Police stop 8 Malawian children from going to Mozambique to look for work

Malawi Police

Malawi Police officers in Phalombe district has intercepted eight boys who were traveling to Mozambique to work in farms, Malawi24 has learnt.

According to Phalombe police publicist, Sub Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi, the eight whose age ranges are from 14 to 19 years-old were going to Mozambique by bicycles.

Malawi Police
Malawi Police arrested the children (Library)

Sub-Inspector Nkhwazi said it was members of community policing around Mitekete Trading Centre in the district who noticed the boys and reported them to the police.

“They intervened and stopped them before reporting the issue to Police. The boys confessed they were going to Mozambique to look for piecework in tobacco fields, citing issues of poverty as a driving force for their decisions to embark on such a dangerous journey,” explained Nkhwazi.

Meanwhile, the eight are being held at Phalombe police station for repatriation to their respective homes.

The boys’ parents will also be counselled to avoid a repeat of the incident.

The children hail from Nkolokosa and Mwembere villages in the area of Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba district.



  1. Those are the outcomes of cashgate and the poor leadership.those youngsters were trying to feed their hunger-stricken families,am sure.

  2. Stopping them without giving them ways of getting their needs it’s like adding petrol on the burn house.

  3. Malawians children going to work in tobacco fields in Mozambique. I feel ashamed and sad. Mozambique was at war for 16 years whilst Malawi was at peace . Now eee.
    Malawi is indeed the poorest nation in the world. But why is this happening after 22 years of multi party politics. We surey should be more developed.

    If we are not careful enough we shall soon be the laughing stock of the region.

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