‘Legalize homosexuality’ – Malawi govt told

Tiwonge Chimbalanga

One of Malawi’s blossoming prophets popularly known as Prophet Emmanuel, who is based in the northern region district of Nkhatabay, has urged government to legalize the controversial homosexuality saying that debating on the issue will achieve nothing but promote advocates of the devil.

He told this publication in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that debating on issues that are clear in the Holy Bible shows that believers are weak in faith and as a consequence the devil is made proud for confusing them with baseless arguments.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga
Tiwonge Chimbalanga: the known name in gay marriages.

He went on to say that the bible already mentioned that salvation is optional such that those who want it have no time for useless arguments because they are busy doing what the scriptures commands them to do as children of God.

“Children of God please stop arguing on such baseless things as if you don’t know the scriptures. Let those who want to follow the world do so, don’t get busy with debates that are deliberately created by the devil to test your faith,” he said.

The 25 year-old prophet whose real name is Emmanuel Banda maintained that Malawi is a God-fearing nation but since it contains some who follow the ways of the devil, they must be given that liberty because forcing them to follow the bible may only lead to more arguments.

He said there are many up and coming atheists who are agents of the devil and are sent to bring destruction in the country hence they are not supposed to be given any attention to shame the devil.

“Just imagine what can happen if you the media guys stop writing about them. What do you think can happen if government can just legalize what they want? Sometimes we believers must not be wasting our time with such things. I still believe that even if homosexuality can be legal, not all can practice it,” he added.

His sentiments come amid an intense debate on whether Malawi must adopt homosexuality or continue criminalizing the same. Some international and local human rights defenders are also pressurizing government to change the country’s law on homosexuality.

On the other hand, most Malawians as monitored on comments on the online media seem to be against the legalization of homosexuality. Recently, government, after pressure from the international community and locals who are supporting the acts, put to an end the arrests of homosexuals in the country.

There have also been several stories in the local media indicating the growing practice of homosexuality including the recent case of two homosexuals who interrupted a show of Malawi’s music legend Lucius Banda by openly kissing each other near the stage.

In the northern region, a form 2 student at Mzuzu government secondary school and a cook were recently withdrawn and fired respectively from the institution on suspicions that they are homosexuals. The withdrawn boy told this publication that he is indeed a gay and loves his status thus his suspension from school was unlawful.

He alleged that the cook, Gilbert Nyasulu, is as well a homosexual who was demanding sex from students in exchange with a supply of good food.

Deputy Head teacher at the institution madam Msowoya confirmed the development to Malawi24 saying that she advised the boy to stop the practice because it is a sin against God.

It is believed that homosexuality is already being practiced in the country especially in boarding schools where they only offer boys or girls boarding hostels.

Malawi24 is investigating the story in schools across the northern region and will soon publish all schools where such acts are being practiced and the names of students who are homosexuals



  1. Anthu openga mwatani kodi,imeneyo ndiye misala mukulimbikitsa zimenezo yet muli ndi azimayi mumanyumbamo muyambe ndinu abusa kukwatila mamuna nzanu ife tiwonele mwa inu,pilikitsani akazi anuwo,fodya basi,mwatitopetsa

  2. Anthu openga mwatani kodi,imeneyo ndiye misala mukulimbikitsa zimenezo yet muli ndi azimayi mumanyumbamo muyambe ndinu abusa kukwatila mamuna nzanu ife tiwonele mwa inu,pilikitsani akazi anuwo,fodya basi,mwatitopetsa

  3. arguing on such issue is just a waste of time and energy, people who follow holy script know how the end it’s gonna be like, gay legalization its just one of the fulfilment of the last days whether you hate it or what ever thing you gonna say in detest of the matter still gay rights gonna take ground. The declaration of human rights stipulate principles of human rights which include being universal and equal just to mention a few, meaning you can not enjoy one right while leaving the other. so the fact that minority rights are included in the UDHR and a country abide by the UDHR, it means that a country has to abide to all of the rights including minority right one. And one thing, you don’t have to vote to have your right. so the devil is in the detail, human rights are tools to manipulate, control and submerge other cultures as well as way of life, that’s where the trick is on HR.

