Malawi Police shot in the arm by EU

Rodney Jose

Amid reports of armed robbery in the country, the Malawi Police has been shot in the arm apparently awakening them to take a tough stance on the rise in criminal activities.

The European Union (EU) has donated equipment to the Malawi Police to assist them in fighting illegal possession of weapons in the country.

The equipment has come at a time when armed robbers have terrorised the people of Malawi. The gun making machines and computers are now to help in tracing illegal firearms.

Rodney Jose
Jose hailed the EU.

Speaking at the official handover of the equipment, Deputy Inspector General of Police responsible for operations Rodney Jose said the equipment will help to reduce cases of armed robbery.

“We really needed these equipment, to help us in handling firearms in the country, now we will be able to know that this is our gun and will be able to have every gun in our records,” said Jose.

He added that the gun making machines will help to have serial number and name of manufacturing company for each firearm while the computers have been given specifically for recording number of firearms in Malawi.

Due to wars in some countries in Africa and refugees flocking into Malawi, different types of guns have found their way into the country and some are used for robbery. The robbers sometimes target financial institutions like banks.




  1. Malawi 24 speaking in tongues kkk natondwa kknkhani zanu daily makes pple check oxford dictionary .. U journalist umenewu anaphunzira ku KCN

  2. I Thot Ur Aim Is To Inform People,how Will U Inform Them If They Do Not Undestand Ur Stories,be Serious At Once Malawi Twenty Four

  3. When you say ‘Malawi Police shot in the arm by EU’,what do you mean? Do you really understand what you have written?
    Please, go back to school!
    The headline should have read, ‘EU aids Malawi Police with Machinery’, to combat crime!
    That way,someone might understand quickly!

    1. headlines are written in such a way that one will try to find out what they mean and what really happened. I didn’t know the meaning of shot in the arm up until 2 minutes ago.

    2. Yeah,when they say that education is a key to everything, they don’t lie! His heading tells us a different story altogether, than the intended meaning of the story!
      Next time, he should seek help!

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