By August 14, 2016

Dear Country,

I am sick and tired of everything that is going on. I am sick and tired of politicians who shake our hands during the general elections and our confidence after.

I’m sick and tired of politicians who spend ten million kwacha in their campaigns to steal ten billion when in power. I am sick and tired of all the theft.

We burn petty thieves for stealing goats while appointing great ones to public office. I am sick and tired of burning petty thieves. I am sick and tired of appointing great thieves to public office.

I am sick and tired of people who masquerade as leaders but in their hearts they do not love this country. They only love themselves, so they steal, steal, steal and build palaces in the bush. They don’t care two pence about this country.

Malawi PopulationI am sick and tired of having to bribe my way through everything. To change my licence at Road Traffic, I have to know someone or to bribe them. When the traffic police stop me, I have to bribe them. To have a passport I must bribe someone.

Even in commercial banks, sometimes we are standing on a queue, and someone who has just walked in will be called up front, just because he knows the teller or because they are too important. I am sick and tired of that too.

I am sick and tired of the fact that even in the hospital, I must first know the doctor for me to be given the attention I require, and I must know the nurse for me to receive the kind of care a patient deserves. I am sick and tired of that.

Dear Country, I am sick and tired of the fact that I must first know someone to get a job. And for ladies, they must first be sexually abused to get jobs – I am sick and tired of that.

I am sick and tired of sexually transmitted grades in our universities, where lecturers without morals sleep with innocent souls to give them undeserving grades.

I am sick and tired of public primary schools that are being neglected because decision-makers are all rich and send their children to expensive private schools.

Fountain pen on an antique letterI am sick and tired of hospitals that have become waiting rooms for death, neglected because decision-makers fly to South Africa for treatment. I am sick and tired of the fact that decision-makers do not even know that we have no medicine in hospitals.

I am sick and tired of fatcats running down our banks, living large on loans they cannot afford to pay back. I am sick and tired of political parties that bulldoze banks to give loans to fatcats, and the same parties sell the banks with total disregard of public opinion. I am sick and tired of that.

I am sick and tired of cashgate convicts who stole billions being sentenced to three years imprisonment, while the Balaka guy who broke into a house and stole a bar of soap was sentenced to twenty-three years. I am sick and tired of all such injustice.

Dear Country, I am sick and tired of praising leaders for merely doing their job. I am sick and tired of personalising development. I am sick and tired to see that it’s only leaders that change, but the phrase “wise and dynamic leadership” remains the same.

I am sick and tired of seeing our shops full of stuff all imported from South Africa and China. I am sick and tired of seeing only hotels and shopping malls being constructed as a sign of development. What about factories? I am sick and tired of leadership that does not make as a top priority the turning of Malawi into a net-exporting nation. I am sick and tired of that.
I am sick and tired of mediocrity.

I am sick and tired of all those self-important people who get honorary doctorates and forbid anyone from calling them Mr or Mrs. I am sick and tired of the Big Man Wamkulu Kwambiri syndrome. I am sick and tired of praising mediocrity, of thinking that just because someone lived outside this country they are better qualified to rule us. I am sick and tired of that.

I am sick and tired of all the tribalism and the nepotism. I am sick and tired of people who will not employ you because you come from a certain region or because you do not belong to a certain tribe.

I am sick and tired of paying too much attention to false prophets. I am sick and tired of seeing false prophets being glorified, mediocrity being glorified, and anybody who speaks against that glorification is considered “satanic.” I am sick and tired of this “satanic” nonsense that exists only in our imagination. When we see someone get rich and we are failing, we explain our laziness by calling the successful person “satanic.” It is not for nothing that in our national anthem, we ask God to help us defeat three biggest enemies of our country: Hunger, Disease and Envy. We have an overdose of envy, and I am sick and tired of that.

Dear Country, I am sick and tired of the snakes that our leadership tames. I see such snakes not only in the ruling party, but also in the leading party in opposition. I am sick and tired of such snakes. Tell them we do not tame snakes. I am sick and tired of development rallies where nothing about development is talked about. I am sick and tired of listening to empty speeches. I am sick and tired of opposition parties that do not offer constructive criticism.

I am sick and tired of our intelligence organisations doing nothing but planning to kill people who oppose the government. I am sick and tired of that. I am sick and tired of murders that are not investigated thoroughly, because the state’s invisible hand could be behind the killings. Robert Chasowa, Issa Njauju, I’m sick of such murders.

I am sick and tired of everything that is going on.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sometimes I wish I could grow wings and fly away, like those birds that cross oceans. But you are my country. I have no other corner of this earth I can call home.

I was born here, I grew up here, and I will be buried beneath this soil. I love you, my country. I don’t want you to be paralysed by greed.

But what can we do?

I am one of the people, and we, the people, do not know our true power. So I must lurch from day to day, sick and tired as I am. And no, I will not fly away; because I love you.

Yours faithfully,

José Safarao.


