifukwa tizakondana wina ndi mzache

    1. Let hm come and face water shotage and electricity blackouts here. He will soon remember good times he enjoyed in USA. Escom plz give him no electristy 4 four weeks.

  9. sindinamveko Malawi akuyamikira president,aliyense amapedzeredwa ma disadvantage ake,munthu sangakhale 100% ,kungovomeredza basi kut he’s our president we dnt have to wish him dead #IHaveSpoken

  10. May Almighty God forgive us all for we do not know what we are fellow malawian lets acknowlege the will of God upon our lives and do whatever is going to delight God.may God grant us peace and sprit ov loving one onother
    God lovs you all.i love you all

  11. inu kodi Zifuyoo kukhala opanda mu Busa zizilowera kt or ana kumene kukhala opanda Kholo while Kholo langochokapo kt ill b Back Tomoroww zen Tomorow osaoneka ANAWa azit bwanji kod tiuzen chomwe akuchitaaa komwe aliko ife ana tiziwe zoona zenizeni

  12. may his soul rest in peace if death is upon On him then let it be ngati u ntata nelson Mandela dead then who is who

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  14. Mulungu samalikwitsa ngati dziko lili lakuba amakupatsan president wakuba ngati dziko ndilakuva amapereka president wakufa ndikumakuuzani kut ali moyo ku us ngat ndipresident ku meneko chonde ngat ali moyo abwere kuno kumalawi fast ngat wamwalila aaaa tonse tidzafa tiuzeni Zooona chindunji pa mbc nenani aaaa we need him now

  15. Ine ndikudabwa nazo kuona olo ma prophet mmalo mopemphelera komanso kunenera moyo wathanzi kwa anthu naonso ali busy kufunira anthu kuti afe.Umulunguwo uli pati pamenepa?Samalani ndi mawu ochokera mkamwa mwanu pakuti mkaweruzidwa nawo.Death doesn’t bring happiness to the society so why are some people happy for the death of the president if it is true?Mmmm Amalawi tamaganizaniko za nzeru kaya.Kodi ngati mukugona ndi njala kusowa chakudya chifukwa choti mvula inavuta mungapange nazo blame president?Ambiri mwa ife tikulemba pa page yino olo ndi munda omwe tilibe ndiye tikuti chakudya tichipeza kuti?Tiyeni tikule amalawi.Moyo wamunthu aliyense uli mmanja mwa Mulungu ndipo umachoka mchifuniro cha Mulungu osati munthu.Mulungu atikhululukire amalawi tonse ofunira anzathu zoipa

  16. Zimamdisangalatsa ku malawi.akadwala president kwa serious.a State house amati .(ali bo)…..akamwalira kumene amati (critical ill)……akayamba kuola amati (wamwalira)……..what kind of Govt clozing nature of our president

  17. Desperate Malawians they expect alot more than they have to 4m the president,hw do you expect to rise when u are just lying idol in your homes instead of working hard to change your lives 4 the better what you knw is mr president is this,that u really expect hm to be moving in ur hmes gvng handouts ofcourse not,wake up its high time u realise that the only way pple succeed in lyf is to work hard and not the way u think,change ur mindsets and have a positive one,stop pointing fingers to the president.

    1. Iwe ndiye palibe chimene wakambapo apa, ukufuna ife tiziworker harder ndipo ndalama zake azikaononga iye (Peter) kunja osatiuza ife chenicheni chimene akuchita kumeneko?? A Malawi alakwa chani pofunsa za mtsogoleri wawo? Waiwala kuti iye kumene aliko akugwiritsa ntchito ndalama zathu za misonkho?? Eish anthu enanu maganizo anu

  18. Nde osangotiyakhuka bwanji kuti tiziwe kuti Ali moyo. Paliso zobisa APA ngati wafa wafa basi tikayika kkkk ko a alomwe sazatheka kapena mwina akapita kwa amerika amasanduka bububu atha kupereka ma saini timuone basi

  19. Am not part of any one even vote for any patty only God is a greatest as father who is able to see the day i will die no one else and he knows how is my tomorrow.

  20. Zaoneseratu kuti bwanawa timawakonda chikhalakuti sakondedwa bwezi kuli zii,kodi nanga wina watha 2wrks wina 3yrs kodi oyenera kumuwuza abwere msanga ndiuti?musiyeni apumu inuso thawi yanu muzapuma, mr president God loves u.

  21. Peter munthalika he still breathing,don’t resen what some other people saying.

  22. God says a human being is really a wicked. Hv seen the wicked of Malawians can you really rejoicing for one death… Do you knw that it has been set for a man to die once then judgement. Ah inu mkusangalala mkuona ngati inu mwadya mwala? Inu simufika ndi 50. Shame on you!

