Man hacks wife’s lover to death


A man in Nkhatabay district on Sunday hacked to death his cheating wife’s lover after he found them in the couple’s house.

Public Relations Officer for Nkhatabay Police Ignatius Esau said the incident occurred at Kande and he identified the deceased as 37 year-old Simon Saka and his killer as Julius Phiri, 37.

The gist of the matter is that the suspect Phiri has two wives and reports were circulating around Kande area that the Saka was in a love affair with Phiri’s second wife.

On the night of 28, August 2016, the suspect ambushed his second wife’s house with the sole reason of catching the lover.

blood“At around 22:00 hours, he entered into his wife’s house where he found the wife together with Saka in the bedroom,” Esau.

The suspect who is currently on the run hacked the lover in the head with a panga knife and due to this Saka collapsed.

Saka was rushed to Chintheche Rural Health Centre where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

A postmortem that was conducted at the hospital revealed that death was due to head injury and severe loss of blood. The deceased hailed from Kaswaya village in the Traditional Authority (TA) Kafuzila in Nkhotakota district while the suspect comes from Kasoka village, T/A Fukamapiri, Nkhatabay district.

In a related development, a 23 year-old man identified as Jacob Mbewe died after he hanged himself to a tree in the same district.

According to the deceased’s elder brother James Mvula, on Sunday he received a call from the deceased to meet him at a nearby bush. At around 5pm, Mvula together with a friend went to the said bush only to find his brother hanging dead in a tree.

The matter was reported to police and in conjunction with medical personnel the police visited the scene of the incident where postmortem revealed that death was due to strangulation.

The deceased who did not leave any suicide note hailed from Tondole village, Traditional Authority Timbili in Nkhatabay district.

The incident comes barely three days after another young man Phillip Kasambara also committed suicide around Mpamba trading centre in the district.



  1. i dont see any good reason why this man shud have killed a fellow man.Just because of a woman?come on people,isnt that a clear indication that his woman doesnt love him anymore?Why not just leave her?On the other hand,the deceased dint love his life.

  2. Tell them at Omello Sakala. That’s true he could have divorced his wife. And she was the one to be blamed here. How can she bring a boyfriend to his husband house. What a shame my fellow woman.

  3. That’s murder case.Whether the deceased was at wrong or not,it qualifies to be a murder case.Why cant you just divorce your wife?See now,you have left her and she will continue with others while you are in prison for your whole life.Now,who is a loser there?

    1. He might be charged with murder…. yes…however, even homicides have some defenses eg consider the defense of provocation…. he might have reacted in the heat of the moment. if this is the case, the court will set him free. only the circumstances of the case will tell

    2. The painful part is that maybe she was going out with 10 men and he has only killed one.How many are remaining?Don’t you think they can continue?Amavutikiramo ndi ana paconchi.

    3. omello sakala: in that case, u r basing your argument on assumptions….. eg that there might be 10 guys out there who were going out with this said cheating wife. As it stands, there is no evidence to that effect

    4. I think Omello you don’t know how painful it is for someone who you love and trust to be cheating on short let me ask you do u have a wife? whether they were 10 but those 9 remaining they have learned a lesson. being honestly even me I can dosent matter how long I will be in prison one day I will be free. but for him he’s gone forever.

    5. No one is happy to commit murder crime but its the nature of circumstances and provocation that push one to the edge. This is not a case whereby one would serve life imprisonment, this guy (the husband) is not a total loser but that Mr. deceased is gone for good, perhaps he even had a family, what a shame!

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  5. All these single ladies and girls uzikalimbana ndi mkazi wokwatiwa.Azikuphikila zakudya zanga,kugonana pa bedi yanga,zofunda zogula ine.Oohhh he deserved to die.I can do the same to any one messing with my wife kkkkkkk

  6. Nde nkhaniyo chipanda kuchenjela akanaphedwa ndiyeyo ndithu. akananyamuzana mkaziyo ndi chibwezi chakecho kukamutaya pamphambano kkkk Lip

  7. Bola pamenepo he will be in jail bt he got time 4 himself 2 confess still he has hope after serving he will be released while the murdered 1 he has no any choice kkkk zinazi nzoseketsa

  8. Eventhough its written that we should not judge, but he deserved it well done to the man who killed him maybe others can learn something. even me I can do it why someone’s wife while they are alot of spinsters. he wanted it.

