Giddes Chalamanda takes over Malawi internet


Malawi’s veteran musician Giddes Chalamanda can just not conceal the fun attached to fresh days of his American dream turned reality. He is now an internet hit.

Chalamanda who is in the United States of America for music concerts in some of the country’s major cities, has been sharing his happy moments through social media platforms.

It is clearly evident that Malawi’s oldest singer cannot escape a photo shooting spree with everyone seemingly wanting to have his face. The Buffalo Soldier has added pictures of himself in youthful outfit, as one way of intensifying his hype. Even sexy girls cannot help but take a picture with the legendary figure.

Giddes Chalamanda

Giddes Chalamanda in one of the trending images with a lady in US.

The company of his fellow artists which comprises of Edgar and Davies, Patience Namadingo, Maskal, and Third Eye, are among the faces that make some of the pictures that have been posted on Chalamanda’s personal Facebook account.

However the American experience has not been strong enough to overshadow Chalamanda’s culture in the foreign land. He still eats Malawian food, he allows women to squat before him, and his Malawian sense of clothing can be witnessed in the photos.

With a number of shows to go before winding up his historic America tour, the Chiradzulu born singer still has days to make picture albums so as to lay foundation for future stories.

The list of his hit songs include; Buffalo Soldier, Liny, Achemeli, and Napolo. He also collaborated with the duo of Edgar and Davies which has been supporting him, in a song entitled Zikubwera mochedwa.

More camera-calling moments await Chalamanda after it was revealed that he will be launching an album in his dream land, prior to his departure.

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