Zambia set to punish Malawi

Maize flour

Maize flour on demand.

The government of Zambia has vowed to deal with traders who sell maize flour to Malawians, a move that will spell bad news for Malawi.

Malawi is facing acute shortage of maize and Malawians have for the past months been relying on maize flour which is imported from Zambia.

But Zambia has warned that millers who will be found selling maize to Malawi risk losing their licenses.

Authorities in Zambia say apart from confiscating the commodity, they will also seize the vehicles being used in the smuggling.

The Zambian government has justified the move saying it subsidised the maize to Zambians not Malawians.

“Those maize which are now being milled were bought by FRA (the Food Reserve Agency) as a means to be consumed by Zambians as it is a subsidised one and these chaps are smuggling into Malawi in order to make double profit,” said Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo.

He said a combined team of security and defence officers are currently patrolling the border areas in order to stop the rampant smuggling.

Recently, Zambia intercepted 28 trucks which were transporting maize to Malawi after the drivers failed to produce export permits.




  1. Boma lizitero kumaganizira anthu ake. Idont blem the Goverment of zambia chifukwa siboma la zambia lomwe limabweletsa chakudyacho ayi koma mavenda amazembetsa titati tiwonetsetse m’malawi muno mavenda ochepa nzelu ngati awa alimonso muno muli njala kutenga chakudya kupitsa kunja muno muli njala pali nzelu pamenepa boma la malawi litapanga chimodzimodzi njala itha kuchepa


  3. does your president allow smuggling maize into other countries stop the hate do u want us 2 suffer soldier are in all the borderz not only malawi, read the news carefully ba malawi zambia has got more than 80 districts and 72 tribes malawi is small with 28 districts and 3 provinces

  4. Zambia is protecting its people from what? Mind you, what has befallen Malawi can also happen to Zambia. Remember, Zambia is not an island nor is Malawi. Its not in heaven either. The issue of climate change affects any country at no cost to it. We are neighbors and any neighbor who refuses to offer food the hungry neighbor is not worth being called a good neighbor. Time will tell.

    • Feeling entitled to Zambian food? Dependency sydrome deeply rooted. It’s not about climate change per se – poor policies that’s what it comes down to. Repeat, poor policies. And as if it’s only Malawi that’s experiencing climate change. This is a wake up call right there.

    • Would you allow youe wife to give your neighbour half of your yield for the year when you know its not enough for your family to see you the whole season? Think achimwene!

    • Zina ukamapanda kuzimvetsa ndibwino osayankhira. The post itself & some comments here r very laughable to Zambians! Inu chimangachotu ndi cha sabuside kwaoko ngati mmene aliri feteleza wa makoponi kwathu kuno. Sipaja nafenso fertilizer amayenda ndi wapolisi mu galimoto mommo? Tiyeni tilore tikhale osauka materially only not even poor in understanding things. Pano ndiye ndi mu uzimu momwe tasauka.

  5. Wrong reporting – gutter press. Zambia is not in any way punishing Malawi/ians. Zambia is protecting her own (people), just the same way Malawi would. If truth be told, Zambians have saved Malawians from untold mass deaths. For once Malawi, be grateful – it doesn’t hurt, does it?

  6. Iwe Amos nanga mchinji mesa ndi mmalawi momuno akuti zambia govt yalesa ma trader awo, ndiwe mtolankhani kapena umakhala ku mchinj? oky my govt is to respond

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  9. Malawi can counter this by stopping to purchase other Zambian products. They should just revise the price other than raising an issue over nothing.
    Malawi should also freeze Transport n Logistical solutions in addition to providing Tobacco expertease for Zambia.
    By the way when is Malawi increasing toll fees for foreign vehicles