15 September 2016 Last updated at: 5:09 AM

Angry Malawi Teachers body warns govt over empty promises

The Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has warned government of possible resurgence of the nationwide strike if authorities fail to keep their promises.

On Wednesday TUM announced the suspension of a national strike the teachers were staging saying government has promised to resolve their grievances within two months.


Kalekeni: Spits venom at Government.

TUM Secretary General Denis Kalekeni said government has promised to pay them their salary arrears, allowances and employ Grade K teachers before November 30 this year.

However, Kalekeni warned government that they are to resuscitate the strike if the promises are not honoured in the given time.

“What is needed now is implementation, we need to see by October that teachers have been uploaded on Grade K, we need to see by October that MSCE invigilators have been paid, if  that fails Teachers union shall resuscitate the strike,” said Kalekeni.

Since Monday this week teachers have been holding a sit-in to force government to resolve their grievances, arguing that it is taking long for government to meet their demands.

But government through the ministry of education has faulted the teachers for putting down tools while talks were in progress.

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