  1. The problem is with you, your vote put Thieves and Liars in power.You saw Thieves from Udf to Dpp to PP then back to Dpp .2019 These Thieves will come again to ask for vote.Right now,we have 7rotten ministers in the 577bn Dpp cashgate,a certification that malawi is run by Thieves yet you are going to vote for them.Right now the Thieves are campaigning in mchinji,why vote for them ?? Dont put Thieves in power,that is the remedy of your sickness.

  2. Lee Nkata says:

    ndigula mabomba aukadzifere

  3. Lee Nkata says:

    ndigula mabomba aukadzifere

  4. DA Moment says:

    bwera theba udzapeza ZUMA adachita kututa ms RAND phwiphwiriri. …..vaya moshiko akakuphulitse JAKAMA…..

  5. me also tired with k280/kg

  6. Vuto lili kumalawi kwambiri chifukwa saatha zionesero mpaka kuchosa president.maiko ena umbava ilipo but malawi its worse

  7. Indeed sikwanele!!!! Enough is enough, tavukanavo, tarema navo, mwatikwana!

  8. The main problem we have so far is that we have government that hate agriculture ,kamuzu was minister of agriculture himself why, he want to make sure that each and everyone have got enough food and u seen when everyone has food at home you will see smile faces and health people

  9. Am more than sick and tired with these barbarians

  10. I don’t see reason of having MPs is better to have president only

  11. kkkk omwa tea adzamwa

  12. Ochibwe says:

    Yawe tiomboleni mmanja mwa,filisiti

  13. Solution refuse to vote

  14. uķafa utiwuza coź kuba sikuźatha mbava zikubadwabe

  15. My love to you Malawi,Will never end like corruption will never end in Africa

  16. Almighty forewarned earth’s inhabitants 2 b ön de watch n b strong cos de dragon (satan) wl b de ruler f planet earth! We pray Father gv ur ppl wisdom n strength 2 endure ol ths…

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  18. I salute the guy who wrote dis letter.

  19. Kuvotela zitsilu akanga ndiwamba. Ongofuna zabwino zonse zikhale zao zokha kuiwala anthu Amene anawavotela. Kuti atukule dela lao nothing.

  20. Change begins with you and me

  21. my people my country don’t worry im coming to save u

  22. Jesus is the only way, end time

  23. and am sick and tire with empty promises that silly proticians made

  24. I’m sick almost dying.

  25. Dear kamuzu pano mbuz zokazoka mboma mbava zamgetto zikuba ndtimapoto taantu ovutika

  26. Good job well done we are all sick and tired

  27. Pano ndikuyesayesa kufufuza NUCLEAR ya automatically kuti ndimutumizile peter muthalika angofa basi coz andikwiyitsa zediiiiiii

  28. Ndimmoz emwe akusokoneza dats satana

  29. The fact is that the whole world is on mess not only malawi. We are in the last days if we hope for a human being to do right to us it will never happened lets just look up for Jesus he is the only one who never dissapont.

  30. Mn nde mudwala mpaka 2019 hahahaha…..nganizan zoyenela kucita fast isadafike 2019 kaya mugopanga zinandizina ngat man ena anja mulimose mungaone kut zikuthangatilan than kut mudwale mpaka mufe mwachangu. Ma billion nde atulukad mpaka 2019 woooh !!!

  31. Let’s give our country to white pipo everything wanna change black malawians bullshit

  32. You should run for office if you really want change. No good complaining about things, do something about it.

  33. God,,,, hv mercy on us.. .. …..

  34. Not only yourself but malawians now are sick, and why did we start maltiparty? We r tired of these politicians and i doubt if malawi will develop coz Andale onse amatenga mipandoyi ngati yolemelerapo osati kuthandiza dziko ayi tatopa nanu

  35. thankx buddy well articulated

  36. you can realy be sick and tired of these foolish leaders so what can we do to overcome all these challenges, what is the way forward

  37. Yenda vyako mbuya…waaah

  38. U beter die b4 things get worse.

  39. Ngati anaba wankazi jb amene we hoped kt poti ndiwamkazi asintha zinthu kma mbola no 1 ndeamuna kuli bwanji tizingoimba nyimbo imodzimodzi yapa page 10 corruption til dawn no change

  40. U won’t get well since these people are still stealing our money, u better leave malawi otherwise u will die with that sickness!

  41. ungokumba kulowa kenako utulukile kumanda kwa kamuzu banda ukamutenge akuimboole pa sana pako! !!

  42. Ungosamukamo dzikomo, chifukwatu anzakowo ndiye adakali pampandopo mpaka 2019 akukukhaulitsabe. Ndiye matenda akowo santha, komanso iwowo akhala akupitirizabe kuba ma billion ankhani-nkhani. Ndiye ukamamva, mpaka udaphulika thawa zisanathine.

  43. In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  44. Don’t worry join BOKO HARUM, or any organisation and show the corrupted leader that enough is enough! !!!!

  45. Ohoh!pepani amalawi

  46. Mmmmmh that’s very true

  47. That makes the two of us & hey, thanks for the bravery i salute u, if only Malawi had ten more like u.