Tree planting season getting more support

Soche hills

The National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) has planted 5,000 trees in order to compensate for the trees players in the construction industry have destroyed in the country.

Executive officer for (NCIC) Linda Phiri said since their industry require trees, they thought it wise to plant trees at Group village headman Kachikho T/A Kasamba in Lilongwe and they expect to plant 20,000 trees all over the country.

“We are beneficiaries of timber and we thought it wise to come out and plant trees in order to replace the lost trees,” said Phiri.

Soche hills
Soche hills: An example of fast depleting forests.

She further said that as a country, we need to do better in order to save our environment because we have not reached a stage where we can be satisfied that we have planted enough trees.

According to Phiri, the council has mobilised other construction entities to join them in planting the trees and various stakeholders will be distributing tree seedlings to people.

In this tree planting season, 60 billion trees – four for each of the country’s citizens –   are expected to be planted.

Meanwhile, the ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining has warned people who destroy forest that they will face the law as the ministry will take reforestation as one of its mandates.

Malawi has, over the years, suffered increased deforestation and loss of tree cover, which is significantly affecting agriculture productivity and leading to reduced economic growth.




  1. The only solution is if Government realises the seriousness of CLIMATE CHANGE is ban all tree products & Malawi to import soft & hard wood timber. It makes no sense @all to plant a million seedlings while we cut down a million full grown trees & expect seedlings to serve the purpose. Let’s behave a little wiser than our silly thinking.

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