Britney Spears eyeing Malawi


She might be in the country anyday, but unlike the Reggae family of Morgan Heritage, she will not be here to send entertainment craving Malawians off the rail with a mind-blowing performance.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears eyeing Malawi

Singer Britney Spears is reportedly looking to adopt a little girl from Malawi after being inspired by Madonna.

According to reports, the singer has made the decision because she believes it would be great to give an underprivileged child from Malawi a new life in America.

Britney, 34, is already a mother to two sons, 10 year-old Sean and nine-year-old Jayden but she now wants to have a bigger family. The pop star feels as though she has more love to give and want to have one more child in her home.

Fellow pop star Madonna who adopted Mercy and David from Malawi has been encouraging Britney to work on adopting a child from the warm heart of Africa.

“She’s considering adopting a little girl from Malawi. They’ve discussed the process on several occasions, and she’s always wanted a daughter,” a source close to the singer told British media.

It remains to be seen if Britney, who is single, will have a smooth process when adopting the child considering that Malawi has archaic adoption laws.

The country’s adoption laws which were formulated in 1949 require an adoptive parent to reside in Malawi for two years for monitoring before the parent can permanently take the child.

When she adopted David, Madonna was criticised for flouting the adoption laws even though she got a court order so that she could be staying with the child in the United Kingdom during the required period.



  1. Amalawi kukonda ndalama,, simukudziwa kti mafana amenewa tikumawapereka m’manja mwa Satana? akabatizidwa mu ILLUMINANT mafana tikuperekawa, basi tikatero mwana taluza,, wawina ndi Satana pamenepo.

  2. Anyway brit’ dont bother urself coming here just book air ticket for my daughter i ‘ll bring her right away only on one condition thus if you book another ticket for me to be the husband for you and be the father of my own daughter kkkkk am kidding ‘ follow ur heart Brit’

    • Am with you on this,, our government is doing nothing to insure safety and better environment for these helpless kids, so are those who are saying NO to adoption

  3. This bulshit shld nt b torelated their aim z 2 enrich themselves on the pretex of adoption . Luk @ madonaz raising Mw, they r jus swindlin the donated money clemin they r helpin orphans. And there r orphans where she comes from y nt stat there.

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