  23. Anapeza Zinthu Zitaonongeka Kale,ucan Agree With Me That Padziko Wabwino Munthu Kulibe,aliyese In His Or Her Position We Still Talk About Hm Or Hr,if He Is Dead Thats The Wish Of The Lord,if He Is Sick Criticaly May God Heal Him So That He Can Cme Bak And Do Somethng To Malawi As Afather Of Nation,amalawi Kusafunilana Zabwino,inu Mzelu Mulibe Zimene Mulungu Anakudalitsan Nanzo To Make Malawi Better?The Fact Is That We Are Lazy In Our Own Nation,timakalimbikila Ntchito Kumaiko Aeni Ku John(south Africa)kuwait Ghana,kumati Amalipira Bwino Pomwe Tikulephera Kulimbikra Kwathu Komkuno,mwana Wamzako Ndiwako Emwe Its Our Lazines In Talking,azathu Ku Singapore Magetsi Akamazimazima Amamatcha,thngs Mkuyenda Kuno Mantha Ngat Kalulu Gwilizano Tilibe Thats Y We O Suffr

  24. When HKB was president, and the Donner’s pulled out, we went through a time like this. Refugees from Mozambique, flooded our country, and yet our government denied that we never had Mozambiqueans refugees. Later HKB had to be told if he accepted, UNHCR, will pay for every refugee in our country.
    The money was paid. HKB went to the UK for over a month and nobody asked
    Now what I know is when the president travels that’s when the state house is painted, fumigated so on. If it’s not finished, he can not return.
    After all the President deserves a holiday like any human being. So please fellow Malawians carry on with ur life. Be blessed

  25. Limbikani ntchito osati miseche ayi, mulumu sanakulengeni kuti mudzidzadalira ena ayi koma kuti mugwire ntchito ndikudziyimila panokha. Poti sikadza kokha kamaopa kulaula. Wake up guyz and pull up your socks malawi adzakhala omveka patali.

  26. Why can’t they just send a live footage of the president wherever he is so that people can stop these speculations… The uncertainty is really annoying… Like seriously….

  27. both sides dead or alive bt he mst b a president of Malawi not USA did he see president of USA to stay in Malawi for 2 wks so wher did he take this character in this case he must go to hello

  28. Am a Malawian but what I want to know from you guys is this how many president of Malawi go for summit and stay there for 3to4 weeks without came back home and tell the people what he got from the summit

  29. My God is the good Lorld….he ‘ll continue protect & helping him to carry out his services towards our country for the betterment of each & every1 of all hard working Malawians & looking forward building this country.
    Hard working pays off. Guys let’s try to find ourselves something to do. surely we won’t gonna spend our time spreading & posting these nonsense on the media for nothing.
    If I would b God I could punish you with a brutal death b4 him.

  30. Kodi panthu 16 miliyoni mukabwe poyela anthu okwa.157 kumati apuledzitndeti amwalira.ubwino wawo mudzauona akadzapita kuli chete ubuli watikulila nyumba mapanda chakudya simukhala tendele ilingati nyumba yodontha babo amakhala ndimanganidzo cholichonse chimachitikila ngakhale mukuoneka ngati inu ndi anthu abwino otsusà boma ndidzipani dzanu komanso oyipa ndinu mavuto onsewa ndinu kusakhutisidwa dzanu akakha papando ndale dzasabwe dzamusawawa kufunila adzanu zoipa basi apedzabwino .

  31. Even If He Was Not Apresident He Could Afford Travelling To America Doing His Personal Busness Using His Cash.Dont Insult Him For Ur Tax As If Only Ur Tax Is Enough For The Journey.Munyoze Uyu Amakakuimilani Ku Un Osanyoza Ma Cashgate Convicts Bwanji?If He Is Dead Then Go And Be The President And Alliviate All The Challenges U R Listing.We Malawians R Gud @ Pointing Fingures On Others.Bear In Mind Acountry Is Not Afamily.Am Happy He Is Dead Now Its Ur Turn.God Has Ansad Ur Prayer.Dont Waste Time By Talking Just Prepare To End These Tumoils If No Malawian Will Mischief.Chili kunzako Osati Chigwire Nyanga.Moto Umapita Kwatsala Tchile.And Tables Do Turn.

  32. am waiting for malawi voice to tell us wat z going on to the state president coz sometyms they write only his success,now they r busy writing scriptures n idioms.wakeup malawi voice n speek the life of president

  33. Your light Raymond black pipo owez think short time plan rhas why we’re differ than white pipo.can you imagin some one can go to school to learn za ulimi koma malo mopita Ku chamama kukamphuzitsa anthu Ali busy mumaofesi kulimbana ndi ma computer akufuna kuba ndalam Munthu akuchoka Ku college ntchito sanayambe wagwirapo,koma kungoyamba ntchito akufuna aguliretu garimoto kkkkk so how you expect Malawi to be developed .kkkkmkkk why Malawian we need to kill that disease yes sir coz(ndimatenda ndithu amenewa)

  34. OSAMANGOKAMBA ZAMAGETSI MUKUNGOGONA MUDIMAWA BWANJI munthu wabwino uyuu watigurira chimanga chochuruka kuthana ndinjara yanu yosathayi rero mukumufurira ifaa choringa chimanga chioreso kunkhokwe koma munthu ndichifukwa anamukozera futi anaona kuti chindodo santheka

  35. We Don’t Need The President 2b Dead,but We Want 2 Knw The Truth. Akudwala Kapena Ayi.Nanga Palizifukwa Zanji Zomwe Akukhalila Kumeneko? Ngati Pali Individual Issues,let Hm Come Back And Gve Us Areport.Zakezo Pambuyo. If The Rumoues That Spread Over The Country That He Is Dead Or Sick Is True, Tidzalangaso Inu Amene Mukukana Kuti Sakudwalanu.

