Opposition parties told to be accountable

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika

Political commentators has advised political parties in the country to be accountable especially when it comes to public funds.

This follows media reports that political parties get an allocation of 8 million Kwacha per 3 months which is 160 million Kwacha in 5 years but the funds are not audited.

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika
Opposition parties in parliament get drilled.

One of the political commentators in the country Latim Matenje said the fact that political parties especially those on the opposition side cannot come out to account for what they get from public coffers then they cannot be good leaders.

”It is sad that opposition parties are failing to account for what they get from public coffers then they cannot rule the country properly if voted into power,” said Matenje.

He added that in a democratic society accountability is important but the indication portrayed by the parties show that they cannot manage public funds.

Matenje further said that there is need for the speaker of Parliament to urge the parties to account for the funds otherwise the National Assembly should stop giving the funds to the parties.

The parties receive the money because section 40 sub section (2) of the constitution says parties which got a minimum of 10 percent of votes during Parliamentary elections are eligible for funding.



  1. Oooooooo ndimkana malawi anthu ake tili osaukitsitsa andalewa ndimbava basi amadziwana kt akudyera limodzi misonkho 8m yachiyani makosana tadzikhalani ndiumunthu chonde ndapotana nanu basi zonse zabwino zikhale zanu mayo ine malawi malawi woooooooo mulungu atimenyera nkhondo imeneyi basi.

  2. In no way can that be correct. There are opposition parties with no mps and some with two mps, big ones have quite a notable number of representatives in parliament. They can’t be allocated the same amount of money. This lie requires to be recooked

    1. ndachipeza chifukwa chomwe a Tembo amkakamira ndale…..bt all this amount 4 what?Anthuwa onse ndi a tambwali coz kuyamba kumva kuti a malandila ndalama

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