Malawians anger the UN: stop killing thieves


The United Nations has issued a stern warning against Malawians who indulge in mob justice against suspected thieves, saying they will face the law.

Cécile Pouilly
Pouilly: Calling for change.

Cécile Pouilly, spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights says Malawian authorities should act quickly to identify and prosecute those involved in the killings.

She added by calling on government to compensate victims of the atrocious acts.

“We urge the authorities to address the root causes of these attacks and to launch an awareness campaign to encourage people to report crimes to the police, rather than to take justice into their own hands,” said Pouilly.

The UN has also commended President Peter Mutharika for condemning the unlawful acts but expressed concern that his government is not doing more to support the Malawi Police in their fight against mob.

Cases of mob justice have been on the increase over the past two months with nine separate incidents recorded.

Last week, a mob stormed a police station and took a man who was wrongly accused of murder out of his cell and killed him in Dedza.

In another case, seven people who were found in possession of human bones were attacked and burned alive by an angry mob in Nsanje.



  1. What about those big thieve involve in cashgate killing aperson in such case is not asolution but adding aproblem to aproblem find other way. Not killing aperson don’t act as if u are at the moon while on earth so what about big crime you make u peole. Iam not supporting thieve but saying to stop killing them.

  2. UN u cant be concerned about thugs and thieves in Malawi,be concern what happening around the world thousands and millions of people are dying,some are been displaced by war around the world,and you busy concerned abt the thugs,u need to come into yo senses plz.


  4. UN is an umbrella organisation that has many branches e.g UNHCR, UNAID, UNESCO, UN bra bra bra. Which branch has said this? Wat is there interest? Is it to safeguard the rights of the robbers/thieves who commit crimes in broad day light and once caught and brought to the corrupt law enforcers are set free within 24 hrs- u actually c them walking freely in the neighbourhood they (thieves) have terrorised! Malawian citizenly have rights to life as well as security! Or else UN whatever branch shd school us if there’s any new decralation on rights of hardcore criminals to continue terrorising the community and let scot free!! Otherwise the Sharia law is more logical in such cases than the rest if peace and is to be maintained in a country such as my beautiful Malawi! I rest my case!

  5. its something pathetic to malawi as a nation .we are spoiling our good reputation .remember we are God fearing country ,therefore we need to observe Gods commandment ” do not commit murder ” do not go astray my fell malawian .if we caught this culplits lets hand them to police

    1. kwanu kunabwerapo akuba inu? Dikiran akazabwera tzawone.We are against God’s commandiments

  6. What law would we expect to face? Why u not telling those people who steal to stop stealing don’t fuck around luck I dont know ur house I would send them to u & see what they doing, we will continue if they still stealing either take them to ur house

  7. Madam CICELE you are very stupid, once again very stupid….. How many body guards have u got?????????? How many guns have u got ????? All of them for what???? Mai ndinu a hule tisiyeni tidzipanga zathu kuno mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aunt the day a thief will break into ur house its when you will realise how heartless these crooks they are,first they will kill ur husband then rape you.

  9. Thieves are really scary and dangerous as they don’t only aim at stealing but also end people’s lives but killing them isn’t a solution. We should realise that there are thieves everywhere in the world but what is happening in malawi by killing them is horrible and backward thinking. You should look at it as something that happens because the majority of us are underprivileged poor people. Thieves are just as bad as the killers. We should look at the grassroots of the problem than just jumping into fatal judgement like this. As a Christian nation, why we shouldn’t impose some laws that look like shariah laws? Why don’t we kill those big thieves involved in cashgate that are one of the major subject of our poverty? Don’t aim at giving maximum penalties at the poor when there are real criminals our there. There is no justification to end someone’s life especially these poor people. You should put a blame blame at your security system instead. If we check out most of our workers, civil servants, those in companies working in our offices today, you will find that most of them are subject to be killed too cause most of them are damn thieves to the bone and some of them are the ones complaining on this page right now, so I said

  10. This means thieves should be killing owners of properties? Why is it that those breaking the laws have more baking from UN? Try that in Arab states!

  11. Is UN a country or a person?? Any which way tell USA to abolish death sentance llike we did in Malawi.. On mob justice , leave that to us Malawians we dont want u to baby sit us.

  12. UN you must warn the America first coz they have killed so many innocent people around the world. This is our best way to eliminate so called thieves ok

  13. This is Malawi that’s how we deal wit criminals so dnt interfere why y white peaple like controlling black poor country’s

  14. nanga akwiye amaberedwa ndiiwowo ngati anaiona mbava ikalowa mnyumba amenewo?zamkutu ife tyiwaope alimbeee tiope kuyera ife

  15. when its Malawi killing criminals,the U.N speaks up,what are they doing about israely-palistinian conflict,syrian & turky,isil,disputes with the potential to start awar….but no,no lets breathe down on the little guy….i say we get out of these azungu ran unions,so biased.

  16. Find Out the Cause First Than First Condemning us.
    These they move In Big Groups of Thirty. Forty.
    Once they Enter into the House after Getting the Much Toiled for Property, they Invert into Rapping Wife Girl Daughters.
    Once Arrested, three Days Later, have been Released on Bail.
    They Forget of the Bail and Starts Again.

