Alinafe Mwambira to unveil ‘Mwayi Wachiwiri’ album

Alinafe Trywel Mwambira

Lilongwe based Gospel artist Alinafe Trywel Mwambira says all is set for her long awaited “Mwai Wachiwiri” DVD and CD launch scheduled to be held on 3 July this year at Sheaffer ICA Marque in Lilongwe.

In an interview, the singer said she is a minister of Gospel through music and that people should expect great things during the launch.

Alinafe Trywel Mwambira
Alinafe Trywel Mwambira in a new project.

“There are so many things happening in this world but I choose to spread the word of God through my music and people should expect manifestation of God during my album launch,” she said.

Mwambira also promised to dish out her best performance ever saying rehearsals are underway.

Accompanying her during the launch will be fellow musicians Favoured Martha, Kamuzu Barracks, Great Angels Choir, The Feeds, Violet Tengani, Thoko Katimba, Evance Watsopano Meleka, Ruth Missi, Maggie Mangani, Peter Uyu Mulangeni and Donex Muva.

Poet Robert Chiwamba is also expected to perform live at the show which will attract an entry fee of K1500 per head.

Recorded by Joseph Tembo, Banderasi, and Francis Chimasula, the album has songs like Pemphera, Adzayankha, Bwera Udzaone and Khala Chete which are currently enjoying airplay in different local radio stations.

Mwambira started her music journey in 2006 when she released her debut album titled Zabisika. In 2013 she released her second album titled Mukhalebe Mbuye.



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