  36. Aaaa okumbila dzenje zake amagwelamo ekha maliro sazolowelka ndani amasangalala kwao kukafa munthu mm anakakhala kuti peter ndiopa sibwezi mulungu atalora kut alamulirenso dziko li motsogozana banja limodzo mwaiwowa ambuye anaonamo tsoogolo Long Live Mr APM

  37. Bisani matenda pangavute bwanji maliro timva. Ndiy mukuwophyedzatso mtundu wa amalawi kut mum again wina aliyense wolengezetsa za wachikulile kut watelo. Tson tiuzeni zowona kt alikt? Nakha akupanga chiyani? Be careful minister of information ukhoza kudzayakhatso mlandu zitakhala kut zatelo.

  38. Guyz tisamathamange magazi ai tiyen tidekhe zonse tinva bwino

  39. Kodi alakwa chani bwana?2kodi mamuna akaona kut nyumba chakudya chikuvuta asapite kujon kamba alindinkazi 3kod umphawiu ulikumalawikokha?Kodi abwanawa akabwela azikalima mundamwanu?4 osamakalima bwanji kut akabwela muwafuse kut fetiliza ali kut?Kodi munthuyu analiphunzisi kumeneku simuziwa amalaw

  40. Kodi mugotokota tokota ana ajoka inu oziwa kufunila anthu ena zoipa kodi inu simuzafa? Mukamayamkhula muziyamba mwaganiza Kaye kodi musanabadwe inu kunali ndani? Ndiye kaya wamwalira kaya sanamwalire palibe chikukukhuzani ayi muziyang’ana za inu zomwe zikuza pamutu panu, moyo anapeleka ndi Mulungu Mulungu yemweyonso amautenga, sono nonse osangalala pa imfa yawenanu please lekani !!!!!!!!!!!!.

  41. Amalawi penapake timakhala ngati anthu akungu chifukwa munthu wakhungu wotsawona akamamenya m’pira! Ndi anzawotso akungu, koma openya otsayagura, oyagura aja akangowu gunda m’phira mangoti ngolo? Chimodzi ! Chimodzi! M’thuthu wa tu wachimalawi

  42. Hey pitala atiyankhule basi tiziwe chilungamo kuti zenizeni ndiziti.. Coz uummm zokumva kupwetekesa.. Inu mukuti mzimai anatibera ndikutithawa i think mulibe maso ndipo palibe chomwe mukuziwa … Chipani chilichose chili mboma chimaba in that way.. Joice banda zinangoziwika koma onse kaya ndi kamuzu.. Bakili.. Nanji bingu nde musanene iyeyo joice. Even pitalayu akuba tikuona koma poti amapanga malamulo oziteteza anadalewa mkani timangoyanga.. Koma onse ngakuba, koma kayendesedwe kaboma mkomwe amasiyana.. Mkuluyu zikumvuta ndipo ndimbuli yophunzira .. Iyeyo ndi mzimai uja bolaso dona ija imatha.. Wakwiya ndi mfiti

  43. Kodi mayesa mwati abwera wkend ife tikudikira en tikamulandire pa airport palibe kulakhula zambiri apa amene akunena zoona aziwika

  44. But its gud Gents kunamizila munthu akadalibe wamoyo nde ngati mwatopa nazo zintchito zache mpakana pamenepa akudziwa ndimwini namalenga enafe ndi ayani kwa iye tatiyeni tingopempha namalenga amupase zeru zolamulira dziko lathu mwantendere basi

  45. Hey malawi ,whe is de president ? Plz tell me de truth . Nw i want to blame u Malawi ,wy u allowed Dr peter mutharika to go astray in de foreign country ? Can’t u show me de videos ,pictures or his speech in USA so dat we can believe that he is in a good condition . Bt de truth is needed .
    If u see pple being spreading de news dat de president has kicked de bucket, its jst de matter of crying .dey need de truth .
    Don’t bother yoself dat u will rock anybody who will be found spreading de death of de president peter mutharika .

    Malawi ,let me tell u something ,whenever u can conceal de matter bt de hidden will be revealed .so de is no secret in de world .
    We know nw when de president has jst miss de breath dey don’t tell on de same day /tym ,bt it takes somedays or a month to be known .

    So if u say he is still alive, den jst pass my greeting to him .bt if he is not, den pass my RIP to him .

    Malawi plz tell de truth , what do u want to do with de president ? Maybe u are busy doing embalm to de president. We need reality talk .choona chidziwike basi .

  46. Amwene muzinena kuti ukakatha msonkhano, waku holiday ya masabata atatu kenaka muzandipenyaso kuno. Osangoti ziii, mwajayila pa udindo umenewu? Musamale, musamatele

  47. Politics, Bingu died and malawians new not of his dealt, if it wasnt for zodiak broadcasting station to play its roll!
    now in USA there is no ZBS, who will tell us the true news!
    God Bless Malawi!

  48. Let god to put Marc Santos to see the death b4 president Muthalika coz of ur satanism.Anyday frm today onwards u gonna be in bad effects frm gods power. No one is stupud like u Marc Santon here on earth bcoz u dnt praise lord ask ur self Y u stll alive uptodate

  49. Mulungu akukhululukileni amene mukunyodza sogoleli wathu wamalawi, kod mumafuna atafa ziwani kut amene umakakhila kuzenje umapezeka wagwelamo wekha ndiyeni musiyeni vuto la mages siye kungot athu ife timachuluka zeru bwanji thawi ya chisakho simukhara inu sogoleri sithani, mapulani amulungu ndife athu ndiosiyana mumamunyodza muthu osalakwa ot sanatukwanepo peter muthu ai tisithe muzangochimwapo za ziiiii apa thembelero kat mmmmm tikufunilani kuchira kwasanga zikomo

