‘Let’s help our cute albinos’ – Chavula

Albinos Malawi

Malawi’s outspoken rapper Mwiza Chavula has called on fellow artists to gang up against victimization of people with albinism as the country strives to create a safe environment for the group.

The call comes in the wake of an increase in atrocities committed against the minority group across Malawi. With the government, organisations, and prominent figures resorting to different courses of actions, Chavula believes artists can be part of the solution.

Trap Squad
Chavula (in black tie): has urged Malawians to help albinos

The Trap Squad member made a special mention of local hip hop giants, Young Kay, and K2B Block in his campaign for collective effort. However, his message targets the whole hip hop community as it is believed to have a strong voice.

“Young Kay, k2b block, the whole hip hop community, the little we can do will be appreciated, let’s help our cute albinos,” reads part of Chavula’s Facebook post made on Tuesday.

Amidst the rampant killings and abductions of people with such a condition, nothing has been heard from major artists in form of music collaboration. In this regard, the Blantyre based hip hop affiliate feels it’s high time the local hip hop community united against the tendency.

In an interview with Malawi24, a member of K2B Block, Georgiz, seconded Chavula’s idea arguing music is medicine as it carries a strong message. According to the artist, music is the only thing that is missing.

“I totally agree with Chavula. We really need to do something about it, with the talent that God blessed us with we can make a change because music is also medicine, music carries a strong message. Music is the only thing that is missing in this messed up world. We will join hands and do something about this,” he said.

Young Kay is recognised as one of the best rappers in Malawi with K2B Block getting an applause for creativity in hip hop as exposed in their hit songs.



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