Wife kills husband by pulling private parts


A woman in Salima district has killed her husband by grabbing his private parts and pulling them off.

The woman, Maria Fanuel, killed his husband Scot Sumaili and later attempted to cover up evidence by hanging his body on a tree.

PoliceAccording to Salima police spokesperson Gift Chitowe, on the night of 4th June the deceased fought with his wife.

In the course of fighting, the man overpowered his wife but the woman grabbed and pulled his private parts to the extent that he fainted.

The wife then called his brothers Majidu John, 30, and Juma Kazembe, 43, to carry Sumaili to a nearby bush where they hanged him on a tree as one way of erasing the evidence.

“On the following day he was found hanged near Chembe’s graveyard and the three were arrested,” Chitowe said.

Post-mortem that was conducted at Salima Hospital showed that the death was caused due to trauma and internal bleeding.

The suspects hail from Chembe Village Traditional Authority Maganga in Salima.



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