  50. bwana president ine pandekha ndimakunyadilani zeedi awo akuti inu mukudwala ai mulungu ndiamene amaweruza zonse ndithu wosakhala kapolo wa dziko nanuso otsusa ndinu mbudzi za athu olo mutani simuzawina muzingopitilila kuluza mulungu amadana ndi uchimo sangasekerele zopusazo bwana mbiri yanu kuno ilipose ponse sindikuziwa kuti kwathu kuno wakula ndiumbuli ndithu koma ngati mulipo ai yakhulani achite manyazi woipawa

  51. Choti mudziwe president adakakhala kt wamwalira bbc idakanena kma ngati zisali zoona abale mulungu akukantheni,kufunira zanu ifa,ngati inu simudzafa

  52. State house imanamanso kwambili 2-3 days tidzamva kuti wamwalila ndiye mukuvutika ndikubisa why? Ngati sanamwalile monse muja sakubwela bwanji?Amzake onse amene anapita kumeneko anabwela uyu wanuyu kwamkomela bwanji ku America?

  53. Thoz who r saying Mr president shud die,pliz ask God to take ua lyf 4 him,osamayakhula ngati anthu osaopa mulungu.Think frst kt kholo lanu limwalire wat cn u do?ana ake,azibale ake onse amamukonda ndipo amanyadira ndie don’t wish him dead

  54. Amalawi Timadandaula za pulezidenti aliyense akamalqmulira !!! koma akafa kapena kuchoka ndipomwe mumayqmba kukamba zqbwino zake…very Bad……..I Think amalawi tonse timafuna titakhala president…which z impossible….Quick recover Peter

  55. Macomment ambiri akutsonyeza kuti munthuyi(APM)kungoti waduwadi,anthu atha kuzaphaso mbuzi nkuphwandula.Unbeloved president so to say,shame!


  57. if he z sick pliz finish him quickly so that we should stop having this black out as soon as possible. but ngati wafa kale ehem that’s wat Malawian expected

    1. komanso ubwino wayehova ananenelatu kuti ndidzachotsa anthu okuzunzani pakatipanu, kutitulutsa mu yolodani,,kkkkkk yehova is God he can kill our lion’s

  58. A God fearing nation at it again. Heaven is angry with us for all thiz stupid and retarded speculations. Long live my President.

  59. i know he is alive but…musadabwe kuchedwa akumalizitsa green card yake… kma zinachitikako kti przdnt ku USA a athu kumalawi dpp boma!!


  61. Anthu ozicha opemphera inu, akhristu, nkumafunila anzanu atafa koma zulo takuonani mutanyamula bible, JB ndi MULUZI
    kaya analakwa motani,, ine ngati munthu i cant wish them dead NOOOOO, IT IS NOT MY RESPONSBILITY TO WSH SOMEONE TO DIE,,,,

  62. Thats y malawi wll never move 4ward . For him to go there its our tax money so dont tell malawians to shut up pliz. Pali vuto la magetsi kuno and the minister responsible angokhala ziiiiiiiii osatiuza kathu so zimenezi azitiuza ndani. Thats why we need him to cme back home azayakhepo mavuto enawa

  63. Munthawi ya Bakili anthu mumanyoza kamuzu,munthawi ya Bingu mumanyoza Bakili Amai muwanyozaso,lero mukulimbana ndi peter.Anthu muzidziwa kuti palibe munthu amene adzakwanilitse zosowa za aliense paekha paekha tieni tingolimbika kumagwira ntchito zimene tingakwanitse.

  64. No matter what people are posting, if the president is out there and he is on business meetings or whatsoever, if it is personal business, it’s fine he can do whatever he wants , but he is still on duty as president, so there is no need for being silent, he must send us his well-being, we are all worried, we , we have the right to know the life of the president, why are you shutting us out,

  65. bisani matenda malilo tizava ambuye amwalila basi akapuma atizuza zedi panyumba pathu pano galu wakuda analowa kalekale coz uyuyu mbuzi ya munthu

  66. Munthu ndi ndani kuti adzateteza moyo wake ku mphamvu ya manda? Poti ngati ndi imfa, aliyense adzafa. Koma buku loyera limati “#usakondwere_ndi_imfa_ya_mdani_wako.

  67. i cannot wish death to u papa lyk others would,if i dont wish death to prime minster of israel y shud i for u papa ,i knw death z not asolution to any problem..may u live papa…the only thing we av to ask from u papa..try to help mr escom, mr illovo ,mr waterboard and mr of agriculture cz we cannot survive without them….once again wish u long life papa

  68. Mmmm abare tiyeni tizitaye izi sizitipidulira chilichose athuwo alibe chilungamo tiyeni tingogwirana maja tipulumuse anthu akufa chifukwa chosowa magesi muzipatara olo amwalire asamwali paribe president amene azatithandize mumakomo mwathu ulemerelo ndiwawo basi komaso musa iware kt alikupanda koma ifa imabwerapo arindi mabodigadi koma imamenya popo ifa siyiona khope tingoti paribe wamuyaya

  69. Dziko lililonse limakhala ndi mtsogoleli m’modzi,nde nonse ofuna mpando wa u president, dikilani 2019,ndipamene nonse ofuna mpandowu muzaime nawo pa zitsankho,osati pano.mungotaya nthawi yanu pachabe chifukwa mpando mukufunawo nzanu anakhalapo kale.

