Maradona picks Ronaldo over Messi: Anyone who likes football, likes Cristiano

Maradona picks Ronaldo over Messi: Anyone who likes football, likes Cristiano

…says Messi is a bad leader but says

Retired Argentine player, Diego Maradona, has bashed the reigning FIFA Ballon d’Or and fellow countryman, Lionel Messi while praising Cristiano Ronaldo.

Maradona picks Ronaldo over Messi: Anyone who likes football, likes Cristiano
Maradona: Messi is a bad leader, Ronaldo is a star

Maradona told Pele that the problem with Messi is that he does not have a leadership personality.

“Messi doesn’t have the personality to be a leader,” said Maradona who led Argentina to a World Cup win in 1986.

He made the remarks at an event in France on Thursday when asked by Brazil legend if he knew Messi personally.

Ironically, Maradona praised Messi’s adversary, Cristiano Ronaldo who he described as the star.

“Cristiano without a doubt, is the star. He’s one of those players who can single-handedly put his team in the final. He is football culture. Anyone who likes football, likes Cristiano” said Maradonna while tipping the Real Madrid forward and captain for Portugal to win this year’s UEFA European Championship underway in France.

Ronaldo and Messi are often compared between each other as to who deserves the world’s best footballer title.

Messi, a five-time Ballon d’Or winner, is frequently  compared with Maradona but he is yet to win a world cup medal. Maradona managed Messi at national team when the latter missed out on the World Cup in 2014 with a disappointing loss to Germany in the final held in Brazil.

The Barcelona player is regarded one of the best players of all time has not issued any comment yet.



  1. Who doesnt know that Maradona doesnt know football? Maradona is a failure, he coached Argentina but didn’t go anywhere. How can he know the best player? And I think those drugs are still working in his head, “Messi is the best”.

  2. Who doesnt know that Maradona doesnt know football? Maradona is a failure, he coached Argentina but didn’t go anywhere. How can he know the best player? And I think those drugs are still working in his head.

  3. if Maradonna brain go to old he must not talk about Messi becoz messi is world best player since maradonna retire

  4. He is gerousy messi has broken all his records.. muhaahaha, only remaining wth world cup whch he has reached the finals, #BoringLengeds

  5. I have watched Pele. Maradona, Penaldo and all great footballer of time koma sipazapezeka player wina woopsa ngati Messi. Munthuyu mpira amamenya wodabitsa. The way amadutsira ma player ndi njomba and the way he scores his free kicks he is marvelous to watch. In Messi sitimangokama za zigoli zokha koma Total football. Pamene Kape Ronaldo timangomva za ka chigoli kamene wachinya koma Njomba sichitha. Vuto Mpira anawuphunzira ku Acadamey pamene Messi ndizobadwa nazo. Thats why Messi ali ndi zaka 8 amapangabe zoopsa. Pamene Ronaldo timamva kuti amapanga develop every year. Ndiye kuphunzira mpirako. kkkkkkk Messi is best player of all time.

    1. pali chifukwa chonyozela munthu apa zawoneka kuti inu mumkonda Messi ena amakonda Ronaldo nonse simungakonde zofanana .Nkhaniyi siinanyoze Messi choncho inunso musanyoze Ronaldo

  6. Diego himself has never been a good leader. How can he know a good leader. Good leaders do not fail DRUG TEST and got chased from participating in a major tornament like WC. He better shut up.

  7. Khani yavuta apa ndiyoti mukhola simukhala atambala awiri. Avery1 knows that Messi z best lagend than Maradonna. No time to blind us sir Maradonna. If u was talking of Ronaldinho as god of soccer 2nd by Messi in ur page ij would b a fact. Anyway jeoulos down.

  8. There was no comparison, it was only personality of Messi so I can’t understand where u are getting it. Its better to leave a gap other than writting unnecessary things

  9. malawi24 is just too news reported as u are saying,read from ESPN,SKY SPORTS or GOAL.COM.maradona made no comparison between messi& ronaldo.the issue was about leadership in the argentina team& not who is better than the other.i like both ronaldo& messi but believe me there has been a player like messi in this world

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  11. Maradona is filled with envy and jealous coz he knows Messi is taking over.He is the same guy who made Messi the captain during 2010 World Cup

  12. …… He was talking about leadership qualities not who the best player is on the pitch between them…….. dnt read headline and comment but open the link and read the whole story, if your chines fon can’t open then keep quite.. zikomo

