Government aware of hunger in Malawi, Chilima tells critics


Malawi Vice President Saulosi Klaus Chilima has told government critics that they must stop using the current hunger situation in the country as a tool of attacking government since the country’s leadership is already aware of people’s suffering.

Chilima made the remarks in Mchinji where he had a political rally ahead of the by-elections that will be held in the district.

In his remarks, Chilima said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has already put in place strategic measures that will help Malawians not to face food shortage next year.

Saulos Chilima

Saulos Chilima speaks tough on hunger situation in Malawi.

The veep also told people in the district to vote for a DPP candidate in the parliamentary by-elections if they need development.

Chilima later attended the launch of Sheikhs Ulama Council of Malawi (SUCOM) Mchinji Chapter organized by a group of Muslim leaders in the country.

During the event, the Muslim leaders prayed for the end of the hardships that the country is undergoing.

“As you know Malawi as a country is experiencing a lot of challenges, we talk of climate change which is the biggest problem which has so far affected different areas in the country like drying up of water sources which is resulting to power blackouts and water shortages.

“So we thought it wise to have these prayers to ask God to bless Mother Malawi so that we overcome some of these challenges,” said Chairman for Mchinji SUCOM Sheikh Imran Omar.

He added that the main objective of the group is to foster unity among people in the country and to encourage the spirit of tolerance with followers of other religions.



  1. I hope the next generation can burry the failures of our so called current “leaders”. They seem to always forget that they are here to serve not be served. Pathetic.

  2. Limbikilani waka ntchito mmanyumba mwinu kupusikizgila boma yayi kweniso pala mkumanya kuti chizungu mliwajila panji kuti wagwala lembani tumbuka olo chewa chifukwa tikunjilengeska pagulu

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  4. Guyz mukhululukireni mchawa Abdul uyu musaiwale midyomba paja ulemu iribe ingokuchimwitsani ikuti iri ku south Africa paja midyomba ikapita ku ulendo siibwelera ingadziwe bwanji za njala?

  5. Akankhala oziwa malemba alamulira dziko ngati ali mbamva naye sitizalora kulamulidwa.Bible likunena kuti yense woyipa kuchionongeko/imfa.alapiletu ameneyo.

  6. I understand ur now the president of Malawi as peter passes on.Congrats chilima u just maintain ur self u will take our poor nation to anodar levo since u still ung n fresh !!!!!!!Big up Big up

  7. Nkhani si njala koma pitala alipo kapena wamwalila?osati zowopsezana kuto onenayo azimangidwa kkkkkkkkk kumanga?boma lanji ili? Ine ndikufuna kuziwa ngati nzika ya dziko lino kuti alipo kapena watisiya koma ngati wamwalila ause ndi mtendele amen

  8. i want all people who are busy typing that there is hunger in Malawi unlike this post,am saying so becoz most of you, no one sleep hungly in your huts,what kind of hunger your talking abt?which party will come without being blamed,I us apoor man,am not concern any party critis coz I shall never given hand by hand money from rulling party.Now less be busy praising load to heal our president if the rumour that he’s dead being foce.

    • hehehehe kaya better ine ndikudya zanga ku south africa. kaya iwe ukulilira madeya a Boma la malawi.komabe Boma silolakwa,olakwa ndi mlesi,kod Boma likupase maize per door hahahaha tayione

    • Amwene pls musathe mawu nafeso tili konkuno koma ganizirani anthu kumuzi omwe akuvutika ndinjala sibwino kumayima pa chulu nkumalata chonchi .

    • Kodi kukhala kuno ku south Africa mumazitenga ngati ndinu opambana ifeso tilikomkuno but njalayo ili dziko mwathu ndiye zomalakhula motumbwa chifukwa ukudyesela abulu kuno ndikumadya nawoso zomwezo usaone ngati kupambana ndiwe chisilu chamunthu Dyomba ikupeza xenofobiya pamimkhukhu ukukhalapo mbuzi!!

    • Which rumour spred that someone dead with hunger in Malawi?just fancy 2001 hunger,historically it was dogs and cats,bt where and which region of Malawi pple loss lives from the due,ooo my God!!! Lets ask God his mercy ,lets bow down On his face,he is the One who know well anything any matter behind and he is the one,loard of heaven and earth,he’s not your landload or prime minister,am saying here’no one will die with hunger in Malawi”this is october bt maize still lower price what about when large markets open,ADMARC ar pprocessing……waiting for so?…………

  9. aChilima Pangani sum ija munagwiritsa ntchito poba ma voti muthesere njala,,magetsi akuvuta osapanga za techenology zanu zija,,mmatamika kuti ndinu a techenology koopsa,,osamangobera techenology yanuyo muzitheseranso mavuto ngati amagetsi mmalawi muno

  10. Chiphaliwali(leza) sichigwamo kawiri mumtengo opusa ndifeyo amalawi povotelaso munthu wanyumba yimozi ndiye tisasalire tinapangila dala anthu anzeru alipo ambiri oti akhoza kulamulira bwino dzikoli

  11. A hungry man is a angry man I think the government knows this thing better than many of us know , the question is why the food is scares in the abodunce of water ? this could be a human race in a rat race and the critics will never stop until the government put in place the right method of supplying or

  12. Zanjala zamveka. Chabwino, za mkulu tinakuvoterani naye limodziyu Ku America Ko abwerako liti? Kapena akuthawa njala yomweyi? Ine Monga munthu yemwe dzuwa linandikudzula, kuti inu mudzimva kukoma ndikufuna kudziwa. Mundiyankhabe, ndiwambe mbewazi Kaye.

  13. Well the Government being the cause of this hunger stituation in the country due to it’s incompentancy administration,they must really be aware of it despite addressing it.SO IMWE BA CHILIMA promptly address this hunger stituation that has striken our country,i promise there gonna be no critics.

  14. ukudziwa kuti kulinja kenako udzayamba kunenakuti ndikudziwa kuti anthu akufa ndinjala. ndiye zitipindulila chani ,I think tizelu mtochepa kwambi

  15. Ok since when u have been aware of this. And what have u done. U are just aware and u have done nothing thats why pple are about it. Yerrrrrrrrrrer yaaaaaaaaaaaa sesiii

  16. he also said that the government is aware that it is misusing money on baseless things instead of help poor people. and he added that government is so proud of that.

  17. Musayiwarenso vuto lamagetsi pls taonani asing’anga aku mozambigue akubweretsa biznes yosaoneka bwino poona mabvuto athu… Kkkk atiberenso pamene tabweredwa kale mokwanira

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