16 August 2016 Last updated at: 5:38 AM

Bizarre: Human hand found in a Karonga resthouse

Strange things keep happening in Malawi and the Police seem to have no clue in how to deal with the bizarre business of people dealing in human body parts.

Blood.Police in Karonga have found a human hand with only a ring finger and a pinky finger at a resthouse in the district, Malawi24 has been informed.

According to Karonga Police Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Enock Livasoni, a boy brought a sack bag at Alimwene resthouse and said that a certain man asked him to book room 2 for him at the resthouse.

“The unknown boy left the place leaving the suspicious sack in the room but to the surprise of the resthouse owners, the man who tasked the boy did not come to occupy the room,” Livasoni said.

Upon checking what was in the bag, Police found some sweet potatoes and a left hand part of a human being with only a ring finger and a pinky finger.

Police in the district have since instituted investigations to trace the person who brought in the hand in the room.

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