  13. The politics between Pele and Maradonna will never end, these two gents always fight for legacy, when Pele says something Maradona is his opposite number, If my memory serves me well it is this same mad Maradona who claim #Messi is his replica and said he was confident to go South Africa with Only Lionel Messi as a professional leaving other Argentine stars now that Pele has made it a point that #Messi is the best in the world he is now of the contrary view. Maradona must stop making noise he is the best in Argentina history koma dziko lapasi linagwirizana kuti #Pele the Brazilian is the King of Football ku wina ma world cup atatu simasewera iyeyo kamodzi kokhako? even Mario Gortze kamwana ka buyern kanawinitsako world cup. Let Ronald and Messi finish their Carrier and compare them. sanamalize Ntchito amenewa

  14. No body sane enough would trust and believe this drug addictee,Maradona.Messi is the king of modern football whereby a player is popular for clean goals he has netted not controversial goals scored with hands(a hand of God).This lunatic,Maradona was given the job to coach Argentina out of love and respect not on merit.

  15. this dude knows nothing,,,”!! he is just to this young boy king messi,,,!!! shame on drug taker maradona messi is the god of football,,, fact like it or not!!!!


    1. Marradon is a king in Argentina not in the world Pele is the king of football in the World no player is greater than him even Marradona cant fit his shoes and believes #Messi is the best player in the world currently if we are to make tima weak arguments tanuto then whom can much trust between Pele and Maradona? End this debate of which one is the best between the two shall be made to a conclusion when they all retire. Timatsata mpira i may be a fan of CR7 but much as i follow soccer i know who Lionel Messi is, his quality and Achievements so as stands asiyeni anthuwa onse ndi abwino

    2. The truth is Messi hv done best over legend Maradonna thus y he z getting crazy & he knows that his page as Maradonna best lagend is in hands of this little boy known as Messi.

    1. Fool,,,, mwina messi sumamuziwa kut akatenga mpira sarandidwa, ali ndi ma trophy ambili ku Spain kuposa amene ukumunenao (RONALDIOT WAKOYO) wa over ,over at kubwiza kumeneko,#king_messi or athu 5 amadusa oseo mosakakamiza,

    2. partrick your a #partridiot ndithu iwe wekha sumaona kut kusalandidwa mpilako amakhala akuthawa nawo ???????? among all the football stars kuyambila pele ……. kape opanda pindu ndi mess ali ngati iweyo #partrdiot nawe phindu ulibe ngati umakanika kuona munthu akuthawa

  17. Pele said Neymar will never be the best player ,this Drug mule is always against king Messi because he knows that Messi has won more than him #JealousMustFall

    1. I doudt if you watched the first half or even the game at all, Panama were ultra-defensive before his introduction…….. The game could have easily remained at 1-0 at full time or Panama inakabweza…….. Messi opened it up

  18. Warning to u Mr MALADONA stop to use drug 2much otherwise u gona kill yourself. Like it or not MESSI is the KING of football than Pernaldo u talking about.

  19. Maradona ndi chifukwa chake Agalu okhala ake anamuluma Ndithu. Kuipa kwa ma drug ndi kumeneku si zimeneZi mpaka akuyankhula zinthu mwana wa zaka ziwiri can’t believe. How can Ronaldo kukhala best kuposa Messi???

    1. Akulu a Ibrahim inu koma Jando basi Maradona is a mentor and what he says is true ngati mwazolowera kunyoza thats why you are a failure! Does that mean anything kulimidwa ndi galu? Is he the first to fall the fictim? Christiano Ronaldo is really a good footballer and has all the qualities of being a pitch leader! Say sense and not nosense!

    2. Ronaldo ndi kape ndipo mpira wake ndi wochita kuphunzira ku Acadamey. Messi was naturaly born a footballer. The way Messi plays soccer sanasinthepo zimangowonetseratu kuti mpira ndi chakudya chake. Ronaldo pano njomba samatha anayiwaliratu zinthu zochita kuphunzira ndi choncho. Messi is the Greatest player of all time

    3. #brother Mbeya: Inuyo ndimmene mukuonekeramo Mungamalembe zopeperazi? Inuyo Zoti Maradona before going to World Cup 2010 ku South Africa analumidwa ndi Agalu ake Omwe ndipo zinaganiziridwa kuti he was high with drugs mumazidziwa? If I am a Messi fan n I happen to relate his comment to what I have about him ndikulakwitsa? Osamazitengera kwambiri ndi zampira izi ndipo ndikumverani zomwe mwalembazi. I don’t want to respond ndi mmene ndi zimene inu mwalemba koma Ulemu Ndithudi ndi Ofunika. I didn’t mean to harm you if I happen to do find a place in your heart to forgive me. #learn to respect others n their views as wel

    4. Since i’ve been watching football mmmm mafana telling you Messi he was born to be a footballer and that’s the fact kuti Messi ndi tchatcha wama tchatcha. .Aronaldo kakumachita kukhwepa masiku ano

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