  70. Palibe zithu kuzalogosoka pa ziko lapasi bcoz tikuyenda mu ulosi wa Daniel, onse awelegi ndi aphuzisi akuziwa izi ,khalani okozeka pakubwela zambilii kuposa izi khalani okozeka


    …think your wife ,child or friend of you wish you dead ..???
    How can you feel
    Any worker have the right to go to the holiday …..
    I thought my President is on holiday …..

    He is alive …
    In The Name of my Lord from heaven
    His name is Yahweh…..

  72. ndipo mongothililapo ndemamga pa nkhaniyi.anachinya ndi kondwani schores kumwenda…..zingayambe kubwela pamayeso nde muzalephele

  73. May his Saul rest In pic if he is alive wishing to death cos of his career he very stupit do think that the president is like a village headmen that moving with blood in one family Pliz late him go to hell

  74. Ngati sadafe tizapha tokha konkuno kumalawi chifukwa sangamangowononga ndalama zaboma kumeneko pamene dziko likuvutika.

  75. Peter Munthalika the President of Republic of Malawi is dead .This has been confirmed some minutes ago by hospital authority in US. We begg all malawias to stay calm as we pass through this time

    From the Office of Firqatud-Dawah Durban South Africa

  76. Malawi leader Mutharika’s prolonged stay abroad triggers illness rumours
    Brian Ligomeka, News24 Correspondent | News24
    13:00 08/10/2016
    Lilongwe – Malawians have taken to the media to demand the exact whereabouts of President Peter Mutharika in the United States.

    Mutharika’s absence without leave in Malawi two weeks after attending the United Nations General Assembly has created a lot of rumours, including allegations that he is hospitalised in the US.

    An influential quasi-religious body, the Public Affairs Committee has slammed government for the continued secrecy surrounding Mutharika’s prolonged stay abroad.

    “Mutharika is a public figure, therefore, as a public figure Malawians have a right to know to [his] whereabouts,” the religious body said.

    Meanwhile, a local online newspaper Malawi24 has speculated that Mutharika is seriously ill in the US.

    The paper quoted sources who claimed that, Mutharika had planned to return to Malawi on Tuesday but was forced to extend his stay in US due to his condition.

    Heavy security

    “There is heavy security guarding where Mutharika is and people are not allowed to see him, a situation which has raised eyebrows and added more weight to the rumour circulating that Mutharika is seriously sick. Security details are not allowed to use their phones as they are all suspects to be leaking info,” the paper quoted a facebook posting by Gerald Kampanikiza.

    Meanwhile, #BringBackMutharika has been trending on Twitter as Malawians have become frustrated with the misinformation regarding Mutharika’s prolonged stay in the US.

    Malawi’s information minister Malison Ndau has, however, rubbished the reports.

    “Our State President is as fit as a fiddle. He is busy holding important meetings in the US,” he told News24 in an interview.

    Ndau admitted that he was aware of the speculations about Mutharika making rounds in the media.

    He said that Mutharika will return home this weekend and he will respond to people’s concerns.

    African leaders are notoriously known for the habit of hiding their ailments. Oftentimes governments dismiss reports of illnesses of the presidents and prime ministers on the continent.


    peter mutharikamalawisouthern africa
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    1. Ndipo inu akuona ngati olo atapita lero angalemere.. Ngati munthu ukukanika kulimbikira wekha sungatukeke.. Amalawi tizakhala tikutukwana ma president athu mpaka kale kale vuto ndi eniakefe ulesi.

  77. Just tell people the trueth in good method than speaking without wetness or shows video and photos, but if is true R I P

  78. Chooona chake ndi ngt tilibe Presdent , komanso ndikuputsa kwathu ife a Malawi tidatsankha munthu oti zinkamubvuta pamene adali nduna ya maphunziro kuli bwanji U President Any way REST IN PIECES SIR MBENDERA

  79. wabwino samalemekezedwa ,ingakhalenso abwino akale akanyozedwa ,anthu azakukumbukirani ubwino wanu inu mutapita ,koma lero mulipo iyo akufuna mupite ,osawadandaulani zonse ndi nthawi.ndikufunirani kuchira mwasanga

  80. A malawi tatani vuto c iyeyo vuto ndi madzi magetsi kusowa kwazofunika moyomu. Ndiye tiyen tikondani to gether we can develop this country

  81. Abale anga imfa sichinthu choseweretsa ayi. Siyani kufalitsa zabodza. Kumene mukuchita ndikufalitsa umboni wonama ndi tchimo pamaso pamulungu

  82. Ine kumadabwa magetsi kuthima thimaku kwangwa chani.Khani yake ndi imeneyi eeeéésh ,nthawi ya anyamata bansi revolution time tiwone dzina let us hope so

  83. Oooohh No Mr President please dont die, Just come back and resign!! things r not moving bcoz of you Peter! Please come back resign and rest…
    but if you r alive and u cant resign then Die

    1. It’s hard to force a President to resign especially in Africa. So, in a situation such as ours where nothing tangible can be pointed after 2.5 years in power of the so-called wise and dynamic leader, the other alternative is to wish them dead.

    2. A Malawi..Timadandaula za prezident Aliyense akamalamulira akachoka kapena kufa..ndipomweno..mumamukambira zabwino……..I Think..muzalamulileko mdinu!!!!!!!!!!!…..

