Calls to boycott Pizza Inn for harassing woman

Pizza Inn

Malawians on social media have called for boycott of Pizza Inn after management of the restaurant harassed and stole from a business woman.

The woman, Lexina Lobati, sells tomatoes to the restaurant which is located at Lilongwe City Mall.

On Wednesday in the morning she went to the restaurant with three baskets (Madengu) full of tomatoes since management had agreed to buy all her merchandise at a fair price.

Pizza Inn
The woman selling tomatoes got harassed.

However, after keeping Lobati waiting for hours – during which time they also sent her on some errands – bosses at Pizza Inn told the woman they will only pay K24, 000 for all the three baskets of tomatoes.

Considering the high cost of tomatoes especially and the costs she had incurred transporting the produce from Ntcheu, the woman refused the offer.

The bosses immediately gave her back the tomatoes. That is when Lobati noticed that the restaurant had stolen some of the tomatoes and she demanded that they pay her for the ones they used. But the restaurant bosses refused to pay and took advantage of the woman. The issue has been widely discussed on Facebook and some Malawians have vowed to never eat at Pizza Inn again. Other have argued that the issue highlights the challenges small scale businesspeople face when doing business with foreign owned companies.



  1. Be real with the situation how can pizza shop steal tomatoes really the shop has a right to refuse to buy if it feels it’s expensive the returned to the owner the tomatoes it’s a free market and the comments of deportation and boycott is trivial it should be resolved if anyone was wanting in a civil manner not of threats and deportation

  2. These white guys started long time ago stealing from poor malawians.The some is happening @ Steers,xrds complex.Yet the authority is just giving a blind eye..

  3. Anyone eating at Pizza Inn should not only be ashamed but have their sanity checked otherwise they’re supporting theft hence they’re ancillaries to this crime.

  4. Call only can not be effective but action can help lets join hands so that this poor mother of ours should be helped and the Pizza inn owner should have a bitter lesson he will regreat :TOGETHER WE CAN:

  5. This is rubbish. ….but why does our government grant these tombotombo’s all the immunity when they continuously harass us the citizens.
    Honestly I don’t like this preferential treatment they get….surely if it was a malawian doing this to them, that person would be in police hands by now. Is it because of money? Or because they are foreigners such that our hopeless government is trying to impress the Foreign communities.
    Look how we are maltreated outside…..A thousand of our brothers and sisters are being harassed and killed in South africa like chickens. Zambia has started the same.
    And back home instead or being happy, we are also facing same xenophobic treatments.
    This is not on…… Malawians let’s wake up for what belongs to us….This is our country, we can’t lose everything to foreigners.
    In many countries across africa and world at large, nations priotise their citizens not this bullshit happening in malawi. Amwenye azitipezerera zoona, in many areas this group of people is harassing Malawians working for them but government your there telling us everything is okey and boma likuyenda bwino. Rubbish!
    If you government you are hearing and reading this…..Bravo. …read it again. We didn’t waste our time to be slaves by voting for you….rather we did that because you promised to serve the rule of law.

    1. Rubbish talk no Malawian was harassed In zambia get your facts right

  6. Malawian woman pliz kumaona malo ogulitsa malonda becoz enawa has alot of challenges

  7. I hope the woman will be assisted how to lodge a complaint to all relevant stakeholders. In Tanzania, Zimbabwe or Zambia they can’t do what they have to the woman, let alone a citizen for that matter. The offices of Women, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare, Police, Civil Society Organizations would work round the clock to see justice is done. I hope they are reading and will hear something done shortly.

  8. Vuto la a Malawi’fe kukondera obwera had it been mMalawi mzathu mutamumanga kale kodi Malawi unagona pati?

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  10. Amwenye are so heartless guys. Beware of these Indians,they treat malawians as if they are dogs.

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