  17. thawi ya zeno ku joni anali kut?? Boma likamatibera dolla amakhara kut??? Pano nde aziti fwefwefwe ……. Azikwiya choncho they cant touch us …

  18. UN should adopt all the thieves. We dont need thieves in our country, we need a peaceful malawi. Thieves are pulling us backwards, they are enemies of development

  19. Am also angered. No one can be a complainant, an investigator, a prosecutor and a judge at the same time. Tikagwira suspect tipte naye ku police then court proceeding

  20. Sometimes I am tempted not
    to take these observers seriously mainly when they try to defend thieves who are making havoc in peaceful homes and communities. They should come and live with us for a while and witness bloody scenes these thieves cause when they want to snatch even a mere handbag. I hate thieves and I dont sympathize with them especially when caught red handed. By the way, they dont stay long in jail !!!!

  21. Mr or mrs UN why do pple kill thieves? 1. because thieves kill innocent pple. 2. pple have no trust in our police, so solve the above problem ist, after all u would have ist advise thieves and albino abductor to stop this bad behaviour to avoid being killed.

  22. In the past few years some innocent Malawians had been killed by thieves & UN did nothing,now Malawians have discovered a better formular of eliminating thieves. UN is talking trash !! why? HAMULABI-Theorem is working.

  23. A UN Mukufuna Kut Akuba Atani Kwen Kwen Kapena Mumawatuma Ndinu. Coz Kwa Munthu Amene Mbale wake Adaphedwa Ndi Mbava, Sangave Zimenezo

  24. [CAUTION] you!. the U.N yourself try to steal something here in malawi. we’ll set u with fire, flames lawi-lawi malawi amoto as u already know. {WARNING; mbava nonse mukangogwidwa matches ndi petrol basi}

  25. This is Malawi and let us we Malawians to deal with them, these so called thieves, let Malawians kill to them because when thieves come to ur house they cant spare ur life. We cant tolerate such nosense from UN

  26. Thieves are indeed pulling us backwards. But really mob justice isnt a fair way around solving the issue. The suspects should be taken to police and be tried in courts. Justice is offering a reward or punishment basing on the severity of an action which is calling for that reward or punishment.

  27. Aaaaah nde zompusa zimenezo….. mesa akumaba katundu wathu. Akumatibera mbuzi zathu mmidzi mu inu muli mma mansion well- secured with electric fence nde muziti tisamawaphe?

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  29. Ntchito ndi iliyonse kupatula kuba, mukagwira MBAVA iphetemuleni, ndalamula ine palibe mulandu..a UN akagwere ndi chintuwitsa chawo

  30. Abale tonse tikudziwa kuti UN ndiye Satana wankulu.Asilikali omwe amatumikila bwingweli ndi opulupuza,apha anthu osalakwa ambirimbiri,agwilira ana a less than 9 years old,agwilira asikana,azimayi ena mwa iwo amuna awo adaphedwa pa nkhondo.Koma amangowasiya osawazenga milundu. Chofunika nchakuti akuba akagwidwa asaphedwe koma adulidwe manja monga malemba akunenela.

  31. What Have UNO Done With Innocent People Killed By Thugs?Many People Have Been Killed By Thieves Compared To Number Of Thieves Killed By Mob Justice.The best thing un can do is to ask judiciary to give stiff punishment to convicts otherwise leave Malawi alone AND if convicts are not punished severely by courts, this will not stop

  32. If thieves stop stlng and to kill owner of the property and Malawi will stop dis. Evatually, think again Malawi; the way wat Malawians use to get their needs ndie wina azangotenga? Impossible

  33. Heyheyhey, you , Western pipo leave our country alone. This is Malawi, don’t tell us what to do. Killing thieves is our unity and security of our citizens, you can’t judge us because you are the among thieves too in the world.

  34. This is the best way to deal with such people. UN, i do not understand what you’re talkin about. Its our right so let us do what we’re doin. whats wrong have we done?

  35. UN tell your thieves to stop stealing from us first. They steal from us, we kill them and make them brai. They steal from UN, we have no business with them.

  36. kkkkk then tek ur soldiers to malawi to arrest the thieves..lets c if one of ur soldiers may nt b killed by thoz dangerous thieves..Arrest USA for killing Gaddafi,Osama and Sadaam first..then u wl deal wth us later..

  37. UN must not threaten Malawians,as long as police do nothing mob justice won’t end.UN should help Nigeria deal with Boko Haraam not telling us nonsense

  38. In my opinion i think what is needed is to tighten security. I think pple have resorted to killing thieves because thieves are heartless, when the come to steal at your house they come well equiped and they are ready to wound or kill you. So i guess pple are simply giving them test of their own dose. Why cant UN think of addressing the real issues that are turning productive young people into thieves, for instance joblessness and poverty.

    1. Kkkkk! You see when addressing a problem you dont deal with the result but the cause. So let them join hands with Government to address the real issues on the ground. Abwana thieves dont come to make peace. They come prepared for anything. They call it “do or die”

  39. This is Malawi not UN, if they want they can create their own country and adopt what they r telling us. Malawian laws r very porous that’s wy pple r doing that


  41. But thieves should be killing innocent civilians and leave them scot free let them hack or chop your hand that’s when you will realize that those are not human beings but vicious human animals!

  42. Tell the UN that they are talking nosense and they are bunch of idiots, ,mob killings must continue,,burn them all then pipo can stay with peace

  43. Thats Showing No Sense, I See That You Are The One To Encourage Thieves And Thugs,this Is Peaceful Country,Dont Come With Your Rule Here,if We Attack A Thief,we Burn And Kill No Matter What,just Back To Your Root,OK

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