Vile rapist to rot in jail


Davie Timoti, a 40 year-old Malawian man from Sambani Village in Nsanje district has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping his stepdaughter on several occasions.

CourtSpokesperson for Chilomo police station, Samson Balakasi, said the rapist has been defiling her step daughter for some time but on January 9 this year the girl told her mother about the ordeals.

According to Balakasi, the girl’s mother reported the incident to village headman Sambani and together they alerted officers at Chilomo police station who arrested the beast.

”Although he tried to escaped on the way to the police station by jumping into a river as he was using a canoe, we managed to arrest him,” Balakasi said.

Passing the judgement, Nsanje first grade magistrate said that he sentenced Timoti to 12 years imprisonment with hard labour because such cases are becoming widespread in the district.

The magistrate appealed to young girls in the district that they should report to their mothers or people they can trust when they are defiled.



  1. Have yourself re-tested every 2 to 3 moths to ensure the cure is real and not just a bluff

  2. Kodi rape ndikunyengana kangati,ine ndimayesa rape ndikamodzi ,bwanji samaulula pachiyambi ? Amakhalilanji chete mpaka january 9? Zinazi kumaziona bwino bwino modekha chilipo chilipo

  3. from the world’s perspective, no problem coz de world has become so wicked that it has lost all its integrity in every aspect, forgetting that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Anthuwa amamvana kukoma kma vuto yoti mdalayo amunyenga mwana paweek ka4times ndiye zimamubowa thats why waulura.

  5. Tsoka kwa iye woba nkhuku ndende ukalowa koma woba ndalama zaboma awo akuyenda yendawo. Munthu wosauka umboni umakhalapo koma wandalama umboni sumakhalapo.

  6. judges are good in these case but when it comes cash cases mamamama amati umboni ukusowa akudziwa kuti ndidya money kikikiki ma judge aku Malawi sorry

    1. No guys some stepfathers do this even when their wife is aware. The daughter don’t have a chance to report cos nobody will believe her side of the story

    2. thats foolishness kah… as a result the husband gets arrested the woman and children suffer most… if the girls should report the heartless fathers to NGO’s thats why they are there

  7. Heavy as though it may seem, this beast may be be locked up for only six years (half the sentence) because ( I gather) a 24 hour day in prison sentence is considered as two days. Morning to evening is considered one day and evening to morning another day. Not quite good.

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