Councillor, electrician arrested for tampering with Escom metres


A ward councillor and an electrician have been arrested in Dedza district for tampering with Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) metres.

Dedza police deputy publicist constable Manda identified the councillor as 58 year-old Davie Lingalawe of Bembeke ward and the electrician as 29 year-old Shandy Callisto.

According to Manda, Dedza police received a complaint from Escom investigator that some people in the district tampered with the corporation’s metres to prevent the metres from measuring actual value of electricity supply to their properties.

Shandy Callisto

Shandy Callisto arrested.

When police investigated the matter, they arrested Callisto who later revealed that councillor Lingalawe approached him to assist in tampering with Escom metres at his residence in Airfield, at his bottle store known as Zabwino, and at his shop.

Callisto further told the police that Mr Lingalawe pledged to pay him K35,000 for the job.

Police then arrested Lingalawe and they have since charged the two with the offence of interfering with supply of electricity contrary to section 36 as read with section 40 of electricity Act.

Lingalawe hails from Chigwamowa village in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhumbila in Ntcheu while Callisto comes from Senzani village in the area of Traditional Authority Phambala in Ntcheu district.



  1. Now I take Kalindo’s words. Laws r for the poor. Some big fish were found to have tampered meters on their maize mills, the matter didn’t go 2 court. The Dedza issue was on MBC TV news while that of big fish wasn’t.