    3. Kkkkk Mr. I agree with u .. Aliyense timamudandaula timaiwala vuto ndifeyo eni ake .. Mumalawi momuno ena akuchita bwino asiyeni adikire nthawi yomwe president azabwere nkuzagawa ma million khomo liri lonse kkkk ulesi basi.

  84. Kodi inu amalawi kwenikweni nkhani zimene mukumalemba zokhuza president mukumazitenga kuti? Lero mukuti president wamwalira Ambuye akukhululukiren moyo wa peter mutenga nawo sambi

  85. God have mercy on us komaso muwapatse mzeru atsogoleri athu monga mfumu solomo inapempha nzeru kwa inu ,tipatseni mtima wachikondi ndi wodalira inu pa chilichonse

  86. uchitsiru siwabwino pena pake……. inu muli ku Malawi kuno koma mukunena za ku USA…. inu mesa CNN inakanena Aljazeer BBC France 24 . koma kuipa mtima. the guy wants future generation to enjoy the fruits not us. Black pipo are selfish. they dont plan for others but themselves.mpake we r still poor.

    1. if black ppo are selfish u r the most, coz this pitala is spending our sweat and we want 2 know the truth of what he is doing. so if u say selfish what d’u mean? thnk twice b4 droppng ur comment!

    2. Inu Mwati Amalawi Ndiopusa Eeyadi Amalawi Ndiopusadi Coz Adayimbila Fiti M’manji Ku Malawi Kusowa Anthu Osakha Kusakha Amenewawa Kukhala Apulesitet??

  87. He must die indeed. Nothing s doing to malawians as apresident. Zafikapa chimodzimodzi kukhara opanda president. What he knows s only full of empty promises. Lero amalawi omwe akugwira ntchito zodalira magetsi akuzipanga force okha kugwira ntchito night hrs kamba koti masana kukumakhara kopanda magetsi. Go to bakheresa mukaone meme antchito akupasidwira ma short time kamba kakuvuta kwamagetsi. Iye phwiii uko kumangoononga tax payer’s money. Ndiphindu lanji lomwe nation ikupindura mwaiye. Malawi zikanakhara kotheka dzikoli likanangothesedwa tanzania ndi mozambique aligawane. Ndiye mukamati mwina wafa ndingoti if it s true go well usless president. Only ur wife gona miss U.

  88. May his sour rest in peace if he is dead, but if he is in robust health plz pliz tel him to come back to Malawi coz he z only the father of this country

  89. Kaya ali moyo kaya salimoyo koma anthu ukufuna kuziwa zoona basi anthu auzeni zoona msonkhano udatha lija ndikale n’chifukwa chake anthu akungoyang’anira kunjira.

  90. Apm waptad?kapena alpo?ngat alpo bwnj nanga sakubwra tiuzen zoona kt mitma ya anth ikhale mmalo..kapena mukfna anene ndamayko ena?

  91. Unfortunate Malawians wishing their president dead.But you claim to be church goers.Could be better if you all with such bad omens kick a bucket earlier than him.Who can tell me that you can turn things around within a year given a chance?Don’t you read?

  92. Please MBC show us a video of our president and what he is doing there for us. We are panic and nearly to start mourning due to these rumours. Please please please

  93. Please MBC show us a video of our president and what he is doing there for us. We are panic and nearly to start mourning due to these rumours. Please please please

    1. MBC ndi chida choopsezera anthu. In this world of technology nkovuta kuonetsa ntchito za boma zomwe akhala akugwira about 2 weeks after the UNGA…

  94. Unfortunate Malawians wishing their president dead.But you claim to be church goers.Could be better if you all with such bad omens kick a bucket earlier than him.Who can tell me that you can turn things around within a year given a chance?Don’t you read?

  95. Dead or Alive it’s just the same….but we need to know the truth Cause our country is not moving forward due to his disappear…

    All my cute Malawians, they spending their time talking Talk, talk that talk instead of focusing on economy….

    1. so whoee problem..if ur focusing on talk-talk..instead of on ur busness# Economy???……………..we Hav vice president so forget about his disappearance……

    2. if u r good than him give us a way to follow inorder to overcome this rather than kumanyoza munthu kod umphawi wanu mexa anachta kukupezanaoni nde mmafuna aziyenda khomo lililonse azkuthandzan? let him akhale mene alili , pezan njira zosinthira moyo wanu osat tulimbana ndi munthu

    3. I think you don’t know the main point of selecting a reader (President) in a country…all what i can remind u is “” U need to have more time with your Aupa so that maybe you can gain knowing the meaning of the president…

      By putting my comment on the pad above, i didn’t mean that the president must come to my door with his assist or what ever. but all what i meant is “” The president needs to be in his home country so that he must have enough time to find proper ways of leading the government… Try not to be Simpleton on the public Stevie WA Regna Kamwana…

    4. I think you don’t know the main point of selecting a reader (President) in a country…all what i can remind u is “” U need to have more time with your Aupa so that maybe you can gain knowing the meaning of the president…

      By putting my comment on the pad above, i didn’t mean that the president must come to my door with his assist or what ever. but all what i meant is “” The president needs to be in his home country so that he must have enough time to find proper ways of leading the government… Try not to be Simpleton on the public Stevie WA Regna Kamwana…

    5. Ndetu..tafunsa kodi Vice Tchito yake ndichan??ngat president palibee??kapena watagwanikaa???….Chifukwa timasakha vice president .en president him selfie

    6. Kod Mavuto Vuto Onsewa, Abwera Coz Of Kuchoka Kwake? Nde Kut mwasiya kugwira ntchito Ndinso Ma bussiness Anu Coz a presedent kulibe? Is His coming back home Means Paradise In Malawi? Why u pple, why?


