Corruption mars FISP in northern region


Fresh findings by Malawi24 indicate that the farm inputs subsidy program (FISP) has been marred by corruption especially in Malawi’s northern region where some wealthy people are taking advantage of the poor to access the cheaper inputs.

In places where some peasant farmers have begun accessing the inputs like in the area of Inkosi Chindi in Mzimba district, cases of Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) officials being involved in soliciting bribes from wealthy people have been repeatedly reported.

Some farmers have been telling this publication that without adding a token on top of government recommended price, it becomes very difficult to access the commodities. They told our reporter during a recent visit that sellers of the inputs are corrupt such that the program will not reach out to its intended beneficiaries.

ADMARC depots where corruption is starting.

“Sometimes we see strange vehicles packing the inputs at Mzimba boma and Mzuzu. Obviously we believe such people buy the commodities illegally but because we are voiceless that is why we just stay and watch,” said Gomezgani Beza, a potential subsidy beneficiary.

It is believed by many peasant farmers in this northern part of Malawi that people who are masterminding such corrupt activities are some big politicians who have big farms across the region. Reports indicate that such people bribe the sellers and buy the inputs at a lower price.

In Chitheka area to the west of the Tonga district of Nkhatabay, farmers have been complaining that some rich people coax them to exchange their coupons with money which usually does not go beyond MK10,000 each bag.

“After that they tell us to buy them fertilizer and seeds from depots and because most of us do not have money we just comply,” said Anderson Banda.

The trend is the same across the northern region especially in depots where the distribution excise of the inputs has since begun.

However, officials from the ministry of local government and ministry of agriculture in the areas concerned promised to investigate the claims and make sure they overcome the problem.

One official, Councillor Daniel Nkosi from Mzimba, claimed to have set up a team that will investigate the malpractice in his area so that the problem can be sorted out.

“We hear such cases from local farmers but we haven’t established the real truth from the same. However, we will investigate and make sure the problem is solved,” he said.

The ministry of agriculture has since sounded a warning that everyone who will be found doing such illegal deals will be arrested.

People have been advised by the ministry to report anyone who is suspected to be taking part in such corruption to police or any agriculture authority in their areas.

Meanwhile, many farmers from some areas across the north are yet to access the inputs due to delays in supplying the subsidised fertilizer but government has promised to supply the commodities before the end of this year.



  1. I feel so shame what’s going on our country ,when r we going to have gud leadership all of dem are corrupted may God punish dem bad illuminant fuck dem ass

  2. zachisoni kuti ubava suzatha chifukwa amayambisa ubava ndi anthu amene ali ndi ndalama kwathu kuno ubava ulimbe mutundu wa munthu bava ndi bava basi zinayamba ndi muluzi kena aka bingu amai joy kenaka uyusono peter ana akusata atsgoleri awo.

  3. The other paper is saying some admarc officials arrested in zomba, I think government must understand that this subsidy thing does not benifit the poor, thats afact…the whole malawi, just stop it n reduce the price of these farm inputs otherwise this practice will not stop.

  4. stupid! this shall not come to stop!!..why?????….this government is corrupt too….coz…u pay admarc buyers k19,000. per month…..things are getting expensive each & everyday!!!!……zangoyamba!!…unless u improve on salaries! !!!!!!!!!!…u r stealing poor people too!!!!

  5. The whole Malawi they steal. From the head. Yesterday I was reading arrested clerk, guard from zomba.

  6. Ndikamaona chonchi anthu ali pa nzere kufuna kugula chimanga kaya ma fotereza ndimakwiya kwabasi kuti kodi malawi adzatukuka liti pa khani ngati zimenezi.maiko anzathu athu sapita kuchigayo olo kuima pa chinsere ngati chimenechi .ufa kogula ndi mu mu shop basi .mavuto nkhani ya nsimayi ndi zina zotero.

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