  4. Stupit malawians want homosexual, oky u will see how God will punish u, sodom was punished for that, r u animals even animals are better than us nw,

  5. gyz u know we r ruled with a stupid leader here in Malawi because we can’t debating this issue while we already knew that GOD did not allow this stupid issue

  6. This things that is happening masiku ano zikungofuna kutionetsa kuti, the end is just a hand distance. so mwina ife amene sitingapange tiyeni tingoyang’ana zabwino zomwe God want to gb to us, amene amapangawo ndi zawo chiweluzo chikubwela kwa wina aliyese, ebery body will answer for Him or Her self of what they did.

  7. Mumtumbo mwako Prophet of the dark world could you be zea witout your father fucking your mum? Was he born alone in his family and Y don’t h fuck hs brothers to procure you? Pathako panu nonse even the Legaliser himself, tell your Sender, the so called master of yours. Zitsiruuuu, mdzakugenda mchimwala, My Nation Malawi, I cry to my people don’t follow the earthly deeds, be on words, Its HIGH TIME! come to God! Should HE forgive me on this! DON’T SMILE TO the devil !! Amabungwe siyani akazi anu muzikwata ana anu amuna ufulu wafika, are you Brainless? Y did GOD brought EVIE for ADAM instead of another ADAM? Zitsiru,,,, aMalawi amzanga Umphawi ndi wathu and siungathe in a blink of an EYE chifukwa cha kuthakooo, Tiyeni tigwilitse chomwe tilinacho, don’t be deceived, NTHAWI YATHA, Zilimmalemba izii, Zandinyasa anybody promoting this, or giving YES to this, the obscene words in this should be his, PATHAKO PAKO Prophet!! Umve ndithu uliliko, akutumawo Pawonso muwuzane OPEN another Chapter tilipo following you bye!!

  8. May GOD punish you with His fury. I sympathise with those who call themselves your followers.

  9. Abale sizoona kuti boma li

    vomereze. Mchitidwe wachikunja. Ndikumati. Akadziwika muwalalikira. Ndi bodza. Musaiwale. Kuti. Uchimo ndi chisankho. Anthu. Amene saopa .Mulungu. Amachita zimene akufuna. Ine ndikuona.kuti Malawi oopa Mulungu uwu chifukwa. Cha umphawi. Akugulitsa. Cholowa chake ndipo. Tisaiwale. Kuti malawi simunthu. Mmodzi. Kuti akhoza kupanga chisankho. Tonse ndi kumatsatila. Sichoncho. Ndipo ndi ufulu wanji. Wokuchotsani. Pamaso pa Mulungu. Osanamizila ufumu. Uwu ndi mwano. Mulungu anaononga. Sodom ndi gomora. Chifukwa cha. Zopusa. Zimenezi. Chonde tiyeni tisamale. Tingatembeleledwe. Ndi kuzunzitsa. Mtundu wa malawi. Mulungu anatilenga ndi cholinga tiyeni tiope Mulungu

  10. Chomwe Baibulo linalosela kuti chitika mu masiku ano a Ulosi, osiliza believe me chichitika. Mawu AMULUNGU sapita pachabe. Kumbukani FALAWO anachita makani ndi Munthu wamulungu koma anavomeleza mochedwa a a takumana ndi mavuto ambiri kumuonetsera kuti iye Mulungu ndi wankulu ndipo salephera. Ndiye ngati ugeyi ndi chimozi mwa zinthu zolosela mapeto aziko ndithu chichitika.

    1. The prophet z the agent of the devil,,,dont misslead us plz to hell with ur stupid conteporary

  11. Our culture dont allow that,after all these years why bother now.the internal disability of few people must not sell our culture. Protect our Malawi please.

  12. Osatukwana ayi; A Malawi chavutatu ndiumphawi munthuyitu akufuna amunyemeretu . M’ mene ndimaziwila ine pamalawi palibe prophet koma owerenga Baibulo ndiye eeeeeeeeeh! Alipo ambiri. Panopa mipingo yambiri ili yambakata yambakata nkhani kulowa m’matumba aanthu magulu ake ndi amenewo . Kuwelenga baibulo nkosavuta koma kulimvetsetsa. Apa zaonetselatu kuti a Emmanuel muli kutali ndi Ndi Mulungu.

  13. Malawi is not ready for gays! go through all comments in the social media you will get the real statistics!Prophet your prophecy is capturing signals from the darkness! the devil has prophets too careful!