  9. Mphoto yauchimo ndi imfa. Palibe liwu lomwe Mulungu analilankhula lomwe silizachitika. Muzikhulupira mawu a Mulungu, munthu umatuta malinga ndintchito zako. Tisamale. RIP Mr man. Nanunso mayi mulape mumuziwe YESU.

    1. No, but its the deceased himself to lot in grave whereas the husband will just serve some time and then freed to marry again. See what I mean when I say stay away from other men’s cake….?!¿

  10. Ndipo ine zandisangalasa kwambiri,i think mzimayi ophedwayo kumene apiteko atengelapo phunziro sakachitanso.PEMPHO LANGA KWA AZIBAMBO TONSE,,,TIKAPEZA MKAZI APANGA ZIMENEZI,WACHTA CHIGOLOLO TIYENI TIPHELETU MKAZI AMENEYO.OLO KUNGOMVA MPHEKESELA KUTI AKUNYENGANA NDINJONDA ZINA,TIYENI TIZIMISE MKAZIYO.ndipo ine azandimangadi chifukwa ndimaganiza ndendende ndimene apangila man awa.ndakuthokozani brother pantchito yotamandika mwagwilayi.ndiyowawa wina kukuchindila mkazi chikhalireni wamuonongela ndalama zambiri,wamutchenesa,ndiye wina abwele kuzangochinda,,,, #FUCK

    1. Hahaha drawing water from some man’s private well is not allowed and will never be entertained. U take a risk, u r caught, u r forced to join ur ancestors kuti akakulange mwambo unfortunately the ancestors will never let u to come back here

  11. will the plea of provocation help to exonerate him???? let him try his luck with this defence…… will the case of mwansomola be applicable to strengthen his defence in this matter??? only the circumstances of the case will tell…..however, it is a viable option

    1. I don’t think he has a strong defence. #Benarm, Remember the reasonable man standard of determining a matter in any criminal proceedings. Here, according to the facts in the article, The accused person planned and prepared in his mind to hunt, catch and harm the deceased once caught with his wife. Hence he was armed with a Panga solely for that purpose. The requirement of “heat of moment” is not available in this case. So many authorities have emerged counsel on the defence of “Provocation” and the law is fully developed in this area, including the Mwamsomola Case you have cited……

    2. Brian mchenga: the man (who hacked the other) entered his house…..probably to see his wife or spend a night there. He had a right to go there….. it is his house. Upon finding someone else on his matrimonial bed(who ever it was) don’t you think the man would react in wat is known as “heat of the moment?” we are not told whether he was already armed when he entered his house…..we are only told that he used a panga knife. He might have picked the weapon right a way in the same house. I would go for provocation…. its a strong defence

    3. In that scenario, then it is applicable. Do you think the fact that the wife was a second wife to the accused person can be a material fact in determining the degree of Provocation?

  12. Fooling around with some one’s wife is a big life risk and doing it in the husband’s own bed is too much daring!!

    1. koma ndikuwona ngati anayenera kuphedwa ndimkazi chifukwa anamuvomera mwamunayo akudziwa kuti alipabanja kale ,chimodzimodzi ngati wapeza mwamuna wako ali ndimkanzi ophedwa akhale mwamuna chifukwa iye ndiye anakamupeza mkaziyo akudziwa kuti ndiwokwatira

    2. #Faith Milanzi. Zimenezo zimakhala nthano chabe pocheza, anthu amakambadi choncho, koma ndithudi ndinkhambakamwa chabe, in reality mamuna wakubayo ndiamene amavulazidwa kapena kuphedwa. Lets face the reality kapena inu mulindichitsanzo whereby mamuna anagwira mkazi wake akuchita zadama ndi mamuna wina ndipo mamunayo anapha mkazi wakeyo?? Hahaha izo zimangokhala nkhani zapabawo ndipamtondo

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