10 October 2016 Last updated at: 3:22 AM

Government aware of hunger in Malawi, Chilima tells critics

Malawi Vice President Saulosi Klaus Chilima has told government critics that they must stop using the current hunger situation in the country as a tool of attacking government since the country’s leadership is already aware of people’s suffering.

Chilima made the remarks in Mchinji where he had a political rally ahead of the by-elections that will be held in the district.

In his remarks, Chilima said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has already put in place strategic measures that will help Malawians not to face food shortage next year.

Saulos Chilima

Saulos Chilima speaks tough on hunger situation in Malawi.

The veep also told people in the district to vote for a DPP candidate in the parliamentary by-elections if they need development.

Chilima later attended the launch of Sheikhs Ulama Council of Malawi (SUCOM) Mchinji Chapter organized by a group of Muslim leaders in the country.

During the event, the Muslim leaders prayed for the end of the hardships that the country is undergoing.

“As you know Malawi as a country is experiencing a lot of challenges, we talk of climate change which is the biggest problem which has so far affected different areas in the country like drying up of water sources which is resulting to power blackouts and water shortages.

“So we thought it wise to have these prayers to ask God to bless Mother Malawi so that we overcome some of these challenges,” said Chairman for Mchinji SUCOM Sheikh Imran Omar.

He added that the main objective of the group is to foster unity among people in the country and to encourage the spirit of tolerance with followers of other religions.

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