10 October 2016 Last updated at: 3:10 AM

Commotion at Ndata: APM death speculations rock Malawi

Amid overstaying of President Peter Mutharika in United States of America after attending 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), speculations have spread countrywide that the president had health complications and now he might be dead.

Reports are indicating that Mutharika had health challenges and was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York where he is claimed to be dead.

The speculations are proven to be true since the Malawi government is failing to shed more light about why Mutharika is still in United States of America despite the fact the UNGA Assembly ended two weeks ago.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Speculations about his death go rife.

Malawians are failing to access the truth about where Mutharika is despite that Information Minister Malison Ndau assured Malawians on Friday that the president would have been in the country the just ended weekend.

Failure to clarify why Mutharika is not in the country as the Information Minister assured Malawians has brought in strong speculations that the Malawi leader was sick in the USA and now he might be dead.

A message Malawi24 could not independently verify but is spreading like an inferno claims that there was commotion at Ndata over the weekend.

“Kwavuta Guyz Ku Ndata Kuno. Magalimoto Onse A Dpp Akusekeledwa Ku Mpanda, Ndiyenso Kwadzaza Asilikali Kusonyeza Kuti Chilipo Chachitika Chachikulu. Zikutiophya Chifukwa Mu 2012 Zinalinso Chimozimozi. Komabe Timva. …Ndikumvanso kut mbendera zatsitsdwa m’ma police station mu” (There is a misty cloud hovering over Ndata. DPP senior officials are going in. The place is filled with soldiers. Something is happening. What’s happening is similar to 2012. I also heard flags are at half-mast),” a message speculating on social media read.

A number of people have identified the message as made up. However, they were quick to blame government.

“Government will be quick to blame these messages on social media not being regulated. But this is what happens when government keeps information from the public. Every time Mutharika holds key meetings, those meetings are shared on his Facebook page and broadcasted. It is a sign of show off that the president is doing something. But in this case, there is just no information. So, if there is someone to blame, it should be government,” said a young man who identified himself as Isaac Chembe.

Mai Mbewe, a tomato vendor in Blantyre concurred with Mr. Chembe, saying government’s silence on Mutharika situation is not helping.

“Boma likuti a president ali bwino koma sakuonetsa umboni kuti alidi bwino. Kapena amangidwa pa za green card? Nanga akubisiranji information, nanga matenda ndi ochitisa manyazi? A president athu ndi munthunso atha kudwala koma boma linene zoona (Government claims Mutharika is fine, but they are not bringing in evidence. Is he indeed okay? Why is government keeping Malawians in the dark? Being sick is not embarrassing. The president, just like anyone else, can fall sick and government should not treat it as something that can’t happen).

Meanwhile, Government of Malawi is still assuring Malawians that the president will be in Malawi this week and that he is in United States of America attending government businesses for the benefit of Malawians.

”We would like to remind all Malawians that in response to the so many inquiries as to what the President is doing in the USA, the Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Mgeme Kalirani, has repeatedly stated that the President is continuing to carry out other duties which could not be concluded whilst he was at the United Nations General Assembly.” reads a depict of a statement from the state house.

It adds: ”This information was released by the State House to the public for those who genuinely desired to know the truth. If this information released by the information holders cannot be accepted by those who postulate to disseminate news, then it indicates a very serious appetite for rumour mongering in our society.”


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