  14. Where does this sinner business come from anyway? Is it because some white colonialist came here and imposed a religion based on the cultural history of some tribes in the Middle East and we Nyasalanders took it as our own? And we think we are smart? Kkkk

  15. This is aGOD fearing nation. may they wear their shame like arobe may they names be forgotten next year may their own curses soak into they bodys like water & into they bones oil

  16. Its time 2 kno who is right or wrong, time 2 see areal men of God & false men of GOD, He punish sodom. he r they not 2 b punished.time is near every1 wll it & no wll save them.

  17. Ndakwiya nanu nonse mukuti palibe vuto,kodi dat mean you also do de same bad practice?what kind of human being are you? who fuse this where au from either from a woman or your fellow man.your not deserve 2 stay longer ufulu ufulu mukuiwala zamalemba how deaf you’re.

  18. If you having aman whom u call your own wife thus good 4 your own,dont ,force my Mother Malawi to discuss about dat instead of finding solution to the currently situation we’re.stop dat nonsense,its my prayer to God 2 take all of u away coz your gud 4 nothing.Malawi is God fearing. nation

  19. Muzinena kuti dpp livomereze osati boma chifukwa wina aliyense ndi mbali ya boma. Mukati boma kusonyeza kuti anthu onse akuvomereza ugalu wanuwo. A dpp oro mutavomereza koma ife ngati boma sitidzalola zopusazi.

  20. Demonic prophecies carry people away from the truth. Why did Lot leave Gomora. Does it mean GOD contradicts HIMSELF for punishing the Gomorans for the same sin and yet the same GOD is said to be allowing people doing it today? Which god are you prophesying for? Which god are you serving? Which bible are you using? Dreams shouldn’t be likened to GOD’s word. Shame!

  21. Kodi mukamati boma mesa ndi anthu?
    kutanthauza kuti mkamati boma lingovomereza mukunena anthu!
    There are 3arms of Govt, the Legislature, Judiciary and Parliament so which arm of Gvt do people expect to legalize homosexuality in Malawi?

  22. koma let me agree with the prophet. The more we argue on this silly issue, the more we publicize the devil. Let those who wants to be homos be!!! Ena ayamba kungopangiramo kufuna kutchuka nde mpaka mwana wa form 2?? Zankutu!

  23. I aiso think the same,,allow #gays to come out to public thus when we cn heip them otherwise,the act zikuchitikabe avomereze or asavomereze,lets nt prtend abt this.

  24. I said before that their was so many called PROPHETS, as JUSUS has 70 disples,they went here and their and come with results that they healed many people and performed miracle in the name of JESUS,.. “JESUS said it is good news but be glad if your name is in the book of life in heaven”.Read LUKA 10:17-20.

  25. As a prophet, you are supposed to save the flock from damnation. Today you represent those apostles who were sent by Jesus Christ to go to the ends of the earth to spread the word and save all peoples including the gentiles from sin. This SIN includes homosexuality. Legalizing is condoning this sin and Malawians are not party to it. God and indeed all Malawians hate SIN but not sinners. Homosexuals and any sinner who repents is most welcome. As a prophet pray without ceasing so that you should not enter into the temptation of misleading the flock.

    1. What u r saying Benja is true and what the so called prothet is aiso true,,u know why??..to take ur point that the prophet should heip gays to repent,that cn only hpen when those gays come to public themseives,thus when on cn take a step to aproach them,koma ndizovuta kuwadziwa koz this pipo r hiding bkoz of fear,now if gvnt law stays the way it is then this gays wiil start cm to public thus when one cn heip them,,we cn only heip them when we know them

  26. All homosexual partners are not gud nor bad coz we’re all sinners b4 God.Now just chut up some are drug dealers,thieves,wizards,private parts dealers,bar girls en barmen etc.

  27. Kkkkkkkkk….. Aaaaah dziko lathadi u aint a prophet thats what i know all u want is to display bad images on other prophets how can u support this kind of sin to be Legalised? U are nothing but a profit of Satan

  28. Kuda ngati simoni, pamachende amako iweyo pamodzi ndibwampini yo pamodzi ndimakolo apitalawoso pambolo yake mayiake,abambo awo panyini pake pamodzi ndi homesexual yawoyo, ngati amawelenga awelenge comment yangayi, ngati sakutha” inuyo a news 24 mwawelengele. Pakuti sakutha chichewa. ndimawona nkhope zama citizen. Imeneyo ndiyakuzimbabwe .

