Flames dumped in the cold: Joseph Kachule registers for Mozambique national team

Joseph Kachule
joseph Kachule .....
Kachule (marked in red) makes the cut into the Mozambique squad.

The win over Angola yesterday has only patched the wounds of fans but some Malawian players have not been convinced and have left the team.

Reports that Malawi24 has indicate that Malawi national Joseph Kachule has switched over to neighbouring country Mozambique, with his first feature being at the ongoing COSAFA Cup.

The former Silver Strikers, Civo United, Escom United and Epac player has made it into Mozambique’s final squad.

The player left Malawi some years ago for Chibuto FC of Mozambique where he has rejuvenated his career to make it into the Mamba’s squad.

According to information made available to Malawi24, it’s easy for foreign players to change names in Mozambique once they settle down.

Commenting on the development, renowned football analyst Enos Chatama has advised Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to monitor all players abroad.

“We have to make sure that all our players abroad are being monitored. We need to have databases so that we are able to track down our assets playing outside the country,” he told Malawi24.

Joseph Kachule
Joseph Kachule a Mozambican?

He added: “I am even surprised to hear that he is in Mozambique. He is a veteran, he has played for quite some time and he was going to the end of his career but he has revamped his form and is doing very well.”

Kachule is not the only Malawian player to have changed his nationality. According to our investigations, former Silver Strikers youth product Jimmy Ukonde has also made it into Mozambique’s final squad for the Southern African showpiece.

Lots of Malawian players flock to Mozambique in search of greener pasture and they are not closely monitored, there is a possibility of losing them to our neighbours.



  1. This is poor reporting. We don’t even know about him and you can say that Malawi is dumped in the cold. This man has not even called for action in any of our teams the under 0, 10, 15, 17, 20, 23 and the main team then you say he has dumped Malawi.

  2. Football is a short live carrier watha kale Kachuleyo sapindula naye to hell moti tinaiwala zaiye ndakumbukira kumene lero zoti is still active

  3. Malawi 24 pitilizani kutiuza nkhani zomwe mwapeza. Anthu ena akamakunenani inu muzisangalala ndipo musamawatengere komanso ngati wina akuona kuti nkhani zanu sizimamuwaza apange unlike page yathuyi koma ine ndi banja langa sitizasiya kuwerenga nkhani za pa Malawi 24

  4. Tikamapanga zopepela kumakondela ma player ena ndiye amnzawo kaona choncho azithawa ndithuu ndunenetsadi player wathu wathu uyo tamuona akupita ndi maso athu nde sitingathese kumubweza zaonesa kt flames mukumatengana kudziwana

  5. Maboza Malawi 24. The full squad is as follows; GOALKEEPERS José Guirrugo Nelson Logomale DEFENDERS João Mazive, Ronny Marcos Mucuapel Tembe Edmilson Dove Edson Sitoe João Mussica, Salomão Mondlane Sidique Mussagi MIDFIELDERS Elias Samuel Lourenço Waruma Elias Pelembe Manuel Kambala Gildo Vilanculos Luis Miquissone Henrique Junior Stélio Ernesto STRIKERS Reginaldo Fait Apson Manjate Clésio Bauque Manuel Correia

  6. Palibenkhani inenso ndinali wa mosko ndinaituluka panondiine nfana wa malawi bwanji simunalembe, komanso nyuziiyi kubhowa bwanji

  7. may be he changed the nationality or citizenship ie Tendai mthawalira of Zim now plays national team rugby springbok of SA .little wonder for me ,nothing is impossible these days any where in the world..

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