Malawi Budget: Largest share goes to Agriculture Ministry


The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development  has gotten the largest share of the 2016/17 proposed budget, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe has confirmed.

Gondwe who is now presenting the budget disclosed that  The Ministry gets MK198.5 billion kwacha.

This is largely due to the hunger situation in the country.

According to Gondwe, this is also towards the intentions by the government to up standards in  Irrigation agriculture in the country.

Goodal Gondwe

Goodall: Presenting the budget now.

Gondwe says that this year, Maize production declined by 12.4% this year something which might have led to the food insecurity concerns in Malawi.

He said: ‘’ 197,000 mt tonnes of maize for 8.4 million people is needed. K35.5billion for food purchase.

The budget has been tailored around bailing Malawians out of hunger’’

The Minister also says that the economy is expected to grow from 3.1% to 5.1%.

The Ministry of Education comes second and will get  MK147.6 billion and the  Ministry of Health is third and has been allocated MK95.8 billion kwacha out of the total the total MK1.2 Trillion 2016/17 national budget.




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  5. We know dat nt all trillion’s gona work acording 2 de budget mng’ooo!!! As of now ma ministers ndi ma mp’s atsegula kale ma account aboza kkkk! Ithela m’malele imeneyo!

  6. We know dat nt all trillion’s gona work acording 2 de budget mng’ooo!!! As of now ma ministers ndi ma mp’s atsegula kale ma account aboza kkkk! Ithela m’malele imeneyo!

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  9. This is a welcomed budget, let me personally thanks the government of Malawi for coming up with such inspiring 2016/17 financial budget. I am grad that the government will continue recruiting civil servants in various department including the ministry of agriculture. Frankly speaking the sector need more well trained personaires, in corrabolation with ministry of agriculture and farmers to implement the already said vision/goal of government of producing more yields.