  29. What kind of a prophet are you?God created a man and then he said let me creat awoman as his helper,he never said aman,stupid prophet you must go to hell with your nonsense notion

  30. I for one will question the reality of that man being a prophet worth his salt. Or is it what Lucky Dube sang of false prophets?

  31. Koma dziko lathu nde likutha tawafunseni atsogolela dziko kuti anakwatilapo mwamuna nzawo? mwina kunja komwe amapitako amaka gonana ndi anzawo? inde mpake ku malawi vula ikuvuta namalenga sanga kondwe nadzo. kwatsala akufutseni kuti kubwele nkhondo? inu muyankha chani?

  32. Homosexaullity in Malawi is a severe sin,and i feel very bad after hearing this bad news and i nearly to commit suicide just because I repect and fear Almighty God who created my father and my Mum,and before you legalize Homosexuality in Malawi,let me say this, we must first of all, have the prayers across the Country where i will remain un eat for 20days where everybody will be praying for anti-gays in Malawi and to respect Almighty God as a creator of everything on the earth and to have a genuine faith that God is there and if i will die before finishing 20days without taking any food don’t bury my remains you must leave them where the service will take place and don’t forget to remove my covering because i wasn’t born uncovered,God is good all the time,serious post!!

    1. no no no my brother don’t do that i beg, you are the image of God, lets join hands and pray.. bear this in mind, temptations will come, eternity is for real and people are not perfect.

  33. Fuck Bushiri…He is a false prophet.
    He predicted that President Mugabe will die before the end of this year 2015 …Let’s wait and see…akapanga kufa before 00:00 am 2016…mawa udzatukwanidwa heavy.

  34. Prophet R You Serious???Can You Share The Same House With The Devil??Why Was Luciffer Thrown Down From Heaven??Bwanji Mulungu Sananene Kuti Tiye Tizikhala Tonse Kumwamba Komwekuno Mbali Yako Ndi Iyo Ine Yanga Ino???Dont Entertain The Devil You Will Regret And This Much You Know.Musasokoneze Anthu Muli Ndi Udindo Obwezera Anthu Ku Khola Lake Osati Kugawa Makola Kuti Akufuna Akalowe Uko Osafuna Akalowe Umo Sizoona.Mukuopa Chani Kuima Pa Choona.

  35. Tamuonani kudako ndi mtima omwe,pastor pobisalira komatu tsiku ndithu likwana zikayambika musadzati nkhanza chifukwa ife Amalawi sitingalole a Satananu mutiyike pamavuto,Amako anavutika miyezi 9 kuti ubadwe and lero wabadwa walidziwa dziko mu umbuli wakowo and ukufuna kudzetsa zomwe makolo ako sanapangeko,tsiku lina tidzakupatsani ufulu wako but in 1 condition, tidzakutsekelani nyumba kwa miyezi ingapo and after tidzapeze wina ali ndi Mimba, chifukwa mudzkapanda kutero mudzaphedwa tsiku lomwelo blv me. Bible likuti mukuyenela imfa,zichitika izi sipatenganso nthawi and Pulezidenti wanuyu akungodziyipitsirabe and we are not happy with him already and I dn’t think he will last 3 years ali pa mpando achoka amenewoa adzake alowapo akuona, This is Malai Not Western

  36. Azipanga mmene akupangiramu koma osati mpaka zilowe mmabuku a Malamulo. Zikatero ndiye kuti azikasokoneza ngakhale mipingo pomapanga zawozo podalira lamulo.

  37. Signs of last days, azadzitcha okha aneneri koma mphamvu yake adaikana, adzawoneka ndi ubweya osalala ngati ana ankhosa pomwe ndi afisi olusa. Mwana wasatana iwe sudamve za sodomu ndi gomola? Chidayambitsa mkwiyo wa Mulungu ndichani mwana wanjoka iwe? Ukupepha kutchuka eti munthu otemberereka iwe.

