Flames chance to prove Chiwamba wrong: Need a win against Lesotho today


Poet Robert Chiwamba says the Malawi National team breaks people’s hearts just when the people believe in them.

However, their encounter with Lesotho today is an opportunity to prove him wrong.

The Malawi national football team the Flames will be battling against Lesotho today as they are looking to book their place in the quarters finals of this years COSAFA cup in Namibia.

Chiukepo Msowoya
Flames play Leotho in a cracker tonight.

It will be a do or die clash this night as both Malawi and Lesotho are looking to advance into the next phase of the cup with a win as they are all tied on 6 points each from two games in Group B.

The flames beat Angola 3 nil before beating Mauritius 1 nil in another group B clash whereas Lesotho also beat Mauritius by 3 goals to nil in their first group B match before beating Angola on Tuesday by 2 goals to nil and thereby having a goal advantage of Flames.

Malawi will be looking for a win if they are to be ensured a place in the quarter finals and they will be in action against South Africa. Lesotho on the other hand will cruise past the Flames if they get a draw.

Each group will produce only one team that will advance to the quarter finals of this years COSAFA cup.



  1. Kamwendo, Gaba,Khama biliati, chiukepo, Hally nyini lenda, Muhammad sulumba.aaaaaa tawinanso basi kachilumba kadziko kaaja ndilibenako nzilu kkkk analakwilanso Mulungu Amadya ngakha Galu hahahaa aluza lelo

  2. We are winning tonight….Not just to prove chiwamba wrong…kmanso getting on the right track….it has nt been easy thou since our supporters turned into critics over night….#Malawi…

  3. Iam a zambian guy based in lusaka bt hey malawianz be serious with football .try 2engange an expatriat manager . Or the best 2the flames we love u guyz

  4. In The First Eleven Of Today, It Might Be Good Idea If Chiukepo Come From The Betch Rather Than To Start A Game. Munthu Ameneyu Akumataya Mipira Yofunikira Kuti Ikadatha Kukhara Zingoli.

  5. Flames sidzamva flames sidzatheka kod ndbwino kut tizituluka mipikisano yofunikila mkumawina timikisano ting’onoting’ono ngat iti then mkumanena kut flames ikuchita bwino? Aaa sidzamva flames

  6. They need to work hard in today’s game since Lesotho’s striking force is sharp than ours,otherwise tilira ching’ang’adza.

  7. Chiwamba was not against the team and he can’t be wrong whether the team win or not . he was encouraging the team to work hard so that it can win games.

  8. I wish all the best to flames soccer is not galanted to any team anything can happen lets put hope to our flames they can win or make draw

  9. BRUTAL TRUTH Malawi inagwerah ana a angola 3-0 ndipo itakumana ndi Mauri…. Malawi inakwanitsa kuchinya chigoli chimodzi chokha. Leso… inakwapula Mauri 3-0 n inakwapula Angola 2-0.. Izi zikutiuza kti Malawi lero sidutsa pa Lesotho,,, Mtawari achotsedwa ntchto chifukwasamatha ntchito,, lero nditsiku lomwe tione kti Kaliati,Sanudi n Mlimbika aonekela kti samatha mpira. Lero ndipamene titadziwe kti Mpira umafumika kuudziwa osati kulimbkila ku training ndikukamenya mpira oloweza,,,,,,,,, Coach wamtundu wanji opanda ma tactics,,,, kulephera kudutsa defence ya Mauti………… nde mukuti lero tiwina… It’s only fools who think that Malawi will win today. I won’t waste my time arguing with some attention seekers today…. Kamwendo will be exposed that He doesn’t have what it takes to be in the 1st 11. At the end of the day some idiots will be frustrated. Though you don’t know that the coach has lost his hope already…………………………….Chiwamba nde samanama….. the game requires the likes of Yamikani Fodya n Miracle Gabeya………………………….. See me after the game

    1. mmmm that’s ablue lie let’s just pray kuti our national team ichite bwino not the the absurd comments how come flames ikagwere 2 games? winning games means we have ability to make it against lesotho. FLAMES moto kuti buuuuu!!

    2. Am not agree with u .mpira ndi ozungulira ukhonza kukhumudwa flames itapha Lesotho lero ukuganiza kuti anyamata athu angalole kuphedwa Mwa mbola remember 3 goals yomwe tinapha angola ija lesotho nayo ukanatha ndi 1 nill koma becoz of penarty so osamangoti agwera

  10. No sidzamvabe. , how can two wins replace a year’s dissapointment? unless they win the trophy then we will have some little faith restored

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