No jail for drug thief


Despite the efforts by government to stop the stealing of drugs in public hospitals, it appears the situation is yet to stop. The worst thing is that the Courts have started smiling at drug thieves.

Dedza police spokesperson constable Cassim Manda said the convict, Noah Nyati, who works as a pharmacist at Dedza district hospital used his position to steal medical drugs valued at 427,000 Kwacha.

Nyati appeared in court this week to answer the charge of theft by servant contrary to section 283 subsection (1) of penal code.

cuffsPolice prosecutor Patrick Chambuluka told the court that lack of essential drugs in government institutions is due to rampant drug theft by hospital personnel and asked for a stiff sentence.

But the convict through his counsel Edward Chagalamula asked for a suspended sentence saying Nyati will pay back money equivalent to the drugs he stole.

In her ruling, first grade Eneti Jiya Banda gave the convict a suspended sentence since he said he would pay back the money as part of mitigation.

Meanwhile, Dedza police spokesperson has shown satisfaction with the sentence, saying the sentence should alarm would be offenders.

Manda further said that those who purchase medical drugs do not have technical know-how hence it can be a risk to people who are buying them.

Noah Nyati hails from Ephraim-Nyati village, Traditional Authority Kampingo-sibande in Mzimba.



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