Beware of MUST Students: One in for theft 


The next generation of thieves will not only be from the ghettos or streets, they will be from the Universities and the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) has already produced one although it has not yet produced a graduate.

ArrestedAssistant public relations officer for Limbe police Widson Nhlane said the suspect whose identity is Stanford Mnthala (22) stole the items by opening the owners’ rooms using a master key.

“The matter was reported to Mikolongwe police and investigations were launched together with security department at the school hence the arrest of Stanford Mnthala,” he explained.

According to Nhlane, so far three of the four laptops have been recovered and positively identified by the owners.

He said the one who bought the fourth laptop is in Mangochi district and police are on the ground to recover it.

Meanwhile, the suspect is still in the hands of the school management for disciplinary action and will later be handed over to police.

Stanford Mnthala aged 22 comes from Mzira village Traditional Authority (T/A) Chikadza in Dowa district.



  1. Hahahahaha, ana a MUST akwiya, akuti iwe reporter iwe…….., pepani nonse ma offended, komano mungomvesetsa nkhani mmene ilili nkutengapo uthenga Wa nkhaniyo. Komano zomwe ndinamvapo ndizakuti, mmodzi wakumalawi akaphwisa, amati Malawi waphwisa. Pepani maguys, komano nkhani ndiyoti mzanu wakalanya. Inu simunalanye nawo….. Azationongera boma ameneyu

  2. which xul of journalism did u go?? or are you tryng but failing to supply news to people?? extract that idea of discouraging pple from xuling inorder to join yo boat of ignorance

  3. Analemba izi ndani?……LOGIC yakupetanitu madala…….anaba ndizake izo nde zitikhuze bwanji sanamange sukulu yonse….mind you must is not a THEOLOGY UNIVERSITY ppo have met from different back grounds ………

  4. You reporters are dull minded idont know who certifies you to that job,find something eligible to say, not that nonsese. Even iwenso ndi wakuba koma sitinakygwire,how dare you make funny out of this little issue.There ministers out there squandering govt money i mean billions and you choose this piece of shit! Pita uzikalima kumudzi ngati ntchito yakukani shame on you. Muzitiuza za nzeru…….

  5. Beware of MUST students? Was Clive Macholowe a MUST graduate? I knw u have the answer Mr Journalist……

  6. Kapena tiganize kuti mwalemba maganizo anu kapena nkhani? Kapena mukuyendela mwambi oti ikaola imozi nsomba ndiye kuti ndizonse? Ngati ndi choncho ndiye mukunamatu okuba ali pena paliponse

  7. Thats not gd saying be ware of must students its not must student who are theft koma chisiru chomwe chidapanga maganizo okabawo ndiye osaipisa mbiri ya xool since must is deserving alot to show to the malawian citizens and abroad ok

  8. Stop writing any news if you don’t have any don’t spoil other people’s business this doesn’t carry anything.

  9. Nduna 7 zikubisidwazi zitaba ndalama za boma,
    why can’t you say ” the gvernment of malawi producing thieves”?. Tsiku lina tidzakutukwanani.

  10. Cyber crime is not theft its hacking vocabulary yalakwika apa and there alot of hackers in from technobrain mzuni and the rest furthur more if he is doing ethical hacking he is not dangerous, itell you coz its easy to trace him we know much about cyber security and before u lern how to protect cyber systems you lern how to hack , if you say its wrong uteteza bwanj zomwe sumazidziwa???

  11. Cyber crime is not theft its hacking vocabulary yalakwika apa and there alot of hackers in from technobrain mzuni and the rest furthur more if he is doing ethical hacking he is not dangerous, itell you coz its easy to trace him we live with cyber security

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  13. y calling one tree a thick forest ?? jxt bcoz of one incident of thefty then t has changed from that of science n technology to universty of thefty ?? #Fuckn_journelist

  14. Unproffessionalism, shaa which school of journalism did you go? Don’t u know thieves exist in all circles? No university produce a field of this kind kapena mukuphunzira kulemba chimangilizo. Shame #Malawi24.

    1. Iwenso uli shit, u must also b a thief. Go to the first paragraph ” beware of MUST students” why not concentrating on the said thief not MUST students as if all MUST students are thieves thats not the way to attract the interest of readers some may get offended as they are not involved. Foolish wamva.

  15. Kodi inu a Malawi24 where do you get your Journalist? Nkhani mwalemba apayi sikumveka. U need to change the way you are writing your news. There are a lot of mistakes.This is half baked if not quarter baked article

  16. MUST is not alone. Stories have been made at LUANA, MZUNI,POLY our graduates now turning into thieving

  17. There is no TA Chikadza in Dowa, Ooops Malawi Journalists

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