RFP’s Aubrey Mwasinga aims to inspire intellectuals


Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga of the Redeemed for Purpose (RFP) ministries says the International Grand Conference on Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence (IGCSAE) will target intellectuals with the aim of inspiring many around the world to desire and rise above achieving mediocre results at any level of academic or professional advancement.

The long awaited conference is back this year on 17th September at Robins Park in Blantyre where more than 2500 people are expected to be part of it.

Speaking during a press briefing in Blantyre on Wednesday morning, Mwasinga who is RFP Ministries’ founder and President said his Ministry has got what it takes to positively impact the education sector of this country.

Pastor Mwasinga.

Pastor Mwasinga aims at intellectuals.

“We believe that educational is pivotal to the economic development of any country. We were therefore inspired to start Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence Conferences. “Since our inception of CSAE, thousands of intellectuals (those in High School, College and those attaining further education like Masters or PHD’s) have benefited from what we teach and series of books that have been published,” he said.

He added that participants from over 30 countries notably England, United States of America (USA), South Africa, India, Russia, Abu Dhabi, China and Botswana have registered to be part of the conference, with people from Malawi’s 28 districts of Malawi set to attend. He then urged those interested to attend the conference to register via online at www.csae2016.eventbr­ite.com.”

“We currently have over 2700 people registered as of today and we are still counting. Those that are still interested to attend the function are advised to book a place by registering online at www.csae2016.eventbr­ite.com,” he explained.

“We will also be streaming online both video and audio so that those that won’t make it on 17th September are able to be part of the event through the live streaming,” he concluded.

Last year’s CSAE conference that took place in September at Robins Park in Blantyre saw the launch of Combining Spiritual and Academic Excellence book whose author is Pastor Mwasinga and currently, thousands of copies of the book have been sold worldwide.

Just like last year, RFP has promised participants to expect an event that will help them achieve academic success.

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