  38. Otumbuka awa anthu opandamzelu, odzikonda akungofuna kutichititsa uchitsilu dont 4get adayambitsa zogawana zigawo ndiwomwewa walephela kutchuka ndi zamulungu akufuna atchukeko pazauchitsiluzo

    1. Undisamale kwambiri wamva……anthu enani kaya mumafuna kt ena akuwoneni kt mumatha kulongosola nkhani ……pamachitika nkhani zambiri za achewa koma ife atumbuka sitimanyoza mtundu wanu……munthu wopanda nzeru iwe

    2. The tumbukas are the best pipo n de country they r de ones dat think of de past, de present as wel as de future. So proud to be born a TUMBUKA

    3. The tumbukas are the best pipo n de country they r de ones dat think of de past, de present as wel as de future. So proud to be born a TUMBUKA

  39. Vuto ndi Mfumu ya mudzi wathu otchedwa Malawi, onena ankanena mfumuyi ndi mfiti imadya anthu anzake, lero ndi iyi ikuti palibe cìlango kwd mfiti m’mudzi muno! Podziwa kuti mfiti yaikulu ndiye, lero taonani ndi izi mfiti zayamba kutamba masana m’mudza wa anthu aMulungu!!

  40. Chadza ndiyani kale mudali kuti kusapemphera kukumachititsa zimenezo palibe kusiyana ndi yesero limene Ambuye Yesu adakumana ndidzakupatsa zonsezi ngati udzagwada ndikundilambira dziko likulonjezedwa zambiri kuti lithandizidwa likabvomereza homosexuality palibenso zauzimu pamene no kupemphera dziko indeed ladzadza ndi machimo ambuye idzani msanga ambiri asadasocere

  41. Mumuve bwino munthuyi waunikila bwino lomwe kuti kukhala busy ndikukambilana za nkhaniyi zikupeleka mpata kwa satana kugonjetsa ana amulungu,,,, nde kwa iye akuti ndibwino angovomeleza pogonjetsa satana,,,, sikuti iye akuvomeleza ayi,,,, ndipo wanenaso kuti akavomeleza it doesn’t mean kuti aloyese adzapanga nao,, okhulupilila mulungu sangapange nawo,,,,

    1. Kkkk koma musandiseketse I don’t know if you are a believer, if you indeed believe what the bible says about those people you couldn’t say that, or mumachita nawo mwinatu

  42. OBAMA is a first gay president (Michell is a man) …..if you want to be a sodomite go and live in America where the president himself is a sodomite

  43. OBAMA is a first gay president (Michell is a man) …..if you want to be a sodomite go and live in America where the president himself is

  44. mwana wa njoka iwe uKuona ngti tiopa coz ukuti ndwe prophet? iwe chitsiru eti ku mtundu kwanu komko zmenezo amako mdala yako nd abale ako not dziko muno wandimva ngti amako ali nd machende then machende awo and ngti mdala yako ili ndi nyini. nyini yakenso wamva ndiwe ndni pamanso pa the most high?

  45. that is a false prophet and the Bible already pointed out that we will know them ndi zintchito zawo. its better to be a drunkard than being a prophet sent by the devil and pretending to work for God whilst in the end kukawonongetsa anthu ambiri osalakwa kamba ka mateachings a such prophets and this is an example of that.

    1. my friend u not God dont judge. yes false prophet are there also true prophet are there.why u always judge others. Prophencies are in three ways sindipitiliza.Mateyu 5v7-48

    2. am sorry if u think in the lines that am judging a person here. my faith tells me that prophets do not come from God only but also from satan and what makes the difference is the fruits of their work. we all know that God hates homosexual thus why he destroyed sodom and gomorrah apart from other reasons and thus why in the begginning he created man and woman not fellow men therefore a prophet coming from God cant say the opposite. here am just trying to point out a true prophet from a false prophet sorry if in my process of doing that i have make a judjement. i hope u get what am saying.

  46. Zopusa bwanji osapanga regalise chamba kapena kanundu ndi anthu angati amene akupanga za mathanyulazo nanga ndi anthu angati amene akulima chamba tiyeni tipange referendum ofuna mathanyula ndi ofuna kuti chamba chipangidwe regalize

  47. Ada.ninjani wamupaskani kuti ndimwe aprophert.
    U are prophert of doom.which commandments are following.ada banda start other things in life.wasowa ukukokwa.God must forgive prophet banda he is at the wrong place or he dont understand the topic under discusion

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