    Boma layika misonkho ya VAT (16.5%) pa izi:

    1) Madzi akumwa, osamba ochokera mmipope ya ma Water Board onse (Tap piped water produced by Water Boards)

    2) Buledi wamba (ordinary bread)

    3) Nyuzi (newspapers, periodicals, journals and magazines)

    4) Sopo wochapila (laundry soap)

    5) Mkaka (milk except infant milk)

    Misonkho yatsopanoyi inayamba pa 1st October 2016.

  97. What kind of government is dis failing to tell malawians the truth about there president jst going around the truth,ok if he is alive let him asure as by speaking on TV or any radio,

  98. Am wishing him dead first before me. What the hell is he doing to Malawians as a president? Today Malawi is a mess because of this dead walking president. Am not a PP fun but in those two years of JB things were better off. And stupid Malawians put this stupid guy in power. Let him go!

    1. Kufuna kutanthauza kuti iweyo ndiofunikila kwambiri? Infa sichinthu chabwino sibwina kumasewela ndi infa.
      JB chomwe anachokela nziko muno ndichani? Kwatha dzaka zingati pano chichokeleni? Anthu andale zawo ndizimodzi palibe wabwino

    2. You may be true but also try to understand dat de Devil is in full control of dis country.Many of de problems we are having rt now are coming as a result of dis “evil thing” dat is controling us and I have no doubt dat even the President himself has been affected by “this evil thing” either in his health or his governing of the country.But our God says that when “this evil thing” will be completely defeated,everything will start moving smoothly in dis country and it shall be a God fearing country and many pple will come from their countries to see or hear the “great wonder” dat God will do in dis country and they shall say, what a small country it is!.So dont wish him dead, its not his fualt, instead, lets jst be praying for him so dat “this evil thing” will not succed in its mission over him.MAY GOD HELP US PLEASE.

    3. Charles Golombe l don’t care about JB,ask yourself where is she???? & during her time everything is was worse.Pls l don’t like talking politics than soccer.more fire Maule.nyerere

    4. Get the point! “In those two years of JB things were better off” am not saying JB was better. Please Father GOD, take that man away from Malawians first before me Marc Santos. He must go & I’ll follow him later…AMEN!

    5. Ana asatana inu opanda m’nkhalidwe. Zoona celebratng 1 2 b dead ? Awadi masiku omalizadi. Ambuye akuyendeleni mwapadela

    6. khaya wamwalira kaya alimoyo ine zisandikhuze popeza munthuyu ndioipa ndie zake izo masiku ake atha basi ndipo ndibwino kumwalira coz palibe chimene amapanga

    7. Kod a Frezar Faramenga tikamavotera president sikut azitipasa zosowa zapabanja lathu? Timachita iz chifukwa pagulu pamafunika m’tsogoleri nde ukutukwana chan? Ife timafuna m’tsogoleri wabwino osat aziononga zinthu za boma ai.

    8. kape iwe mkaz amene ukumunenayo anangoba ndalama kuno mkuthawa, lelo watixiya pa umphawi nde iwe ukumuikra kumbuyo paja anamanga nyumba kwanu pepa ndnaiwala, mbuz iwe wamva

    9. Kumalawi kumeneko dziko ili silidzatheka munthu kuchita kumasuka kufuna mmalawi nzake atafa kodi inu mudzakhala wamuyaya ai muli boo anzathunu

    10. Ray Jiya sizobisa kuti we Malawians are stupid people. Actually this country is very poor because we don’t realise that we are very stupid pple.

    11. You should be so stupid for calling fellow countrymen unfortunate words, you have the right to speech yes and I respect that koma zomayankhula mopusazi nde ayi, I voted for APM and I’m proud of that and I’m not stupid! May God bless him with more years and wisdom so he can correct where ever he’s wrong, he’s only but human after all.. God bless you, God bless malawi and God bless us all.

    12. Zopusa ndiye paja inu mukwanitsa kuwasangalatsa anthu onse Malawi ino??????mind u whether he is dead or not nobody in this era shall make all malawians happy lets face the facts that its out of everyones hands

    13. You want president to come early yet you know that Malawi is like abeggar everything to work we expect someone to begg on us

  99. if he is dead it’s okay and if he is alive it’s also ok.the main thing is we need to know wat exactly is going on with our unbeloved president. can’t he or government say the real

  100. augale meso tupemphele uchimbichimbi kwa lungu syene dwakulenga chilambo chapasi chonde ambudye wakulungu mundudyo akululuchile ma chimo gawo nsimu wawo uusye muntendele ameen

    1. Man nsakunamizen mkulu ameneyu amandinyasa ngat masanzi agalu ndipo afe ndithu.. Wabwezera paumphawi miyoyo ya amalawi

    2. Haaa! mulekeni man, ndimaganizo ake, inuso lembani anu maganizo anthu awelenge, sibasi? inu ngati ndinu a dpp ndiye aliyense akhale wa dpp? no one is a fool here

    3. Abel isn’t a fool ,respect his opinions inu ngat mwapsya ntima with his comment ine ndikungot mupsye ntima zenizen ndin2 ….don’t make him like sum1 whu he saw nothing in him to develop a likeness

