Killing albinos is the darkest evil – Mutharika


Malawi  President Peter Mutharika has appealed to all Malawians to say a big no to the darkest evil of killing people with albinism in the country.

Mutharika made the remarks during the commemoration of International Albinism Awareness Day on Monday 13th June which took place at Kasungu community centre ground in Kasungu.

The Malawi leader said it is the duty of every individual to fight stigma and discrimination against people with albinism and urged Malawians to protect their friends with albinism.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika calls an end to attacks on people living with albinism.

“I appeal to all Malawians and to all sections of community that lets protect fellow friends with albinism, it’s embarrassing and it’s wrong above all it’s a sin to treat a fellow human being as a commodity,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader further said the day is celebrated in the country to promote diversity and promote inclusion since we are all one human race and God’s children.

“We celebrate the diversity and promote inclusion because we are all God’s children, this dehumanization is simply unacceptable, we choose to accept persons with albinism and [they] must not be denied rights, health, education,” he emphasized.

On his part, President for Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) Boniface Massa said society must accept that people with albinism are human beings.

The International Albinism Awareness Day was set aside by the United Nations general assembly on 14th November 2014 with the aim to reflect on the plight of persons with albinism and serve as an appeal to government, civil society organizations and the general public to respect the rights of people with albinism This year’s international albinism awareness day was celebrated under the theme “Together we must stop violations against persons with albinism”.



  1. Government has said dere is no market place 4 albinism so were dis evil ppo r going wth albinism’z bones???? Boma likanangonena kt azigwidwayo azivekedwa theyala nkumuotcha cbwenzitu anthu akupangansoi

  2. mwatchena bwino ndipo mwalankhula bwino koma samalani poti chilungamo mkutheka mukuchidziwa ,,mulungu simunthu,kubisala pachipande

  3. Don’t just be saying shit. Do something. You havent showed us any action, yet. You just good at talking. Kill some Albino killers so we shud knw that you are serious about this shit. Otherwise shut your stinking ass mouth up. Dick head.

  4. U r not serious Mr. President, ur fell President ku Tanzania has a law that who kill must also be killed.So why here how special r u ? Mukudziwapo kanthu apa, shamon u

  5. This is aspiritual battle,people can play the blame game for years but still no solution! Its not the president,not the police,not the herbalists,not the rich and not even ourselves.this thing has an invisible source it is has destroyed our minds the only way out is through God! Let us ask our God not to let this happen and for our part let us clean our hearts:replace evil mind settings with Good and loving settings,let us show our friends that we are images of God and God is love and that it.

  6. anthu ogwidwa aja munalumbiritsa kuti asakuulureni akagwidwa, mumatuma ndinu nomwe lero mukuonetsa ngati ndinu okhuzidwa. Shame to you the hypocrite, shame to you the wicked. chilungamo chasala pang’ono tikudziwani.. God will show us the real you very soon.

  7. correct me if i’m wrong, albinisim is a condition not not a type of person and therefore, we refere to people with/living with albinisim not albinos. thank you.

  8. No wanuyo tamuwelenga ndikumubva. But bottom line Bon Winiko Kalindo Ayende Maliseche kaye ndiye tigwilizana-nazo ka. No wopanda any action kuli ngati kuyakha Call 4n isadaitane.

  9. Ndinu nomwe musatisokosepo apa, onse agwidwa aja sanaulule komwe kuli nsika? Kodi aja anagwidwa kuntcheu aja mesa anaululapo anthu ena mwapangapo chani? Musatinyanse anthu oipa inu ndinu nomwe mukupha mulungu ndiye mwini zonse mudzayankha zonsezi

    • Kamuzu wake utiyo? Ukuyikila kumbuyo poti kwanu palibe waphedwa, akanakhala kuti sakudziwapo kanthu bwenzi atachitapo kanthu, malawi ndidziko lalingono sizingawavute kuthetsa zimenezo akungoyankhula bwanji osakhala serious? Dzipangani chiweluzo chikubwela

  10. Malawi consistution does not recognise witchcraft and satanism,now look what is happening and you are calling evil yet our own laws forbid us to call this satanism or witchcraft.muisova!!!!

  11. Kodi nanga apulesidentiwo naonso akanakhala albino ndikuphedwanso, okuphayo sakanaphedwa? Nanga iwowo sakuvomereza kuti wakupha albino nayenso aphedwe chifukwa chani? Akudziwa kanthu akungotizemberera. Tizingopha tokha basi opezekayo.

  12. The best way to handle these issue is capital punishment who kill must be killed also or people should take a law into their own hand because goverment is failing to handle these is shameful and sinful to kill innocent people.

  13. The President should put strong measures to stop the trade of killing albinos .Once one is found killing themaja or anyone,the goverment should take serious action as alesson to other evil doers.

  14. Bt apolice nawo achepetse kumangomenya wamba anthu rather than finding an alternative solution to aleviate this malpractice… Ukangoti wadeledwa .. Uyenera kuopa apolise #osati achifwamba kapena mbava. Ukafika 8 pm usadaweluke kutchito… Nkwabwino kupempha malo wogona komweko. Ngati umalawilira kutchito before 6 am… Ayi ndithu…samala ungadzole #mambama aapolice….

  15. We needed immediate reaction from u mr leader,where were u all dis tym u r coming when pple are already brutality assasinated??? Thx u 4 ur remarks!

  16. And Kodi Anthu Amagwidwawa Saulula Kuli Misika Kuti Zitheretu?Mu News Timaona Awa Agwidwa Bt Go And Deal with The Buyers And The Hunters Wil Stops Coz They Know Where They Sell Deal With Them!

    • James Chimaliro imagine 139 pipo caught but no clue as to who is behind all this are we serious really osawafinya bwa iam puzzled tikati tithane nao akukana chabwino pakhale death penaulty ayi kodi akubisa ndani

  17. please deal with the market, that big no can not work if market doors are open we should not pretend we all dont know otherwise you are just increasing the demand. God help malawi

  18. Its so embarassing what is happening ie our countly. Should we are the last days? Imagine being ur own blood- child would u perform such evil thing? Where that Malawi called ‘WARM HEART OF AFRICA’? Being Albin isnt parents will neither the albino himself or herself. Lets spare their lives for God’s sake coz he has plans on them.

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