East African music taking over

Andrew Nalimi Mayunga

The days of Nigerian dominance in Africa’s entertainment are slowly fading with the rise of musicians from the continent’s eastern angle.

Artists from the countries of Kenya and Tanzania are in the meantime flying East Africa’s flag with songs that many people have fallen in love with across Africa.

Their good reputation has seen some artists from the region getting awards, signing to major record labels, and topping charts.

Andrew Nalimi Mayunga
Andrew Nalimi Mayunga won the Airtel Trace Music Star Pan African contest.

The sun rarely goes to bed without listening to or watching songs done by the likes of Sauti Sol or Wyre from Kenya and Diamond Platinumz, Alikiba, Vanessa Mdee, or Andrew Nalimi Mayunga from Tanzania on major music platforms.

Sauti Sol along with Diamond Platinumz were among the biggest winners in last year’s Afrima Awards that saw the Malawian duo of Dan Kalima and Blade Deep returning home empty-handed.

The East Africans won three awards apiece and since then they have been collaborating with the continent’s giants in songs that have gone as far as conquering Africa.

Sauti Sol which is a four member group is now topping the African Chart on MTV Base with Unconditionally Bae, a song that features Alikiba. The chart also favours the latter and his countryman Diamond, with their songs in top five.

Alikiba was part of Airtel’s One 8 project in 2010 that also involved American RNB singer, R Kelly. He has recently been signed by Sony making him the first East African artist to be part of the record label.

Andrew Nalimi Mayunga who won the inaugural Airtel Trace Music Star Pan African contest is also making headlines with his latest song entitled Please Don’t Go Away. The song was produced by Akon’s Konvict music records.

In the meantime, the cream of East Africa has hinted about a number of big name collaborations.



  1. You can say what you like but that won’t change anything. Nigerian music has gone beyond Africa. It is a phenomenon. Was that not said of American stuff? Yet America still dominate. Even the so called musicians you munition don’t they play nigerian lyrics?

  2. Nigerians songs are now becoming boring, same lyrics and same beats just changed here and there! The frequency with which they are shown on TV has also made matters worse! You can’t show or play the same type of songs for the whole day as boredom quickly creeps in! Tioneko zina ife.

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