Breaking: Kalibu Academy in hot soup!

Malawi Patricia Kaliati
Jappie Mhango
Mhango: We will deal with the situation.

Barely hours after  this investigator blew up revelations of continued torture of students and lower staff members ranging from rape, sodomy, homosexuality, sexual and physical abuse at Kalibu Academy, Malawi government says the ‘Christian run’ institution risks closure.

Reacting to the verbal, physical and homosexual misconducts done to employees and alumni of the boarding school, Minister of Information Jappie Mhango said the school will be taken responsible for any harm done to current and former students of the academy.

In a phone interview with this investigator on Thursday morning, Mhango said government will follow the investigations to establish the solutions.

He added that government policy sets standards that every student does not live in abusive and restrictive environment.

“This is a matter that is very strange, the current policy in government do not allow a teacher to molest a student or let alone beat them. This type of attitude is what keeps them out of school. If children are going to school with the mindset that they are going to be beaten, they will not go. To get children to school, every school has been instructed not to give corporal punishment. If students have done wrong, there are better ways of punishing them. This is not acceptable in the modern days. The school will be taken responsible for any harm caused to former and current students,” sounded Mhango.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati; It’s shameful news.

While admitting that Malawian Government has not done enough to address the matter despite being aware, Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati said the ministry’s coordinated efforts will aim at ending the abuse faced by Kalibu students.

Kaliati advised the private sector and those doing business in the country to follow government policy and what the constitution is saying.

She said: “They need to respect the right of every child and also follow the act of 2010 of Child Care, Protection and Justice. We want to see every child being protected and cared for. There is no care if they are brutally beaten and molested. Kalibu academy is a school that should be educating children and follow the right direction.”

Kalibu is now headed by Paisley Mavutula with orders from school founder Michael Thomas Howard who is also the main perpetrator.

Mavutula was appointed headmaster of the school, despite having no formal secondary education, college degree or any other qualifying credentials.

His appointment coincided not coincidentally with a former report on Michael Howard’s sexual abuse on Mavutula.

*If you are a victim of abuse, please contact us at: [email protected]. Views in this article are not of Malawi24 but represent those of the reporter and the people he interviewed.



  1. It’s interesting that some of the people who have benefited financially from Kalibu and Paisley’s generous “contributions” are now siding against him. How quickly does the allegiance from ministers fall away when they become confronted.

    This is not about corporal punishment; that is only one small part of this. The greater problem is a white colonialist abusing everyone, including staff and children alike: verbally, physically and sexually and using the pulpit and the name of our Lord to stand behind. This attitude of master and slave has then been spread to the other leaders of the “ministry,” who only think it’s okay because it is practiced by the Director.

    There are some good staff members and there are a lot of good students that I have personally spent time with that are looking for a quality Christian education. Remove the current corrupt administration and start over with a good foundation and the school can be an example to others.

    Plenty of good people in America would like to sponsor students to attend such an Academy, but not in the current corrupt condition. There are classrooms that are not in use all the time that could be turned into vocational classes for the neighboring villages, and there are plenty of buildings that could be shared by local churches that need a place to meet.

    All of this and more was what attracted me to Kalibu in the beginning and I proposed much of this to the current administration, but they were never interested in promoting righteousness or helping those in the area. Instead, they wanted to control and abuse.

    I call on the Minsters to stand up and do what’s right. If you don’t, then it is clear that you are some of the ones on the payroll of Kalibu, and you will be exposed just like Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula.

    Malawi as a nation cannot afford any more corruption in the government while so many people are suffering. It’s time that Malawians stood up and called upon the Lord to remove the unrighteous elements from every aspect of the nation. Only when this happens will there be restoration.

    God is not interested in ipad “spirit” photos and camera tricks of “walking on air.” What nonsense! God is love and He wants to provide for each and every person that trusts in Him.

    The Word of God says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

    At the same time, God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” A simple person living in a village that can’t read or write or speak English well has no idea about any of this; they are just concerned with whether or not they will eat today or tomorrow. Shed the light of the gospel and treat people with respect and honor and God will be glorified and will begin to provide.

    I live in America in a large house, but I’m no better than the poorest village person living in Malawi. We are both made in the image of God and both of us are loved equally by God. It isn’t until we remove these walls of separation that God’s Spirit can truly begin to work.

    God has given me a vision for the nation of Malawi and a plan to introduce education and vocational schools into the country at no expense, but this vision is unpopular with several people in the current government that I have had the pleasure to meet with, and for one simple reason: they can’t make money from it!

    I met with one prominent Malawian citizen, who is related to someone very powerful in Malawi. He doesn’t live in Malawi, because he finds it nicer to live somewhere else in Africa, but he owns businesses in Malawi that make money from the average citizen so he can pay for his fancy house. Instead of using his education and ability to help Malawians, he is creating businesses to take what little kwacha the average citizen has and put it into his bank accounts outside the country.

    How can a nation every prosper under these conditions?

    I submit that it can’t, and because it can’t prosper, the people at the top will always take what they can get, while they can get it.

