Chalamanda bites Blantyre bar owners

Noel Chalamanda

Blantyre City is on the move and largely it is due to the reign of Mayor Noel Chalamanda. However, on the move it should not only be the city but also the places in the city.

Blantyre City Council (BCC) has confiscated entertainment equipment that were used to make noise in residential areas around the city.

The development follows complaints from residents about noise pollution in residential areas from bottle stores in the city. Reacting on the complaints, BCC has launched a campaign that seeks to bring sanity in as far as noise pollution is concerned.

Noel Chalamanda
Chalamanda being touted for his directives.

Confirming the development, BCC director of trade Dennis Chinseu said they have confiscated speakers, amplifiers, and music players from drinking places located in the residential areas.

“We are trying to comply with the noise pollution act, that prevents noise pollution in the country,” said Chinseu.

He added that the owners of the music equipment are to get them back once they pay a fine for making noise around the city.

“We will be asking them to pay something that we used in tracing them for making the environment unfriendly to others due to noise,” added Chinseu.

In 2013 BCC embarked on a drive of stopping residents from making noise in residential areas without the council’s approval.

However, critics said the city authorities were likely to lose the battle on noise pollution as the bylaws do not specify sound level limits for various areas considering that the city council does not have equipment to measure sound levels.

36 thoughts on “Chalamanda bites Blantyre bar owners

  1. Its not Chalamanda who has bring about the move of prohibiting equipments that make noise in town, these are City by laws and he is only enforcing them,,

  2. Very good move Mr Mayor. But mind you its not only beer places. There are prayer houses that are located in residential areas as well that dont know when to pray and they make too much noise at night. Confisticate their equipment as well. Secondly the wedding and Chinkhoswe gardens are also disturbing peace in these areas

  3. Bravo Chalamanda. Teach other Mayors and Chairs of councils how to implement the by-laws. Umbavawo ndi umbanda goes beyond the jurisdiction of graduates the council. Security is a national service. BT city doesn’t have its own police service.

  4. That is noise pollution. It interferes with the health of the people. I don’t know why other city councils are not enforcing that law.

    1. Ndiye uwona chitsiru china chikukamba za “ufulu”. Ufulu wosadziwa nawo ma malamulo, komanso the responsibilities that come with individual rights and liberties.

  5. Thumbs /bravo our mayor its too much and too noisy all over nights and this is hiding place for thieves! Bars must close midnight. Our mayor come here at Chirimba and do the same its just am insult to citizens and take out this noise we are tired!

  6. Ine kuMalawi ndimadabwa nako,anthuwa mwaalanda zoimbira chifukwa chaphokoso,koma mukuti munthu opha albino nayenso ali ndiufulu.Koma ophedwayo analibe ufulu okhala moyo.Kodi chimenecho ndiye chilungamo?Abwezerani zoimbira zawo ndiufulu wao kupanga phokoso.

  7. Kkkkk koma pa Malawi nde zafikapotu, iye chomwe waona ndi sound basi? Umbava ndi umbanda wakula ku Mbayani, Chemusawu sakuuona?

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