Umodzi Park dragged to court over failed Dru Hill show

Dru Hill

Failure of American RnB group Dru Hill to perform in Malawi late last year has led to the emergence of a court case involving Umodzi Park and the company that was facilitating the event.

The RnB family was scheduled to dish out sweet melodies at Umodzi Park in Lilongwe on 12th December last year.

However, the move did not materialise following funds mismanagement claims levelled against the organisers.

The organisers endured a damaged reputation as their names were painted black in the media in a dramatic twist of events which saw arrests, refunding, and curses, taking centre stage.

Dru Hill
Dru Hill had canceled the Malawi show.

Having heard one side of the story, the agent who was making strides to translate the dream of a Dru Hill concert into reality, wrote us so as to have their side of the story heard.

Archibald Tigere whose events company was at the engine of organising the show said that they decided to take Umodzi Park to court in the aftermath of the 12th December debacle.

He argues that they could not stand hands akimbo and watch major companies taking advantage of smaller companies as was the case between Umodzi Park and his company.

“I thought I could just date you on this Dru Hill no-show issue. We then decided to sue Umodzi Park and our case is being heard in the Blantyre High Courts. We just didn’t want these so-called big corporates walking all over the small companies simply because these big corporates have the financial muscles to do what they want when they want,” says Tigere.

The lamentations of Tigere encompass the loss of business opportunities as a result of damaged reputation, and being deprived of their potential chances of generating income through events they planned to host in 2016 due to a tarnished public image.

Tigere has also cried foul over Umodzi’s choice to bring South Africa’s group, Micasa, via other events companies when it was Tigere’s company idea.

These make up a bunch of reasons as to why the events company decided to take a court action which from the look of things is far from over.