Malawi albino attacks: Man arrested for planning to kill 8 month albino son

Albinos Malawi

As the world is gearing up to protect people with albinism, there are still some people who are thinking violence towards people with albinism is an answer to their problems.

Police in Mzuzu are a keeping in custody a 26 year old man Samuel Thaulo for attempting to kill his son with albinism.

Martin Bwanali who is Mzuzu police public relations officer told Malawi24 that the wife to the man disclosed of his evil intentions.

The woman Rose Phiri, 24 years of age from Mseza Village, Traditional Authority Mwadzama in Nkhotakota district got married to Thaulo two years ago and together they have an 8 month old albino son.

Albinos MalawiThe two are tobacco tenants based at Engucwini near Enukweni in Mzimba district.

The woman told Police in her statement that soon after noting their son was an albino, her husband has been telling her in many occasions to just kill their albino son and offer his bones for sale. But she has been refusing.

On 09th June this year at around 7 o’clock in the morning the suspect told his wife again about the killing of the child. When his wife refused, he became aggressive and started assaulting her. Blows were in the process extended to the child who was at the back of her mother.

The woman took a pumpkin and hit hard at the suspect. She thereafter found an opportunity to escape from the house.

She reported the issue to Enukweni Police who referred her to Engucwini Health Center where they were treated as out patients.

The arrest of the suspect was effected the same day.

The suspect will appear in Court to answer two charges of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm and conspiracy to commit murder.

The Police have since called on married women who have children with albinism to emulate the good example that an Engucwini based woman has shown.

The 26 year old suspect is Samuel Thaulo from Mwalukira Village, Traditional Authority Nthondo in Ntchisi district.



  1. That’s not gud km chenicheni chani guyz mukufuna kutchuka? Nanga nzako ungamupezere ndalama? God plz derr with pipo and jurge him?

  2. its funny 2c presdent,ambassadors,& othr high profile figures r bzy protecting wild animals,on hand,ppl wth albinism r jst killed lyk flies

  3. Dziko la malawi palibe mtsogoleli amene adzabweretse mtendere, chitukuko, ntchito yawo ndikupha kuyambira nthawi ya kamuzu mpaka lelo amalawi mtendere tidzaupeza liti. Chimene tiyenera kudziwa ndichakuti mulungu alipo ndipo akuona zochita zathu. Ndizoona amalawi ambiri akutha chifukwa chanthu andale kudana ndi chilunga nonse andale kumoto

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    Nanga mwanayo analakwa chani.mulungu simunthu muyaluka anchitidwe onyasawu.

  5. Atumbuka they r not yet to open essential group, called mobjustice group, thus y they allowed police to arrest that rubish. If it was southern part of mw!! APolice akanangomva zokuthaitha bac….. Kuti someone has been braiied.

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