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Teachers are mad at TUM; accuse them of being bribed

The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has come under fire for cancelling the sit-in only days after it was announced that teachers in the country would not be delivering lessons following the failure by government to respect their welfare.

TUM yesterday announced through a Press Conference that following its meeting with government and in reaction to the decision by pupils to take to the streets in protest for not attending classes, they were calling off the sit-in.

However, a survey by Malawi24 has revealed that teachers are unhappy with the decision by TUM to call off the sit-in.

“How many times has government been promising to address our grievances and how many times have they been addressed?” asked a disgruntled teacher from Mwanza.

Malawi teachers

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Another teacher from Lilongwe described TUM as a compromised group that had lost its mandate to represent teachers.

“They have been bribed and they are not representatives of teachers anymore,” said the teacher who opted for anonymity.

In the Facebook group for teachers in Malawi, Teachers Tikambe Forum, teachers have also complained against the decision by TUM to suspend the sit-in.

“Teachers let us converge at TUM offices to force Kalekeni to step down,” said one person indicating that they were not in agreement with the decision by TUM which was announced by the TUM General Secretary, Dennis Kalekeni.

Kalekeni said in cancelling the sit-in that they were simply suspending the sit-in as government had expressed commitment to addressing their concerns.

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