‘Am not joining DPP’ – Msonda


Former spokesperson for Peoples’ Party Ken Msonda has distanced himself from reports that he is planning to join the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Ken Msonda People's Party Joyce Banda

Msonda: Clears the reports.

Speaking to the local media, Msonda wondered why people in the country are spreading stories that he has been given money by the DPP amounting to 12 million kwacha for him to join the party.

The politician claimed that these are just mere speculations and added that the truth is that he is still waiting for God’s voice on which party he should move to.

“God told me to join my former party, so it is the same God who will tell me which party should I join now and that is what I am waiting for now.

“Am not joining any party unless God tells me to do so because He is the one who told me to join and quit People’s Party,” he said.

Msonda then backed the PP to remain strong saying there are still people in the party who can manage it very well.

The former PP spokesperson announced his resignation from being the party’s publicist as well as member on September 15 saying he would like to concentrate on other things.

But he claimed that he will be back during the 2019 elections when he will contest as legislator for Rumphi East where he is expected to compete with PP vice president Kamlepo Kalua.



  1. he should just join human right activism, to me he fits in very well there other than switching off parties otherwise people won’t believe his ideologies.

  2. Let him go where he wants to, wayesa kambiri mbiri mpando wa u MP sanasankhidwepo, ngakhale u Khansala. Siyani kukoko meza zinthu zopanda pake, palibe chomwe angapange kuti angasinthitse zinthu m’dziko muno. Akagwere uko!

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  4. Khalani pansi kukhalira kusitha zipani palibe chimene mukupanga asogoleri antundu wanji inu, Malawiyo wosaku malida wolemela tatopa ndipo mukutinyasa.

  5. Mmm Ineso , sindikukhulipirira kuti Ndizoona ” Koma pot Ufumu wa kumwamba amauziwa ndi tiyana ndi onyonzeka kwa an2 ,ndiye Ine mmmm ulemu ukufikireni Dzikomo

  6. How special is Msonda when it comes to politics? In history he has never attained position of President, vise President, minister, mp, councillor and even youth molaro??? My be civic me gyz!!!

  7. Whether he joins or not it’s non of our business. Some of us are not politicians. Don’t turn us to be stupid people. we have our own problems to solve

    • so who do you think will join in solving your problems on this forum as if you have been coerced to comment bwana, silence is sometimes golden. keep your problems to yourself the fora are here for sober and brainy people.

  8. He can not join DPP, he will join aparty which is not yet registered.The likes of bushiri,moses kumkuyu,ken zikhaleng’oma mlaka maliro among others will b the party leaders WHILE #JB will be a secret planning officer.

  9. These Politicians You Can Not Trust Them. I Already Lost Faith In Them. They Just Want To Make Us Fools With Their Educations. I Will Not Vote Anymore!

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