14 August 2016 Last updated at: 8:00 AM

Pregnant teen kills herself after getting dumped

A 16 year-old girl in Machinga district has committed suicide after the man responsible for her pregnancy left her for another girl.

Machinga police have confirmed of the death and identified the deceased as Alinafe Chiwanga.

Machinga police public relations officer Davie Sulumba told our reporter on Friday that the deceased was two months pregnant and a man known in the area as Alabi was responsible for the pregnancy.

“It was believed that the boy denied the responsibility of the pregnancy,” Sulumba said.

Death hangingAccording to Sulumba, on Thursday Alinafe saw the boyfriend with another girl and this hurt her such that she went home and hanged herself in her room.

During the evening, Alinafe’s grandmother Linly Harrison called for her and when the girl did not respond the woman went to her (Alinafe’s) room where she found the girl hanging from the roof. Harrison also found a suicide note in the room.

Postmortem conducted at Chamba Health Centre revealed that the death of Alinafe was due to suffocation.

Meanwhile Sulumba has advised Malawians to seek help when they face challenges

“We would like to advise the general public that if they have any misunderstanding they should consult the police who can help them effectively and in a professional manner rather than rushing to make horrible decisions,” Sulumba advised.

Alinafe Chiwanga hailed from Mbando village in the area of Traditional Authority Mposa of Machinga District.

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