    4. #ephram# chitsiru ndamako omwe anakavotera bakhayu. Dont behave as if ur not concerned with wat this idiot is doing to us as the nation. Fees hiking,blackouts,zinthu zikungokwera daily salary yomweo,ntchito zikuvuta nde iwe ukut kukamwa fweee calling me a fool?how dare u. Machende akoso ndipo #ephram#

    5. Abel Singano iweyo usazitenge opambana pakuti naweso imfa ili chifupi nawe, pakuyankhula pakufunika kudziwa icho ukuyankhula ngakhale ukuti afe ndithu dziwa kunena kuti iweso imfayo umayiwopa moti pali iwepo sumafuna kufa koma ndiwe ochimwa ndithu.
      Mphavu yochosa moyo wamunthu ili mmanja mwa Mulungu osati iweyo.

      Kuvuta kwa zintchito kunena zowona zake sibwino kumuloza chala Peter Munthalika vuto limeneli linayamba kalekale Bakili atayamba kugulisa ma kampani a boma.

      Kukwela kwa school fees mwina zikungisowekela kutembenuza maganizo athu kuganiza zapambuyo kaye tikatelo tiona kuti nthawi ya Kamudzu Banda ankalipila 1tambala kenako Bakili anaikweza kufika pa K10000 kenako Bingu anaikwezaso mpaka 20000,, apa zimangooneselatu kuti kukwela kwa zinthu zimatengela mmene ndalama yathu ikuyendela pa nthawi imeneyoyo.

      Ndimakumbukila ndi std 5 azimphunzisi ananjala kwa trm yose coz samalipidwa nthawi imeneyo ya Bakili ndipo zinapangisa kuti tikalowe std 6 popanda kulemba mayeso.

      Taona mmene wakwiyila apapa coz wina wakunene kuti u r a fool kusonyeza kuti sizinakusangalase ndiye iweyo ukumunena nzako kuti ndi bakha, zangoneselatu kuti ndiwedi fool.

      Ukwiye zenizeni ndipo ukomoke kumene ukakomoka usadzukeso ufeletu munthu osafunikila ngati iwe chokhalila moyo sindikuchiona.

    6. A #mike mvula# ngat alipo wakutumani zikuvutani.sitidakupempheni kut mukomente koma pot anthu enanu munazolowera kutukwanidwa nde tingoti machende anu

    7. Ndife Maliro tifune ndipo tisafune wina aliyense azafa no one knows about tomorow anthufe tikuyenda okufa kale koma tikungodikira tsiku basi nde tikamayankhula tiziyamba taganiza kaye coz chaona nzako chapita mmawa chili paife. Palibe wamuyaya padziko lapansi

    8. #pillow# i agree with but kukanakhala kwabwino kut aziyamba azitsogoleriwa kut azikapanga zaozo mwachifatse kujahennako

    9. Kodi enanu mumalankhula bwanji? Madzi kwanuko akutuluka?? Magetsi kwanuko akuyaka?? kapena muli line yaku nsanjika/state house tiziti sizikukuwawani? zopusa basi, kumatha 3days no Magetsi, Madzi mwezi watha osatuluka ndiye wina nkumapanila mphuno pano mwati zikuyenda mundilakwitsatu

    10. Mukakhala alesi basi muziti pitala.simmapanga business kukacha tchito kukhala mmbali mwa nseu mmati peter azikupatsani daily bread ndi feez za ana anu mukanaganiza mwachitsamunda olo mutatani dziko silidzabwelelaso 1940 no tikupitabe kutsogolo kwa mavuto alesi dziko likanakiwawani olo atabwela mtsogoleli wina ngati moyo wake ndiodalilao simunati

    11. Kukanakhala kuti mawu omwe mukunenawo oti Baibulo linati oyipa afe sibwezi anthufe tilipo

      Baibulo lomwelo limati usaweluze pakuti kuweluza ndi kwa iye mwini

      Baibulo lomwelo linati cholengedwa chilichose ndichofunikila kwa iye ochilenga ngati iwe unyoza cholengedwa chake dziwa kuti wanyoza ochilengayo.

      Maiko ena kuli nkhondo yosatha koma sungawapeze ali busy kupempha imfa kwa Mulungu

    12. Abelo timakutengani anzeru koma mwaonetsa ndinu abulutu infa imaphweka ili nyumba mwa ena koma ikalowa nyumba mwanumo ifeso tizaseka mene muchitira apamu ndithu

    13. #a ben phiri# musakhale ngat nanu simukuva nao nao pain.ine nane ndidzafa koma ndikadakonda akadatsogola Dyabulosiyu. Anthu close to 15million mmalawi muno azidandaula munthu mmodzi zoona? Ine ndikut afe ndithu gulugufe ameneyu

    14. Ngati umadya masamba and u wait kuti akalozalowa president wina mpamene zizayamba kukuyendera thn u r waisting ur time. Ulesi too much anthufe , tizakhala tikutukwana a presint mpaka kale kale. Kuzima kwamagesi i understand ndikuche kwamazi mu shire river?????

    1. Or atafa ine i don’t care about him agogo anga anamwalira omwe ndimadya nawo waht about munthu woti even ubwino wake sindiuziwa kose go in peace madala

    2. Ngati ali moyo osangomuuza ayankhule bwanji? Kumangokangana za ziiiiiiii!!!!! Ngati ali moyo ndiye akukanika bwanji kubwerera kumudzi?