    The changes have to start with the average person on the street that sees something greater for themselves and for their nation.

    This is God’s vision for Malawi. I am a prophet by calling, but I don’t capture pictures with ipads, nor can I see the future or tell you what address you live at. I CAN tell you what God is saying to His people right now, and He wants to bless Malawi, but Malawi is slowly turning its back on Him, just as America did years ago.

    Turn back to Him, and He’ll turn back to you!

    God Bless each of you in this coming New Year!

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    1. Is this not the same Brian Culwell 3 time convicted fellon of the GSB fame. Malawians Wake up. Mzungu uyu ndi wakuba proven by courts in America. I smell a rat here. If you think I am lying Google the name Brian Culwell.

    2. Is this not the same Brian Culwell 3 time convicted fellon of the GSB fame. Malawians Wake up. Mzungu uyu ndi wakuba proven by courts in America. I smell a rat here. If you think I am lying Google the name Brian Culwell.

      1. If you have authentic claims to say about anyone, why do you conceal your identity? Some of us have no time to appear anonymous. If you have been paid by Paisley Mavutula and Michael Howard to denigrate personalities go back and tell them that this ain’t cool. If anything it sounds so daft and dumb.

  2. Do not let evil prevail, stakeholders must scrutinise this & corrective measures be taken as soon as possible.

  3. Single sex boarding secondary schools should also be investigated because there are strong rumours that sexually active girls indulge in Lesbianism to quench their very hot sexual desires! Mumadziwa timateenager nditotentha heavy! kkkk

  4. I Knew This When Malange, Chilola And Liyawo Left The School For Unexplained Reasons. God Expose These Devils!

  5. I find it so unfortunate that the whole minister can comment on speculation like the present ones.

  6. Let the big kahunaz resign and allow morally upright people to run the school. Pezile and Howard should resign and repent their evil deeds. They still have time. God is a God of second chance

  7. They are poor enough just want to attracts these stupid donors to support them for that lmmoral behaviors,they must know Malawi is not so stupid to accept such cultures just because we are desperate about donations.

  8. They are poor enough just want to attracts these stupid donors to support them for that lmmoral behaviors,they must know Malawi is not so stupid to accept such cultures just because we are desperate about donations.

  9. Closing the school will ruin the future of some responsible students but its better to investigate the deal with the ring leaders so that they know the Government doesn’t take shit

  10. Closing the school will ruin the future of some responsible students but its better to investigate the deal with the ring leaders so that they know the Government doesn’t take shit

  11. Please ignore the rumour that the Reserve Bank of Malawi is using my picture on the new two thousand kwacha note to be introduced. Ofcouse the government approached me but I rejected the offer for security reasons. Thank you.

  12. Honorable ministers, before you even start, you seem to have narrowed this whole saga which includes homosexual allegations, misappropriation of funds and dubious religious rituals to the corporal punishment of learners? Reducing this investigation to a case of student canning jeopardizes the very principles and persons that this investigation intends to rescue.

    You sound to cite teachers as the perpetrators yet the majority of them have been subject to economic abuse, unfair labour practices and wanton dismissals by Kalibu?

    You ought to investigate all issues at stake with a fair mind lest the exercise is rendered futile just like the 2010 inquiry.

    1. Farayi,

      This is a very true statement.

      I completely agree that the entire focus is wrong.

  13. The owner of the school cheats pipo that hez a pastor. An evil man. The headmaster himself has form 2 certificate yet he manages pipo with degrees and masters. They whip kids and abuse them big time. Close it nowwwwwwwww

  14. This school has to close indid. I’ve worked with them for 3 years and wat I saw and experienced is hell on Earth. They cheat parents that its a christian school but wat they do is evil things

  15. Kkkkkkkkk bola nthawiya acheya kunaliko bwino osati cidzete ici,mulungu ayankha

  16. Guleyu adayamba pakale ndithu kungoti adali mchining’a ” sisiteri / Father” panono zafika poyera. More faya akhirisitu!

  17. Zidengwereza zimenezi zingofunika kuotcha ndimateyera basi….nanu makolo y still sendin ur children 2 that xul? Idulilenjinso? Tiyenazoni nd Kalibu Magay Acadamy yanuyo

  18. what a good follow-up! you guys are awesome, continue exposing such schools and even institutions so that they should face the law

  19. good news. eish, homosexuality is bad enough on its own, but to force it on others is just too much. the government should show it’s ability to protect the innocent kids

  20. tsekani…mafawo abwere ku #JUMPHAACADAMY…located xamwea,ful boding facility,feez negotiatabld…..#jumpha academy…”nonse unima kale”….#phweziBoy

  21. let it be….where is mobe #justice tht we opted fr th thieves and thugs of Lilongwe th past months?…mobe justice wil absolutely work fr these gays,am sure

    1. Sizikusowamso mayankho izi. Akhrisitu ndamene akusonkhezera guleyu. Mchomangau udayambila kuguwa. Panono wafika poyera

    2. Put Blame On People Not On Religion.When Next Will Urs What Will U Say. My Plea Would Be Lets Hold Hands To Fight This Evil Act

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