29 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:47 AM

Mutharika wants Malawians to stop being jealous

President Peter Mutharika has urged Malawians to stop being envious and hateful so that the country can justifiably be defined as the warm heart of Africa.

Mutharika made the remarks at Mzuzu Stadium during the consecration of Rev. Ryan as Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese.

He said that integrity, patriotism and hard work can help the country to move forward in aspects of development.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika asks Malawians to love one another.

“There are people who relish hate, jealousy and lies in this country. You read it everywhere every day! But we cannot be a nation made of hate, jealous and spite for one another. We cannot prosper! We need to change,’’ said Mutharika.

He added that through unity of purpose it is possible to advance the social and spiritual welfare of God’s children.

“Every time we fight for the good, evil fights us. Every time we fight to take people to light, darkness and its forces fight us. Therefore, in governing the society of God’s children, we constantly need the light and fortification of God and the Church. That is why I and my government always appreciate the sound relationship we have with the Church in this country,” said Mutharika.

Bishop Ryan will lead Mzuzu Diocese which has been operating for over a year without a Bishop following the death of Bishop Joseph Zuza in January 2015.

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