Boy drowns into a well


PoliceA 6-year-old Malawian boy in Ntchisi has died after drowning into a well where he had gone to wash plates with his friend.

The incident happened on Wednesday January 20 2016 at Efelemu Village.

Police have identified the deceased as Frodrick Tomasi of Efelemu Village in the area of Traditional Authority Malenga in Ntchisi.

Police report indicate that the deceased left his home with his friend Chikondi Sankhulani of the same village to a certain 1.8 metre deep well within their village to clean up the plates and whilst the deceased jumped into the well and drowned.

When the villagers arrived they found the body floating.

The scene was visited by police officers together with a medical officer of Kamsonga Health Centre who pronounced death as due to suffocation and no foul play suspected.



  1. Mwana wa zaka 6 kutuma kukatsuka mbale kuchitsime eish koma makolo enanu…tingopempha mulungu kuti mzimu wa mwanayo uwuse muntendele.

  2. A 6 year old is not old enough to be let loose. Parents MUST take full responsibility of their children & control every single movement but I guess not with irresponsible young mothers we have today. This is very sad.

  3. Giving a wild steed only timothy hay or perhaps alfalfa too abundant in healthy proteins will cause the equine to struggle with
    colic as well as experience needlessly.

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