Monster teacher in for raping and impregnating a pupil

Sex scandal

His job was to teach the young student to become a responsible citizen that will contribute to the development of this country. But monster teacher thought the child was a wife. Now monster teacher is in trouble with the law.

SexMangochi Police Deputy Police Public Relations Officer Amina Tepani Daudi has identified the suspect as James Chikaomba.

According to Daudi, the rapist has been sexually abusing the girl for some time but the latest was on September 21 when the teacher told the victim to visit him at his house after school.

When the girl went there the suspect took her to a nearby Resthouse at Namwera Trading Centre where he raped her.

“On 25th September the parents of the victim noticed some changes on her body and after being questioned she disclosed that his teacher has been raping her for several times,” said Daudi.

The issue was reported to police and a medical report by health practitioners revealed that the Standard 8 pupil is 4 months pregnant.

Meanwhile, the suspect is waiting for court proceedings to answer the charge of defilement of a girl under the age 16 which is contrary to section 138(1) of penal code.

James hails from Kululira village, Traditional Authority Mthiramanja in Mulanje district.



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  2. Az teachers ve duties 2 gloom fture leaders, so r our leaders of today know theirs 4 a better & God fearing malawi

  3. Az teachers ve duties 2 gloom fture leaders, so r our leaders of today know theirs 4 a better & God fearing malawi

  4. Az teachers ve duties 2 gloom fture leaders, so r our leaders of today know theirs 4 a better & God fearing malawi

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